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    Many school districts in the state have gone to a "balanced calendar". Those schools usually begin by the first week of August. So if you move the schedule up two weeks...school will be in session for many districts. I don't see an issue moving up the schedule. Maybe you have the "bye" week the week before the tournament starts. Food for though
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    Back in the day we played a 10 game regular season, along with a scrimmage. Of course now that 10th game is a guaranteed spot in the state tournament.
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    Columbus East had a miraculous comeback against Jeffersonville today, down 3 with 2 outs and nobody on, they score 3 in the 7th to force extra innings, Dalton Back hits a home run in the 9th to advance to the Regional title game. Dalton Back hits a Grand Slam in the title game, and East beats Castle 5-1 to advance to the Semi-State next week.
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    As a former coach, I would much rather have a 10th game instead of the scrimmage.
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    I’m still up for moving it sooner. Just don’t want more games necessarily. Everyone gets to play a playoff game so it’s realistically a 10 games season and 15 if you make it to state. Those are good numbers the only issue that may come from playing a few weeks earlier is the heat. Especially for southern Indiana.
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    I personally think 15 games (if you make it to the finals) is a great number. Would not be in favor of extending it further. As for thanksgiving weekend....I’m personally not a fan of having it the day after thanksgiving but! But, it’s practically a sure fire day/weekend to have all the friends and family available to go and watch their team play for the title. If there was a push for a bye week, I say just have the season start 1 week earlier
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    Multiple issues with it. With this being a basketball state, there is no way anyone would really support going beyond Thanksgiving weekend to end the season. So, to start two weeks earlier puts the officially start date for practice in the middle part of July. Not really a fan of that myself.
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    At GS...before R’z Cafe, Carriage Inn, Haub’s, Log Inn. And after Sandy’s, Carriage Inn or Brass Ring
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    Gasthof!!!I Sure that's in Montgomery, but the Reevers (Barr-Reeve HS) don't have a football team.... Before the Rebels get contracted, be sure to stop by the Colonial Inn in Kentland--incredible.
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    Well as far as 2A north goes I'll take Pioneer. I understand that they lost a great class but that program and coaching is absolutely outstanding.
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    It does appear that the IHSAA did approve a proposed minor change to the Success Factor. For schools that have been bumped-up to a higher class, the proposal was to lower the minimum number of points to remain in that higher class from 3pts to 2pts during the 2-year cycle. In today's Sectional alignments, Marquette boys basketball is still listed in 2A after earning 2pts (2 sectional titles) in 2018 & 2019. This is a good change, in my opinion. If you're good enough to win back-to-back Sectionals or 1 Regional, then you're competitive enough to remain up there instead of dropping down.
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    South Bend abortion provider can operate without a license, federal judge rules: https://www.indystar.com/story/news/2019/06/01/south-bend-abortion-provider-can-operate-without-license-federal-judge-rules/1316295001/
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