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    Or you just wait a year or two and do nothing and the licensing will change again. When I got my license initially under Rules 2002, we had to create a portfolio showing something (I never did it because I did not find a teaching job right away) but by the time I landed a job, the portfolio was already scrapped.
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    Could that jumping through the ring of fire in the previous post count? I mean that is a great corporation/business development team building activity. Way back in the dark ages there were life licenses. Then the state thought of a brilliant idea, lets make everyone go to school and chase a Masters Degree. Then its the PGP points. What a joke. Now I have to learn how a business is run? I give you all a hint , some of us know how business is ran. Most on the up and up, some shady, and other corrupt. Just another bright idea from great minds!
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    It was one reason why my wife and I chose to leave the state. Love Indiana and Indiana Football, but the teaching load and lack of salary accompanying it weren't something that I wanted to support my family on. In Michigan, I teach fewer students each day, for $12,000 more a year at a public school, and thats with a pay scale that continues to increase. The biggest issue for many Indiana schools is that teacher pay is tied to enrollment. If your a young teacher that gets hired for $35k your school's enrollment is stagnant or shrinking you may never receive a raise. As a teacher, I've dedicated my life to kids, but I didn't take a vow of poverty nor do I consider myself a missionary. We are professionals and should be paid accordingly. Not crazy amounts, but in accordance to the degrees we have and the amount of work that we do.
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    I teach economics. I work multiple side jobs, including one very visible one as the broadcaster for one of the five professional sports teams in Indianapolis. I basically work as an extra staff member in our athletic department running our website and broadcasts. I worked for a newspaper for nine years. I think I know the importance of businesses to our community, given we discuss it ALMOST EVERY DAY in class. These requirements are beyond insulting and essentially show the legislature is listening to the Chamber of Commerce instead of the Department of Education. The CoC is much more influential in dictating education policy than the DoE. I don't blame Jennifer McCormick for stepping away, but I wish she would remain. She's been the biggest advocate for teachers, but she's beyond frustrated with the actions of the legislature, which is controlled BY HER OWN PARTY. It's disgusting and insulting.
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    Only 105 days until the first football friday.
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    I am this way, too -- use it in "personal" settings only around people I know won't be offended by it. That's just my upbringing and age. But it is important to appreciate that there are plenty of words that folks of our generations use today in regular conversation that had a primary or strong secondary sexual meaning for prior generations, and were considered by them to be as vulgar as the F-word is to us. Frequent usage led them to become innocuous. "Bloody" is the usual example from British English -- it was considered so filthy as recently as the 1920s that newspapers would not print it. "Scumbag" is another example: in the 19th century you'd have been slapped for calling someone that (i.e., a used condom). Even in my lifetime, the sexual connotations associated with "that sucks" or "you suck" have pretty much faded way, and it is treated as simply a synonym for "bad". Our kids' kids will likely view the F-bomb the same way. I can tell you from first hand experience that in Ireland, the F-word has already become just another common adjective used in almost all social settings. The good news is that our kids' kids will have invented some new obscene words (or converted other existing ones into filthy ones) that their kids will shock and annoy them by saying...
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    Civil War portfolio for my 8th graders. Today they are working on making biography cards for Union and Confederates. Pretty much self lead for me.
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    Is it bad that we are teachers and this is how we are spending our time?? It's the end of the year is a good excuse....
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    So many teachers logged in from yesterday through today, it crashed the system. lol
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    Pike High School currently has multiple social studies openings. We are looking for someone interested in coaching Middle School Football with the potential of quickly moving up to freshman or varsity position in the near future or if an opening pops up on our staff between now and the season. Pike high school gives teaching years experience and has excellent benefits. Contact peecheverria@pike.k12.in.us if interested.
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    Many, especially inner city ones, are now HEAVILY reliant on voucher money.
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    I don't have any knowledge, but I would assume Hein and Miller were both at the Big 8 meeting even though they aren't coming back. In my experience, they have always been two very professional ADs.
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    I have a family member that is an teacher at an Indiana public school and the things see tells me blows my mind sometimes about the ineptness and poor management of resources. The substitute teacher situation is a "laughing stock" as well. Tax payer money should not be funneled to private schools, the taxes need to go to public schools.
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    I also need to add Daniels as a person that has hurt the Indiana public school system as well
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    My kids just got done iLearn testing.
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    Don't forget you can professionalize your license 1 time during your career. That is a 10 year license, not 4 or 5 for normal renewal. I professionalized the last time I renewed. Then I had enough and got out of teaching after 18 years and went to work in private industry. Best career move I could have made. Doubled my pay, better insurance, way, way, way better retirement benefits and get this........I am treated well and like a professional! I just could take public education anymore. Not the profession I went into many years ago. Good luck my education friends.......don't think it will get much better. May improve some but once you lose benefits, rights, etc. they tend to never come back. Idiots in Indy make sure of that.
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    In the olden days, small rural communities would be where the whole family lived. Nowadays we have social media, therefore many people feel more comfortable moving away while keeping good relationships. Statistics show most young people move to the city, where they might find a hiring paying job. Some people may think there is less opportunity here. Statistics also show many Americans are reproducing less. There are a lot of different reasons the numbers are declining. I will give you an example. Teacher lives in NE Dubois and his/her children go to school in Jasper. "Jasper can offer my child more opportunities so I send them there."
