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    Its been a few years since Cathedral has won state, so they are putting them back to 4A for better chance.
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    Only 77 days until the first football Friday night in Indiana.
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    The IHSAA under Bobby Cox just makes 1 bad decision after another. It's kinda like penalties in the Stanley Cup playoffs, it's not about what's fair or in line with established rules, it's whatever random idea pops into their heads.
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    At Heritage Hills the quarterback normally plays defense. In 2012 when Justin Hedinger tore is acl we not only lost the starting quarterback but also best linebacker and punter. Following game we shanked 2 punts both leading to touchdowns in a close loss at Gibson Southern. In this case though we missed him more at LB and punter then at quarterback.
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    As far as I’m personally aware....Jack Kiser was the only one who played LB....QBs are generally one of the most athletic kids on the team so if I see a QB playing both ways, they are a DB... with that said, it all depends on numbers for the game and situation. I see a lot of late game qb plays DB (if they are fast)
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    Why not implement it for all or wait until the next cycle? The dictators in Indy strike again. I thought that they were about making everything fair. Apparently not!
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