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    I'm pretty old school. I loved the old 2 a day 3 hour practices (haha). With all the things we can do now who needs them. We, Twin Lakes, practice once a day for 2 hours, maybe 2.5 on some days, but it's short, sweet, and to the point. I find myself getting more accomplished in technique time than ever because everything else is already in. I truly like how we run practices now. Kids enjoy and are fresh. Coaches are fresh. Planning is easier. There is no wasted time in practice as something is always being accomplished. But I would not trade the past for anything. It was a great learning time. My only complaint is that kids just don't get the time to be kids anymore.
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    My hats off to Megan, Scott's daughter, and her depiction of what a great man Scott truly is. He is a blessing to Indiana High School Football coaches as a parent, teacher, and coach.
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    Hall of Fame Coach Hall of Fame Dad What a moving tribute by Coach Mannering's daughter and those who did not know what kind of man, Coach Scott Mannering is, this should give you all you need to know. I have been fortunate to have been able to coach against him from his time at Lewis Cass and now at Twin Lakes, he is what this video depicts, competitor through and through but also does not lose sight of his purpose in life. Cheers to you Coach Mannering
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    Let me extend sympathies to one of Wabash Valley's good guys. Jim Beery. He was connected with North Knox football and the community for as long as I remember. My dad and Jim were friends from their coaching days. He was a pastor, a sitting County Councilman, a Library Board member, a teacher, a former state finals football coach, and a friend to many.
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    I have seen plenty of articles about the 18 year old. Not sure why you think he is being ignored.....
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    “I love the smell of underarm in the morning “
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    Coach Morrison was a college teammate of mine and good guy. Good luck in your new role Coach Mo! https://madisoncourier.com/Content/Sports/Sports/Article/Madison-football-coach-Patric-Morrison-resigns-to-take-assistant-athletic-director-position/18/289/115225
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    Wha? Huh? Since Columbine the "narrative" on school shootings has been the shooters were picked on outsiders; outcasts and social misfits; weirdos with mental issues; mad at a girl, mad at the world. The notion that the prototypical school shooter is -- or is portrayed in the media as -- "conservative, straight male, stars and bars" is a complete fantasy. Now, there have been some recent mass shootings where the shooters were in fact "conservative, straight male, stars and bars" types, like the dudes who shot up the synagogues in Pittsburgh and California. But those stories didn't get any more attention in the media than the leftie guy who shot up the Republican Congressmen at the ballfield. The simple truth is that these school shootings have become so ubiquitous that, as with other "true crime" stories, the amount of media attention they get now depends on how many people died (a "record setter" get lots of coverage) and whether there is some especially pathetic or sad aspect to it (little children killed; a teacher just back from her honeymoon shot) to play up. This last shooting, sadly, was just run of the mill: only one kid killed, no babies or cute puppies involved. So a hot takes on Trump's latest tweet on the trade war with China quickly moved it off the front page...
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    He is trying to convince his school board to get turf. Other than that it was out of my own curiosity.
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    A big reason that this one hasn't lingered ... morbid or not, is body count not political affiliations or immigrant status. North Carolina was similar. Coverage tends to be tied to body count and, again morbid or not, sometimes the age of the kids. Had it been one or two kids under the age of ten, the coverage would linger longer regardless of source. Two teenagers close to graduating, probably less. Ten teenagers closer to graduation, more coverage. It's become more commonplace that it takes more for it to register at any level of sustainability in news cycles unless people push it to stay in the forefront with things like protests, show appearances, etc.
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    A meme I read convinced me otherwise.
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    In one of the articles linked, at least one of the shooters was using drugs, "legal and illegal" and had been in therapy. As I have stated before no one wants to look at the white elephant in the room, there is a recurring theme in "most" of these shootings and everyone refuses to see it.
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    I still find myself today going back and watching clips on youtube of the old Carol Burnett Show. Conway was brilliant, and Harvey Korman never got his due as a comedic actor in my opinion.
