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    All postings that come my way via many outlets I have been adding directly to the much improved, one stop shop for all our job openings in both Junior High School and at the High School ranks Take some time to take a look if you are looking to get into coaching or change schools and anything in between Cheer https://ifca.net/job-board/available-jobs/
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    Only 105 days until the first football friday.
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    My last job I taught through a co-op. I paid like $253 a pay period for bad health insurance. The insurance alone made it worth it. Not to mention the bump in coaching stipend, bump in salary. Better teaching job. I just need coaches to come coach with me. It's not a bad deal here as long as you can deal with tough coaching. Most people can't do that I guess. I've probably been turned down by 50 people in my quest to find assistants. I haven't been turned down this much since my high school prom.
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    It was one reason why my wife and I chose to leave the state. Love Indiana and Indiana Football, but the teaching load and lack of salary accompanying it weren't something that I wanted to support my family on. In Michigan, I teach fewer students each day, for $12,000 more a year at a public school, and thats with a pay scale that continues to increase. The biggest issue for many Indiana schools is that teacher pay is tied to enrollment. If your a young teacher that gets hired for $35k your school's enrollment is stagnant or shrinking you may never receive a raise. As a teacher, I've dedicated my life to kids, but I didn't take a vow of poverty nor do I consider myself a missionary. We are professionals and should be paid accordingly. Not crazy amounts, but in accordance to the degrees we have and the amount of work that we do.
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    Hein has been a puppet at VL and has held no real power for years minus scheduling. Crap has really hit the fan when you're no longer welcomed or wanted to make athletic hires.
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    SF feels that in any shooting (mass or not) situation, the blame should be placed squarely on the shooter and that shooter should not be glorified in any way - no matter who. Somebody pulled a trigger - they are the problem, not the gun, not the teacher, not the bully - the shooter. Secondary is how the weapon was obtained, and if there was criminality involved - punishment should follow accordingly. IMHO - anyone who pulls the trigger is to blame, and it is my opinion there are likely mental issues as well. Personally I don't want to hear anything about a shooter - only the heroes that stopped the carnage, or killed the shooter, and the stories of the wounded. Up until this shooting, in the past, the storylines surrounding the shootings have leaned towards the shooter's backgrounds, shooter's personal beliefs and political views being reasons and excuses for them pulling the trigger while overtly ignoring any mental issues. In the latest shooting in Colorado, this story is appearing to place the blame on the school itself and the culture. https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/09/us/colorado-shooting-stem-school-concerned-parent-invs/index.html Since I have ran into some flak for posting a story - I will trust everybody to read the entire story themselves with out my highlighting and have a conversation about it.
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