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    Valpo was 6A because of enrollment, not due to TSF. So, with Snider remaining up due to points accrued, Valpo would be the first team to drop to 5A because they are the smallest 6A school by enrollment, but not the smallest in 6A. (Columbus East moves up due to TSF, and now Snider remains up due to TSF.)
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    Happy Father’s Day our there to GID Dad’s!
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    That’s odd. You don’t mention a single thing about the one person’s behavior until now? I have never seen you spend an ounce of time here criticizing the President’s behavior. But you focus so much on the other? Interesting You have a higher standard of expectation for a female soccer player than you do the President? Also interesting Never said a thing about previous administrations. Buuuuuut, if you want to go there, let’s do it. As I said, it is a big reason why Rapinoe is even a topic of conversation. The kneeling at the anthem was going to be a thing of the past, well on its way of disappearing....untilllllllllll... Never have seen a president react the way this one does to critics. I don’t recall the very high number of resignations/firings in one administration, especially in the short time span they have occurred. I also don’t recall the number of convictions or indictments in other administrations.
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    I think he heard they were going off the value menu this time around.
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    Hello everyone, my name is Cory Smith and for the last year ( started August 2018), I've run a Pro-Warren Central Warriors Football Podcast called, True Warrior Football. In the time that I've done this show, I've learned so much about the history of the program that I have loved for so long. If you want to see the work I've done so far, here is the link to my podcast website, https://audioboom.com/channels/4970501 The show is also available on Apple Podcasts and all major podcast apps. Just search "True Warrior Football" Last Saturday, I did a live podcast show at Indy PopCon and I had a livestream that can be viewed below. In that livestream, I announced that I am going to expand and do True Football: Indiana. My goal for that show is just about the same with True Warrior Football. I want to talk about the history of Indiana Football. I want to talk with the greats of high school football from across the state and have them share their stories with those that don't know them. I also want to cover the teams that are great around the state that don't get the promotion and coverage that they deserve. I'm looking to cover the teams from The Region all the way down to Evansville and everywhere in between. I'm very excited about this venture and look forward to working the many high school programs from across the entire state. If you have a great story about your team and would like for me to interview you for the show, so you can share it with others, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I have always felt like high school football here in Indiana doesn't get the credit it deserves for being really good and my mission to change the mind of people all over about what goes down here on Friday nights at stadiums all across our great state! Thanks for your time folks and enjoy your day!!!! https://twitter.com/TrueWarriorFB1/status/1137384496146341889
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    Rumor has it since the IHSAA updated the required points to "stay up" a class from 3 points to just 2 points a few weeks ago, Snider will now STAY in 6A after winning 2 sectional titles in 2017 and 2018, and thus accruing the 2 points necessary to stay up a class. Because of this, Valparaiso will now drop to 5A based on enrollment effective the 2019 season. Lol start another topic for this information. This thread was created strictly to discuss the changes that will occur to 6A haha.
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    As far as I know, Tournament Success Factor points have no bearing in the top class. They will move down strictly on enrollment numbers. They would be the smallest non-TSF in 6A. If FW Snider stays in 6A, that bumps Valpo down. 6A is capped at 32 teams. Although your point is valid....
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    What? They played in 6A in the 2015 and 2016 seasons. The won sectional championships both years, however, at the time 3 points was necessary to stay up in a class. So yeah... Cathedral was "fully" in 6A.
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    The date is actually important in supporting my original response to you.
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    Novak announced he’s joining the Portage staff.
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    I have to say, the President’s tone in a lot of what he says has brought this on. Calling people sons of bitches is unacceptable from a President, while in close proximity to that time, a matter of days, he referred to many of the people carrying flags of enemies of this nation “fine people”. There is also a laundry list of insults he has directed toward many people. So, I feel no empathy for anyone that Rapinoe has directed her comments toward. It is not like she is holding up the middle finger during the anthem. The fact is there has never been a President of this country who has even come close to the level of pettiness that Trump has. Let's add to it the number of resignations that have occurred in this administration, and the things the President has said about them. We are not even through the first term, and there is what? Maybe a handful of people left? Now, let's talk about the indictments, convictions and guilty pleas. Only the best people, right? lol I have to ask, at one point do people start waking up to what is really happening? and stop making excuses or even ignoring this crapshow?
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    Think GSW threw it so they wouldn't have to eat Whoppers at the White House?
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    All I can say is "You're welcome, everybody."
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    Its not an interpretation. I know Rapinoe's history and where she started with this. I don't care that her protest started during the Obama administration. (not 100% sure that is accurate) Unless you can show me where she has stated that a part of her protest is against Obama and his administration, then she has certainly expanded her cause to now include the Trump administration. And that is documented by her via the Washington Post. I stated that it was against a singular administration. not a singular cause for her protest. Big difference. Go back and read my original post.
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    First, I didn't say you got it all wrong ... that's your interpretation and probably why you are focused on a singular aspect. You said it's about a single administration and she has clearly been protesting, on the same issue and in the same circumstance ... national anthem ... over the last two administrations. The fact that she's currently protesting the Trump administration, doesn't make it singular.
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    You didn't get it ALL wrong. You just left a lot out.
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    https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/05/15/uswnts-megan-rapinoe-says-shes-walking-protest-trump-administration/ Please tell me again where I got it all wrong...
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    So one person's inappropriate behavior on an issue justifies another person's inappropriate behavior. Gotcha Many of believe crapshows were going on well before this current administration
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    You need to spend some time reading her quotes about the current administration. Easy to find. There is no problem with my post.
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