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    Hopefully with these types of numbers Frankton might be able to go 2 platoon, something that Mississinewa hasn't been able to do. Being able to give kids breaks during the games reduces injuries and pays off in the end.
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    If you don’t see the difference between a private employer deciding that its employees, in its specific business, are productive enough to warrant an increase in wages vs. government mandating an across the board wage increase in all employers in all types of businesses, regardless of productivity or profit margin, there’s really no hope for you.
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    Delta - 71 (Grades 9-12)
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    It may have been “legitimate,” in the sense it was sincere. But I assumed it was sarcastic, given the obviousness of the answer — which was implicit in my previous post. In any event, the answer is “no.”
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    Thanks! Yes it’s 9-12... we are looking to improve on the foundation we started last year and be competitive with everyone we play this season... it is a process to turn a program around and we are still pretty young (the bulk of our team is Sophomores and Juniors) but our guys are buying in and working really hard. Our staff is extremely excited for this season and the future of Frankfort football
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    That's prob the hardest start to a season I have ever seen 4 state championship contender and a top tier 5A team. Good luck
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    Bremen has been dealing with lowering numbers for years. Give the staff credit, they coach up the kids that want to be out there.
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    North Posey - South Spencer: https://44news.wevv.com/countdown-kick-off-north-posey-south-spencer/
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    This begs the question whether it is a wise policy for local government to enact.
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    2,600 home 600 visitors
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    You tell me: As I stated, not necessarily an argument for or against. The main point I was making is on some arbitrary date, you either destroy your legally purchased magazines or you are a criminal. Who’s going to reimburse me for my investment if I’m forced to destroy them? Comparing mags to machine guns is laughable when you look at sheer numbers. And if we add in +10 mags for handguns the number grows exponentially. On two separate occasions the ATF deemed bump stocks legal in that they did not change the mechanical firing mechanism of the rifle. In 2018 the ATF amended the regulations. https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2017/oct/06/national-rifle-association/nra-claim-obama-approved-bump-stocks/ https://www.atf.gov/rules-and-regulations/bump-stocks To the rest of it, sure the answer is always to limit liberties of law abiding citizens.
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    (T1)Snider- they don't rebuild..they just reload..the starters they return should be solid and the o-line has a stud..could take loss or two to any top 3 or middle tier.. (T1)Dwenger- returning state champs act different..they will be tough to beat..im reminded of seeing that cyo run clinic over n over..with the dynamo wr added in..watch out..could lose two games.. (T1) Homestead-returning qb is an athlete..hhs has always been quarterback U..they're 6a and have a 6a mindset..hard to stay focused when ppl expect victories..could take two losses.. (4) Luers-pretty lofty for the knights this year..lost some good players..their coaches always seem to get the best out of their teams..2a..3a..whatever you wanna call em..they always come to play.. (5) carroll-any large school with Dinan as coach will always be up there on my list. Soph qb will have some learning to do.. (6) Northside- This is the year of fruition for the legends and their coach..could they be last year's wayne or regenerate an incredible run through the sac as in decades past..? They are my sleeper team (kinda). (7)Wayne-they seem to put together a good team every few years..the cupboard is never bare for the generals..they always have gr8 talent..the moxy it takes to garner hardware..they have it.. (8) Northrop-one of the larger schools with a great coaching staff..getting the athletes out for football and playing together will get them a a few wins alone.. (9) Concordia-This may ruffle feathers..i know they're not far removed from a state title and a few alumni would tell me their top 4..id happily eat crow if they shock a few squads..somehow..they always do (10) Southside-refer to #8 This is just a mock poll n observations of the sac imho..the top and middle will be muddied up..even the teams at the bottom will be sectional contenders..thats the best part of the playing in the sac..i faintly remember seeing a 3-6 Northwood team go on to win a state title..should be fun..
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    Lol never seen a single Warren fan say we could compete in the Big 10.
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    The elitist Liberals/Progressives/Commies .......gotta love em.
