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    Why would a kid want to play for a staff and athletic department that doesn’t think they want or can compete in SIAC. GS gets punished because a team is scared of a consistent challenge. Still can’t believe some of the quotes in that article
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    I can remember when I was a kid, these folks were mid-late 40's...early 50's, they were old people to me, who seemed to be living in history. It's only come to me over time the sacrifices that were made. Fortunately as I have grown older, I've been able to be antiquated with several of this generation and had the opportunity to hear some of the stories, not necessarily of the war itself, just the times. It's sad that most of this generation are now gone, and with them the stories, the lives, the history and the lessons of the great war. I think now more than ever, it is important that we remember and learn from, not only what happened on the coast of northern France 75 years ago, but from the entire time in human history.
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    So thankful for this generation - Nuff Said......
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    Sounds like Bville based there whole decision on football because thry cant hang with the SIAC. I really thought they were going in the right direction when they hired their new coach a couple years but I was wrong. They are going backwards instead of trying to get better. Good luck in the PAC and I am glad you didnt join the SIAC. We want teams that know the can win. That article made Bville football program look really bad. Just my opinion.
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    Time to Pay Your Respects to the Plywood Boat that Helped Win WWII: https://jalopnik.com/time-to-pay-your-respects-to-the-plywood-boat-that-help-1835301842
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    I rest my case. If this wasnt their plan all along they would have joined the big boys. Hope it works out for them. Cant respect a program that doesnt look to better themselves.
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    Sarah Huckabee Sanders was KICKED OUT of the Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington, Virginia for being Trump's Press Secretary, but this week she dined with The Queen of England In Buckingham Palace.
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    With these scheduling possibilities it looks to me like Coach Hart is not afraid to play a tough schedule. That can only make the program stronger. So you have a 3a school wanting to play 5 and 6a teams and a 4a school wanting to play 2 and 3a schools. Will never make sence to me.
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    I only was able to partake one time thus far in the mysterious Knepp Field, what a dandy it was in 2005. Saw this come across my wire recently, Pretty Awesome idea by the Jimmies, kuddos
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    The state of Illinois desperately, desperately needs the tax income. The city of Chicago and the hellhole most of it has become is bleeding the state dry, at least that is what my inlaws who have lived in downstate Illinois for multiple generations now tell me.
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    Joe should have the Evangelical vote all locked up.
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    https://www.jconline.com/story/news/2019/06/05/animal-welfare-group-documents-calf-abuse-iconic-fair-oaks-farms/1361270001/ Hmm. I wonder what the Newton County prosecutor is going to do with this? And interesting that the Newton County Sheriff wants to know the identify of the undercover ARM investigator. Did he also commit a crime by not promptly reporting the abuses he witnessed? And why did ARM itself wait over six months to release this footage? And methinks that 600,000 visitors a year will go down, considerably.
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