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    Bottom line, it's not your sandbox. They don't have to justify anything.
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    I'm sure this is a relief for most everyone.
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    Thanks! Yes it’s 9-12... we are looking to improve on the foundation we started last year and be competitive with everyone we play this season... it is a process to turn a program around and we are still pretty young (the bulk of our team is Sophomores and Juniors) but our guys are buying in and working really hard. Our staff is extremely excited for this season and the future of Frankfort football
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    People's careers and personal reputations are at stake. Regardless of the legal outcome, individuals can be severely damaged by random comments made on unaccountable messageboards. This is the primary role of the moderator. To evaluate and determine what is and what is not appropriate for further discussion. I again endorse and applaud the decision to remove the thread.
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    Because I decided that the discussion might leave the administrators open to possible lawsuit. I might be a little over-reactive, but I for one don't want to have to hire legal counsel to defend discussions on a football website. Not being a lawyer, I might be wrong. But I would rather be safe than sorry with so much other there is to discuss. Who knows what someone would/could look for as a target of their frustration. I don't want to open myself up to being that target. Sorry for your disappointment Muda.
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    This site is meant to promote football. Yes the case involves a football coach, but with possible litigation, I agree it is best to cautious. We are a bunch of football junkies and many of us can't tell the difference between rumors and facts.
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    First, tell me where to send the bill. 🤑 Seriously, the risk of liability for an Internet forum that merely provides a place for people to express opinions, without endorsing them, is infinitesimal. However, that’s the risk of actually being found liable. The risk of being sued is somewhat greater. A site like this which barely scrapes by financially would be ruined by the cost of simply defending a meritless lawsuit. That’s what insurance is for.
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    South Newton has 24 kids out. Only 1 Senior, so please do not contract yet.
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    Thank you DT. This thread was not hidden because of the person who is the focus. I do not know that person. It's just the direction of the whole situation that concerns me. This is my concern. Yeah. If everyone wants to donate to a legal fund, or an insurance policy, I will leave these threads open. Other than that, it's not going to be my money that is at risk.
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    Good luck this season Coach. Hope to see you and the boys get some momentum and move that program forward. I will remove Frankfort from my contraction watch list.
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    45 players 2018-2019 Reclassification #'s 273 Students Size Rank 40th of 64 in Class A
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    The push to send everyone to college results in things becoming laws at the State and local level, and even at the federal level to some extent. The push to increase the importance of standardized testing has lead to more remediation time for students, and less time and money for vocational programs. I rarely point back in time to my day when discussing education, BUUUUUUT, our campus alone at Warren Central, and the Walker Career Center had so many opportunities for students. I know that North Central and the J. Everett Light Career Center had them as well. The Walker Career Center had its own restaurant, daycare, computer lab for programming courses, accounting courses, a metal shop, electrical shop, carpentry, horticulture, plumbing, diesel mechanic, auto mechanic, auto body programs. We also had a radio station, a TV station was developing at that time. The bottom line is that when testing was limited to what it was supposed to be; simply checking student progress, schools could focus on getting college bound kids prepared for college, and getting kids bound for other careers well prepared for those. Republicans can decry the problems, but in this State, they sure did more than their share to create the problems.
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    I’ve cleaned many a chicken. Boiling feathers is a smell you never forget. Also can’t forget headless chickens walking around after Mom pulled their heads off. Pretty funny sight.
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    I agree with jimmie Not worth the hassle and legal exposure to allow this to continue Good call
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    We currently have 67 on the roster at Frankfort... with school just starting we have a few more guys getting physicals this week and next
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    I would add until proven otherwise that Brownsburg and Avon are the best the HCC can provide. So we're talking the cream of the HCC vs. a rebuilding middle MIC team in Ben Davis. But, I'm never surprised when the Giants beat these Hendricks County rivals.
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    But I don't have a problem explaining my reasoning. I may not be right. But I try to do the best I can.
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    I cant wait for season. Sucks it looks like we wont have a week 8 opp but at least we have a full sectional. Haha.
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    Gibson Southern 3A - 90 9th thru 12th
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    The crew was laying down the initial runs last night. One of the workers told me that they might have it done within a week. It was interesting to see them sewing the sections together. The track now has the pavement base.
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    Truth is for whatever reason many students are not going out for a variety of sports at a lot of schools. Some of it may be new family dynamics, school culture, etc.. Football is not the only sport, a lot of Baseball programs can not field a jv team anymore. It is really concerning to me. I don't think contraction is the best approach, I would rather give kids more opportunities, but if they aren't willing to participate, what are schools to do?
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    Blackford has about 40 players. Early practice is going well from what I'm hearing. It helps when you have a nice 12tg grade class. it will be interesting if younger kids step up when Jr. High starts next Monday. Bruins scrimmage South Adams. 1st game is now Monroe Central as we are not playing Jay Co. this year.
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    It may have been “legitimate,” in the sense it was sincere. But I assumed it was sarcastic, given the obviousness of the answer — which was implicit in my previous post. In any event, the answer is “no.”
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    The elitist Liberals/Progressives/Commies .......gotta love em.
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    It should be there after you select your amount and then click place order and pay.
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    In Indiana, I interpret this: to mean no Berettas, and since I seldom carry a Beretta I’m good. I know people who’ve been asked to return their firearms to their vehicle at Simon properties.