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    I agree with everyone's assessment of the CIC this year. My spoiler team would be Oak Hill. Coach O always seems to find a way to compete. On the Frankton home front they had 54 at day one practice. Some new faces are coming out. Most they have had out in over 12 years. I just hope they have the fire to compete.
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    Another fun, albeit unofficial, and infant "rivalry" in week 1 is Pike vs Zionsville. Sectional opponents that are separated by just 7 miles, and have had 3 really good games since they began playing each other week 1 in 2016. Some extra juice in it for the kids this year with the Pike HC coming from Zville.
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    Agreed, if it was just football it would have already happened. would not be surprised if Ole Miss would be the first one to jump ship.
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    Or Luers sprinkler system.
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    Elkhart vs Memorial in the battle of the Mangy Lion. These 2 combine next year, so this is the last game between these two city rivals.
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    I would add a great feeder system is also needed. One of the reasons young athletes know things front and back is because they've been running the system for years. Plus, it feeds the culture at an early age.
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    I’m sure this is tongue in cheek. Ohio football from a pure depth standpoint crushes Indiana. As it should considering the population difference. Does that mean Indiana teams can’t compete with the best from Ohio? Absolutely not, but come on man.
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    Rep. Joaquin Castro's Doxxing of Trump Donors in His District Has Flipped the Campaign Finance Discourse on Its Head: https://reason.com/2019/08/07/rep-joaquin-castros-doxxing-of-trump-donors-in-his-district-has-flipped-the-campaign-finance-discourse-on-its-head/ 63.4K people are talking about this The tweet listed the employers of these Trump donors, including a dozen who said they were retired, and one self-described "homemaker." Conservatives blasted Castro for the tweet. .... Castro himself is not backing down, arguing that he did not create the graphic (it reportedly originated from an activist group) and that this is all public information anyway. "No one was targeted or harassed in my post. You know that. All that info is routinely published," he said in response to McCarthy. 36.6K people are talking about this There is a difference, however, between campaign finance information being available and a member of Congress broadcasting that information on social media. Castro also appears to be trying to draw a link between donors to Trump's campaign and the recent El Paso shooting, the perpetrator of which wrote a manifesto denouncing immigrants as "invaders." After the conservative backlash to his tweet, Castro retweeted a couple of supporters who made this link explicit. .... And while reasonable people may not be able to reasonably disagree on Trump, Castro's tweet is just deepening the divide. He has given every person he singled out even more reason to support Castro's opponents, particularly since the nature of social media virality almost guarantees each of those individuals has received or will receive unpleasant messages thanks to Castro's spotlight. Whatever divisions he was hoping to fix, he has only deepened. How true. And as one of the comments to this story posits: "One thing the otherwise well written article leaves out is that Castro apparently redacted the names of Hispanic Trump voters and doxed only the nonHispanic Trump supporters. That fact puts lie to any claim that he did this for “transparency”. If he thinks it is so important for people who donated to Trump to be publicly known, why is it somehow not important for Hispanics who do so to be doxed? He did this because he wants the mob to terrorize these people for the crime of disagreeing with him. But hey, he makes up for it by targeting them for their race as well. So there is that."
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    I’ve seen Ohio football and I’m not impressed.
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    Dante...stop drinking the bong water!!! Get outside and get some sun today!!!
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    Meanwhile, in Cincinnati: Fifth Third Bancorp to Raise Minimum Hourly Wage to $18 https://finance.yahoo.com/news/fifth-third-bancorp-raise-minimum-130000513.html Will this move by this socialistic Company trigger bank failures across America because those firms simply can't compete?
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    If they and other banks do fail due to their own freely chosen policies it will be their own fault, and not the fault of government. There is a difference, sorry that you no longer can see that.
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    I have few Jarts stored away. Want to buy some? PM me. http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/48297354/
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    You completely missed my point due to your tunnel vision, but thanks for playing. It's the free market at work, and was a legitimate question. Which you didn't answer.
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