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    It should be noted that I have SIRI call me Mr. Tibbs. But I can't get her sound like Sidney Poitier.
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    Basketball can schedule more competition days than football, where football is allowed only 5 days of competition, Basketball can have 10 different scrimmages or competition days just using numbers, the actual number for basketball is unlimited number of practices and competition days in the summer, where as football is restricted to 12 days of practice of which 5 can be 7 on 7 or 11 on 11 Thud sessions. There is no cap of open gym times/practice/competition days for Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer
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    Princeton said in the Clarion they scored 3 or 4 times from the 35 bro, Princeton is looking tough this season. Just be glad you aren't in their sectional.
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    Memorial has lots of interchangeable parts this season. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Pence at WR in some packages. McCool was by far #1 RB last year. I see him having huge season both offensively and defensively. Combs is on a different level in the SIAC and it’s not close. I see Memorial’s defense being better than last years. Defense looked big, fast and physical in scrimmage vs Reitz.
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    All I see are 2 squares. But it must not be any better for HS freshmen either. We got a call from the trainer today after my son took the concussion testing.
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    You #sjw types just insist on applying your modern, "woke" PC sensibilities to historical figures. Shame!
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    So true Irish....I just might throw the inclusion word at them.....explain calling me Boss is the way I can truly feel included....truly bring "my real self" to work....... What do you think? Potential??
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    Confused about how exactly you think this is a troll? Memorial returns 3 DL, 2 LB, and 3 in the secondary, 3 OL, 3 WR, and the starting RB from last year. This group of seniors has played in two straight state championship games, and should be the favorite in the conference until proven otherwise.
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    LOL, not sure but love the passion I guess. Pence will be the QB and has a lot of the same skills as Lindauer had - can move the pocket & extend plays, run, and has a strong arm. Central has to be the pre-season SIAC favorite, but they have to replace as many if not more starters from last year as anyone in the upper part of the conference. Should be an interesting year in the SIAC.
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    This guy has the puzzle put together. http://harrell.proboards.com/thread/68047/teams-less-9-games-scheduled
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    Nice moving the goalposts there. http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/about ihsaa/2018-19 By Laws.pdf I will say I’m not an expert on the IHSAA by-laws but looking at Rule 15-3 (page 59) only one sport specially has its summer contest days limited. There might be a limit somewhere else in the by-laws but I don’t know. I can say as a parent of a multi - sport athlete, that he has attended ‘voluntary’ open gyms to football workouts by about 2 to 1.
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    All conference champions should receive a top seed in the sectional and a guaranteed opening round home game. This will give more meaning to regular season play.
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    Besides holiday Basketball Tournaments and maybe a holiday wrestling tourney I have not seen a school sponsored sport where a family would have to book hotel for up to 4 days in another state, pay for entry into the tourney, consecions at the event, dinner and breakfast for before and after the event. I would say the time commitment to travel sports far out weighs the commitment for school sports.
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    no need to add conjecture on H.S. student athletes reasons why or why not they are at any schools for any reasons.
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    I have coached for a few years. I think it is very important for the kids to get away from the school and the coaches. Some conferences even have a dead week before the official IHSAA practice start date. I think that is a great idea. We do forget sometimes that some players even the great ones do not love football like their coaches. They need a break. I do feel the AAU/Travel teams seem to gotten out of hand. When coaches say to a player if you are not on a travel/AAU team then you are not on the school team is wrong. I do know that is happening in the state.
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    I’ve been out of the game for a bit....this past week was moratorium week, correct? I highly recommend Bonita Springs, Fl. this time of year.
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    Why aren't there football "clubs"? Is there an IHSAA/IFCA rule preventing it?
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    Then I don't understand what your beef IS, I guess. The IHSAA has no control over club/AAU sports.
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    The moratorium is not just for football, it's for all sports.
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    There can be organized workouts just cant be any coaches there. If the players happen to get a workout together and the fence to the field happens to be open not much the IHSAA could do
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    I'd like to see 10 regular season games and then not let everyone in the tournament. And obviously then seed the tournament.
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    I am going to let my upper management chain know today that my new name is "Boss"......they better dang well call me that.....
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    Whatever happened to government high school teachers calling their students primarily by their last name using the honorific "Mr." or "Ms."? It is straightforward, to the point, and respectful. Probably 75% of my government high school teachers used this method and I don't recall myself or other students feeling disrespected. I guess if you wanted not to offend (there is that "feeling" thing again) anybody if this nanny day and age you could use one of the gender-neutral titles. Key word for today's youth is "feeling", all else appears to be subordinate.
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    I don't think much "goes over well" with middle schoolers.
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    Purdue University being one of them: https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/07/amy-coney-barrett-strikes-a-blow-against-campus-kangaroo-courts/ To put it bluntly, Judge Barrett’s opinion is a warning shot to campuses in her federal circuit — and, through persuasive authority, to campuses across the nation. Universities mix ideology and adjudication at their own peril. Yet mixing ideology and adjudication is the virtual mission statement of campus Title IX offices. Plaintiffs hunting for evidence of official hostility against men will find a target-rich environment. The Obama administration’s mandatory rejection of due process — and the academy’s wholesale embrace of fundamentally anti-male ideology — has resulted in one of the more dispiriting illiberal chapters in recent American history. But judicial defense of due process has been heartening to see. In fact, the judicial response to college misconduct is even more consequential than the Trump administration’s (admirable) rejection of Obama’s guidance. After all, judicial opinions endure through any change in administrations and will bind universities long after Trump is gone. And now one of the judiciary’s brightest new stars has made her own contribution to the constitutional order. Plaintiffs should seize this opportunity to bury campus bias once and for all. Good decision by Mrs. Coney-Barrett. And thanks Obama.
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