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    Skeens is going to play football at Wabash College. Not sure if he is going to be moving to wideout or to DB. He did play as a wideout in the North/South All Star game. McCoin was recruited to play football but chose to play baseball at Indiana Tech. He will be a sophomore at Indiana Tech this fall. Eastbrook has the philosophy of "we don't rebuild we reload" and it has worked very well. They lost a lot yes, but they return a lot as well. Some will change position or even play more at one of the positions they played last year. They will still be strong and fast. May not be as big as last year up front but will still have some size. Mississinewa will be huge up front this year compared to the last couple of years. They may be as big up front as the 2017 team when 3 or 4 the lineman were right at or over 300lbs. They return both Campbell boys that have speed. The QB position will be the tough spot to fill and may be QB by situation and opponent. They may be more of a running team this year than the last two again depending on the QB. Funk returns at LB where he was underclassman All State last year. Cade Campbell and Funk both have the potential to be All State this year. Ole Miss has around 13 or 14 Seniors and many of them this will be their 3rd year of Varsity playing time. Mississinewa also is getting into the philosophy "reload not rebuild." Oak Hill returns some players but also will have some new faces in the lineup. They have holes to fill and may be the sleeper in the conference. Blackford will be the team in the CIC that will challenge both Mississinewa and Eastbrook for the CIC title. With the Mississinewa/Eastbrook game being early in the season Blackford could be playing for at least a share CIC Championship when they play Mississinewa the final game of the season. Coach Sehy is showing what he can do. He started MG in the right direction and left for Marion but the Marion politics didn't agree with the way he was doing things. The kids are buying into his system and it shows. Blackford will not be the "pushover easy win" like Mississinewa and Eastbrook have been used to. Blackford may take both teams to the wire to decide the winner. Madison Grant hopefully the numbers are up from last year so players can get a break during the game. Being the lone 1A team in the conference they will struggle against everybody purely because of the depth of the other teams in the CIC. However, because of the CIC play they will be prepared for the post-season so they will probably finish towards the bottom of the conference but should experience post-season success. Elwood has another new coach. This makes their 3rd coach in less than 4 years. They will struggle again this year and may not win a game as they rebuild under the new coach that was recently hired. Just have to wonder what type of summer program they had this year? Alexandria could be another spoiler in the conference and surprise some teams. They have had talent that hasn't produced consistently but when they do produce they have been a dangerous team to play. Frankton will be there with MG and Elwood. They are still trying to figure things out. The days of the Statue of Liberty 20 times a game are gone and the younger kids are slowly forgetting about it. Once they get things in line they could be a team that will give the top teams a run for part of the game. They are still a few years out from competing an entire game with Mississinewa, Blackford, and Eastbrook. Real question is should be with MG dropping to 1A how much longer will they stay in the CIC? Blackford almost left the CIC a couple of years ago and joined another conference with Jay County and Southern Wells until Jay County backed out. Is Blackford still looking to leave the CIC? Mississinewa being the lone 4A and still growing how much longer will they stay in the CIC seeing how they are having success in the CIC in all sports. Eastbrook wants to keep Mississinewa on the schedule no matter what so if Mississinewa leaves will they follow with them? If a school leaves the CIC who would be the replacement school? Lapel? Marion? Western? Eastern? Kokomo-Taylor?
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    I would add a great feeder system is also needed. One of the reasons young athletes know things front and back is because they've been running the system for years. Plus, it feeds the culture at an early age.
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    https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/08/book-review-the-college-dropout-scandal-underreported-problem/ These are shocking numbers, but I'm really not that surprised. More than ever colleges & universities are more than happy to take your or the government's money with little to no regard to whether or not you actually graduate.
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    Again, Biden isn't President. And he won't be if I have anything to say about it. Just another senile old white man in government. Fewer of them we end up with, the better off we'll be.
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    Sorry, posted wrong response and can not edit. You can find data available, but the topic is so distorted at this point, no one can even decide on what constitutes a mass shooting. If you listen to Moms their claim is mass shooting happen 13% of the time in gun free zones, you can find other studies that show mass shootings happen as much as 94% of the time. It's pointless to post any studies, half of the respondents will argue the source. My comment regarding states and posted properties refers to the fact that in some states if a property is posted as no weapons, and you are armed on said premises, there are some fairly stiff penalties. I believe in some locales it is a felony. In Indiana there's not really a penalty unless you are asked to leave and don't, you can be charged with criminal trespass which is a class A misdemeanor. Conceal carry solves a LOT of problems.
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    Hmmm. I smell a kickstarter campaign................
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    I am like Grover....I don't remember anyone from CG saying that....it was only game 2. CG made some changes and looked better following the New Pal game. I am not sure why people get excited one way or the other with early season games. Matters how a team plays at the end and everyone knows New Pal is a heck of a program. CG opens up again this year with Warren, New Pal, Carmel, BD and NC. That is a tough road.....
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    There is no mention of that in the article posted by @Muda69 The Civil War was started due to an argument just like that one.
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    It is what it is Contraction is a real issue I've seen several lower level game cancellations already reading thru the various forum threads. This is sure to continue
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    My old savage arms over/under 410 22, both single shot barrels, should be the only firearm available to non-military U.S. citizens. No 2nd amendment violations there, right?
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    On Gun Control, Once More from the Top: https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/08/on-gun-control-once-more-from-the-top/
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