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    I just did too, even though my license doesn't expire until 2023. Still awaiting some answers.
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    As I am just finishing up my second year teaching, I am currently looking and applying into other professions. Where I see myself and want myself to be in 10, 20, or 30 years, teaching cannot get me there. Pathetic I have to choose between mine and my future families well being vs the growth and well being of students. Thankfully, I was hired in at the right time and last year was the first year everyone got a raise. Before that the corporation went 6 years without a raise WITH insurance costs increasing. I encourage all of us to put your foot down if you feel so inclined. Nothing will change unless there is drastic change from our corner.
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    Howard gets Patton and Mussolini confused all the time. He has both of their Rookie Year playing cards in his Authoritarian All-Stars collection....
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    Defensive End : Very impressive List
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    And usually its not declining because students are choosing to go to a charter or private school! So the argument of "be a better school" does not apply!
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    Meanwhile, they increased funding for charter and voucher schools several orders of magnitude higher than the increase in public school funding. Rural schools are getting hammered because their enrollment is declining.
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    GREAT questions.....what IS hilarious about this; both chambers had a chance to increase pay by 5% this session. Both refused. The common reason......They did not want to get too involved in local decisions.
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    Ok so I'm trying to think to myself why would the state require this of teachers? I guess to get more involved in the community, maybe? My question is if the state want to require PGP points come from specific areas of concentration then how come the state does not provide any PGP points for coaching? Or why wouldn't the state require teachers gain X amount of PGP points from coaching a sport, sponsoring a club, or doing x, y, z for students? I've heard multiple head coaches say the issue is schools are hiring teachers who show up at 8 AM and leave at 3 PM. I know a lot of this comes down to years of experience issues talked about above but it would be a way to get teachers who are already in the building involved in something.
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    It's nice to see some objectivity. I'm seriously considering going to the Catholic schools and working in a restaurant on the off hours. I went to one and just visited one last year...still similar to 30 years ago as far as work ethic/discipline. On another note, I'm a friend of Dr. Bennett on Facebook. We've gone our rounds. He's either brainwashed or $ blind.
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    What is the ultimate goal of those in charge? If it is the privatization of education, they are well on their way to achieving that. Daniels, Pence, Holcomb, Dr. Bennett are not the only issues in the political arena. The local political figures who are elected have done nothing but strip funding from the traditional public schools and open the flood gates to charter schools. It is an embarrassment from that state lawmakers believe these new schools are such a better idea. They have much less oversight and are continuing receive more funding. Because we keep electing the same politicians to office, are we the people who deserve the blame? Side note: I use to work in a private school and many of the kids who were eligible to receive funding were great students and the funding was the only way they could go to that school. To my knowledge, all of them have graduated or on the path to graduation.
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    I’m not totally sure about the public/private school part...but yes. When are they going to address this issue. Ultimately, it’s our friends children, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, and children that are hurt most by this. They deserve the best they can get and by underpaying educators, classrooms become more packed and the number of quality educators and role models thins. In many ways, the issue is exponential and will only get worse until there is a breaking point.
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    Well, Indiana has been talking about how this is a problem for years. When are they going to do something about it?? I know teachers that have been in for 5-10 years and are still making less than 40K per year. Indiana's leaders should be embarrassed about this, lets see some pro-active measures to address this before it gets worse. They are losing teachers and funneling money from public schools to the private schools thanks to Pence and his crooked buddy Tony Bennett.
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    Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2.3. It was a hard night for this guy after he left Connies. He was tossing dollar bills left and right trying to keep up with the crew and Tiger BL's made him run a light and he got to spend the night! Just a Normal Night in Stinik Town
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    I think there is a conspiracy to limit my free speech....ducking technology
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    I totally agree with the Wedgebuster. It seems like districts are proud of the fact that they only pay a given number of years of experience these days. Once had an excellent school district with an excellent football program tell me the following. "We would love to hire you and bring you into our school and football program..... However, we can only pay up to 5 years experience." In my mind I had the conversation with my wife. "Honey I have a chance to move our family to an excellent district and have a chance at a ring each year.... It will only cost us 20 thousand dollars a year while we are there." Yes I got knocked up side the head in my mind as well. Schools today miss out on a lot of highly qualified and experienced educators due to the fact that they do not pay what people have rightfully earned. It will come back to bite the Hoosier State in the rear end sooner than later.
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    Same. I met up with 09er and LCCAlum a few times when Pioneer and LCC played. Both are nice guys and basically played a gimmick online, especially 09er. 09er let me sit in his car during halftime and we both looked up scores around the state. I even had the pleasure of meeting his father, Frank, before. The entire LCC fanbase was always a class act whenever I visited LaRocca Field. I've heard horror stories from other Pioneer fans from 15-20 years ago, but I never personally witnessed anything remotely negative.
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    Step up! Congrats to 09er. I met him a few years back when my wife and I attended an LCC/Guerin Catholic game at Lucas Oil. Very nice young man. We found him to be well mannered and jovial. He was nothing like the character he played on here. We wish him well.
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    Not sure how you some of you think this is a dumb rule? It's a fantastic rule. The best part is the whole 6 quarter thing so teams can allow JV players to go in in the 3rd q. Great rule!!
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