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    I have been to a Waffle House much more recently than a strip club. Even though the strip club is closer. It’s been more than 20 years since I was in a strip club. I didn’t go to the nicer ones, too many”E-lights” for my taste. I preferred the sleaziest ones. The ones where they used to pat you down at the door for weapons. To make sure you had one. Much more fun in those!
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    Yes it is. So is the idea that somehow or another cursing's acceptance/use is somehow an indication of the slide of civilization.
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    The first year doing this one. Seems to be a hit so far.
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    After getting Coach's approval... Roy Bruce will be Eastern Greene's new football coach. Roy and family are ready to begin their life as Thunderbirds. Congrats to Coach Bruce as he begins his tenure! Coach Bruce comes from Bedford North Lawrence where he has been Varsity Wrestling Coach. Additionally Coach Bruce has worked with both the high school and middle school football programs over the years. As i stated previously this is a good hire for Eastern. Coach Bruce will bring the energy and the kids will play hard for him. Again Best Of Luck Coach!
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    Here is an article for a few years ago about what Coach has done. I hope in his new role he can continue to be a positive role model and make a big impact in the Madison area! https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/08/sports/opioids-suicide.html
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    They were absolutely arrested....and according to articles reporting the arrest, one shot both men. So yeah, based on exactly what I read, they don't seem like nice guys. Perhaps multiple news sources got it wrong and the city police dept got it wrong. And if it wasn't these guys pulling the trigger....the 2 judges did not shoot themselves....I hope they find the bad guys that did pull the trigger. The point is the same....bad guys commit many crimes at this time of day. Would you kindly do me this favor?
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    That’s a badass answer Nolins. I swear to God it is
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    Only 105 days until the first football friday.
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    if you utilize your time wisely in the summer time, you should have everything in that you need for the start of the season on Day 1 of practice
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    Clearly they don't.
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    School boards are supposed to focus on policy, not administrative roles.
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    With most schools returning to school August 12 or earlier, there is the potential for one - maybe two - of these practice days according to IHSAA restrictions. Long gone are the days where one would show up at 7 in the morning and leave at dusk.
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    Gonzo - There is meme thread. But I'll bite, so you think banning guns is the answer?
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    One of the funniest guys ever. RIP. https://www.npr.org/2019/05/14/714010693/tim-conway-who-relished-the-role-of-comedic-co-star-dies-at-85
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    What are the "these shootings" you are specifically talking about. School shootings? Mass shootings? Shootings where the shooters were kids? The only "theme" I see is people with grudges against the world, based on religion, politics, bullying, can't get a date, can't keep a job, mommy didn't love me, didn't get a pony, etc., etc., etc., took advantage of easy access to guns to kill or maim some people. Ultimately not any different that what happens almost nightly in Indy and other big cities, but that's 18 or 16 year old black kids shooting up other 18 or 16 year old black kids, so no one really cares about identifying any "themes."
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    You should see some of the things the union has actually kept from happening. The 15 hour externship had been one of them, but dirty politics at its worst pushed it through at the 11th hour; to the point that AFT, ISTA and even the DOE and Dr. McCormick were unaware. That said, I will say that teachers have been their own worst enemies in Indiana. Even after ALL of this in the last 10 years, there are still teachers who will say there are other issues that are more important, and vote for these people any way; which has led us to having a supermajority that cares little about the people of this State. Add to it that a number of districts have been gerrymandered so bad, it literally eliminated competition; further diminishing our voices.
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    The New Green Serfdom: https://reason.com/2019/05/13/the-new-green-serfdom/
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    Kids Aren't Rushing To Get Their Driver's Licenses—and That's OK!: https://reason.com/2019/05/14/kids-arent-rushing-to-get-their-drivers-licenses/ Meh, a lot of kids today are happy to "spend time" with their friends via texting, chats, voip, etc. instead of actually you know, driving to each other's homes and being in the same room together. As a parent the only time it aggravates me is when your 20 year old child needs a ride somewhere because they are too lazy to get their license.
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    Social Security's Winners and Losers: https://mises.org/wire/social-securitys-winners-and-losers
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