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    James Banks was a lone exception to that rule that I can recall.
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    It was announced publicly via the Warsaw Times Union in mid-May that Dave Anson was stepping down at the end of June and that the position was posted at that time. That's 4 weeks for applicants to apply (which I'm sure there were plenty) and a few rounds of interviews to be held. Maybe slightly "quick", but I'm sure WCHS preferred that a new AD was in place before the Fall sports get into full swing with official practices starting the last week of July. Can't imagine any school corporation (especially a 6A school) would want to hire an AD much later than that!
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    Tipton has had a few lately. Austin Hooker played QB and OLB on the 2013 state runner up team and KJ Roudebush played QB and Safety and OLB the past couple years. Neither were out of need but just were tough to keep off the field.
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    They passed a little more (Adamson was the coach when he played also) he was just a stud athlete. he had multiple D1 scholarships to go pitch, was an all state pitcher for 3 years. Was a 4 year varsity basketball player lead Eastbrook to its first and only regional win. never made it to state in football got beat in regional every year by the University of Luers.
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    Nope. Do you often travel with co-workers on overseas trips?
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    From what I have seen in games across the state, the QB playing defense is most prevalent at the 1A and 2A levels because of numbers. It occurs occasionally at the 3A level on a situational basis. I have not seen any QB's play defense at the 4A or 5A level. At those levels, why would you put one of your most valuable and important players at risk?
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    I simply asked a question. I personally don't believe climate change is to blame for our wet spring. Weather <> climate.
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    In the pros QB's put butts in the seats. They will have multiple back ups but they are not on the same level. In college, QB's putt butts in the seats. They will have multiple back ups that may or may not be on the same level. In high school, QB's are often the only option a team has for QB. Yes there are exceptions, but I'd much rather my QB got hurt scrambling than making a tackle.
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    Yawn..... Precipitation Most consecutive days with measurable (>= 0.01") precipitation 13 - April 9-21, 1893 12 - May 10-21, 2010 11 - 9 times (1875, 1876, 1883, 1896, 1908, 1929, 1933, 1945, 1992) last time was July 7-17, 1992 Most consecutive days with any (>= trace) precipitation 22 - November 27-December 18, 1983 - April 6-27, 1893 19 - January 6-24, 1995 18 - December 29, 1998-January 1999 15,- January 11-28, 1918 The beautiful thing about the term climate "change" is no matter what happens, "change" has it covered. What is the ideal amount of CO²? What is the ideal sea level? What is the ideal global temperature? What is the ideal glacial coverage? What is the ideal sea temperature?
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    Jimtown is nothing but pure class. Our crew worked our last regular season game there before we called it quits, and they treated us like kings ... as always. So many great experiences at Knepp over the years.
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    If the R’s are smart they will primary him. If the D’s run anyone to the right of Stalin, I will vote the him/her.
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    https://reason.com/2019/06/12/the-case-for-designer-babies/ Agreed. We currently use science to make our offspring better today, this is just the next step.
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