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    I only was able to partake one time thus far in the mysterious Knepp Field, what a dandy it was in 2005. Saw this come across my wire recently, Pretty Awesome idea by the Jimmies, kuddos
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    WW's Caleb Murphy received and committed to an offer from Indiana University. Proud does not describe the feelings of the coaching staff. Caleb is very deserving. His competition will come into question as our team's does, on this thread and in other parts of the state. Caleb dominates our competition and has shown his ability against top talent at various camps and competitions. Caleb will be a program guy that does what is necessary to improve his team. https://indiana.rivals.com/news/indiana-hoosiers-football-2020-in-state-de-caleb-murphy-commits-to-iu
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    First off I thought Jasper went to them? What I'm asking is for someone in the SIAC to explain how this made the conference better? You have higher costs, and no flexibility in football. You have student athletes that will have alot of late nite weekday games in conference. I'm not trying to be disrespectful at all. Just asking for concrete reasons. If it was 12, and you had two divisions, plus real rivalry games with Jasper keeping Southridge and HH, or Boonville playing Castle I could see benefits financially. GS playing Reitz or MD would have been moneymakers. This setup created nothing like that. Congrats and good luck!
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    Fat shaming...isn't that a form of bullying for you lefties?
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    Wow...knew it was coming, but still hard to believe. Let’s make the 40th and final season of the Big 8 a good one.
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    Joe should have the Evangelical vote all locked up.
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    Post GOT developments........
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    This is insulting. To make a statement that 3rd stringers from those average 3A-6A programs could get together and win a 1A title is ludicrous (Those teams are not Carmel, Warren, Ben Davis or Cathedral). As a coach that played at New Albany, then Franklin with multiple Indy Metro players, coached for 20 years I find this statement offensive. I can objectively judge talent and set my school pride aside. WW is a good 1A program. A collection of 3rd stringers from those teams would get their collective a$$e$ handed to them by our football team. END OF STORY. 1A has extremely talented players on them and many of them have talent deep into their roster. WW has a history of competing with and defeating schools of a much larger size. We compete with them at camps and scrimmages to improve our competition. We have always belonged on that field with them and our players met the challenge. We consistently beat teams in the MSC, before the conference grew so large in football we played the King (Brownstown) better then most of the members of the MSC. WW's current roster has multiple players that would take starting positions away from players on the teams you mentioned above if they were playing there. I am always very neutral, but this hit a nerve and I could not bite my tongue. I will give benefit of the doubt and not judge the poster by the post.
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    The Hoosier conference has 10 teams. You play a 4 game conference schedule and then on week 9 you play against the same team in your standings spot ie. if you are 3rd place in your group of 5, you play the other group of 5 3rd place. North Central conference has 10 teams and plays a 7 game conference schedule with 2 non-con games. I believe all the teams have start conference play on week 3. Northeast Corner has 10 teams, and i really cant tell you how they decide their conference schedule other than they each play 4 conference games. The Summit(FW) has 10 teams and play a full conference schedule. Three Rivers has 10 teams and plays 8 conference games.
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    I think Boonville wanted to be the "new" Jasper....you can build a lot of "tradition" being the big fish in a little pond.
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    Yes, the "bad programs" were discovered shortly before the 1st game started. Corrected programs were printed. Baseball is a crazy game. Mishawaka struggled at the end of the season-- lots of errors & runs allowed. Then the tourney started-- 3 runs allowed in 5 games, including shutouts over Plymouth, Northridge & Lake Central.
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    I have offered both opinions and the numbers to back it up. You’re the one who claimed I had no common sense, if I didn’t agree with you, there was nothing left to say. Next time I’m at FC I’ll let you know, I’ll buy the first round. My real identity is about the worst kept secret on the GID, ask anyone who knows me, and I’m sure they’ll agree I haven’t said anything on here I wouldn’t say face to face. I have no problem calling BS when I see it. And whether you accept it or not, I stand by what I have posted.
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    This was just yesterday.......SF thought Uncle Joe learned his lesson?
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    INDIANAPOLIS CATHEDRAL FIGHTING IRISH Coach: Bill Peebles, 6-6 in 2nd year at school, 80-71 in 15th year overall DATE OPPONENT EASTERN TIME OA 0.0, DA 0.0 Aug. 23 at Noblesville 6A 7:00 pm Aug. 31 at Cincinnati Moeller (Ohio) 7:00 pm St. Xavier Sep. 6 at Cincinnati Elder (Ohio) 7:00 pm Sep. 13 Indianapolis Chatard 3A 7:00 pm Sep. 20 at Cincinnati St. Xavier (Ohio) 7:30 pm Sep. 27 Jeffersonville 5A 7:00 pm Oct. 4 Louisville Trinity (Ky.) 7:00 pm TBA Oct. 11 at Brebeuf Jesuit 3A 7:00 pm Oct. 18 Center Grove 6A 7:00 pm I would say that these 9 games won't impede any D1 players aspirations or stunt program growth both in the short or long term. Also, development of players is not strictly 3 month period August thru November. That is archaic thought, cmon man, Get with the Times Old Man 😎
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    Warrior-Mayor Pete’s Sanctimonious Chest Thumping: https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/warrior-mayor-petes-sanctimonious-chest-thumping/
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    https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/06/poll-poor-want-more-opportunity-not-more-entitlement-spending/ Agreed. The poor need less government in their lives, not more.
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    Student Punished for 'Implied Threat' After Putting High School on Craigslist: https://gizmodo.com/student-punished-for-implied-threat-after-putting-high-1826289639 “They tried to relate it back to all the recent school shootings and everything—they tried tying it back to that,” Scheele told the Fox 4 Kanas City. “But I don’t see how it was a threat at all.” Scheele’s mom Denetra Clark is trying to see the bright side of the school district’s decision. “He’s going to get his diploma no matter what,” Clark said. “But maybe the party will start sooner.” Yay for zero tolerance policies, and the words "implied" is ground zero for a myriad of interpretations by government school bureaucrats.
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    https://reason.com/2019/06/05/if-we-told-you-neal-stephenson-invented-bitcoin-would-you-be-surprised/ Snow Crash, Anathem, and Seveneves are my favorite Stephhenson novels. His recent collaboration with author Nicole Galland, The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O., was an enjoyable read as well. But Seveneves is my absolute favorite, a book I have read multiple times now. Simply fantastic science fiction and world building.
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    https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/ryanhatesthis/youtube-block-discriminatory-content?ref=bfnsplash YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, can do what it wants since it is a private entity. But I wonder; who exactly is forcing individuals to watch these videos that they may view a discriminatory or may offend them? If the title of a video indicates a subject I find distasteful chances are I won't watch it, and after a while the YouTube 'algorithm' will stop putting such videos into my 'recommended' list.
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    https://reason.com/2019/06/05/study-shows-that-extreme-poverty-statistics-have-been-overestimated-especially-among-families-with-children/ What? According to many the USA is one step away from third-world country status, and that only by increasing the forceful confiscation of wealth from others can the scourge of extreme poverty be defeated.
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