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    2019 Indiana Football Coaches Association Coaches Poll (Pre-Season) 6A 1 Carmel (3) 83 2 Warren Central (5) 79 3 Brownsburg (1) 75 4 Center Grove (1) 73 5 Avon 38 6 Penn 33 7 North Central (Indpls) 31 8 Lafayette Jeff 27 9 Columbus East 26 10 Ben Davis 25 Others receiving votes: FW Snider (16), Westfield (13), Lawrence North (8), Perry Meridian (8), Lawrence Central (5), Columbus North (1), Fishers (1) 5A 1 New Palestine (9) 99 2 Indpls Cathedral 77 3 FW Dwenger (1) 66 4 Decatur Central 61 5 Michigan City 58 6 Valparaiso 47 7 Bloomington South 38 8 Whiteland 35 9 Mishawaka 21 10 Castle 17 Others receiving votes: Concord (6), Harrison (6), Elkhart Central (5), Plainfield (4), TH North (4), LaPorte (3) 4A 1 Marion (1) 63 2 Evansville Central (3) 61 3 Mooresville 48 4 East Central 46 5 Angola 37 NorthWood (2) 37 7 New Prairie 33 8 Lowell 31 Mississnewa (1) 31 10 Evansville Reitz (1) 25 Others receiving votes: I. Roncalli {1} (23), East Noble (16), Ev. Memorial (16), Culver Academies (13), FW Wayne {1} (11), Mt. Vernon (Fortville) (8),Plymouth (8), Boonville (7), Martinsville (7, Delta (6), Northview (5), Beech Grove (3), Hobart (2), SB Riley (2), Hammond Morton (1), Pendleton Hts (1), Western (1) 2019 Indiana Football Coaches Association Coaches Poll (Pre-Season) 3A 1 West Lafayette (10) 100 2 Indpls Chatard 83 3 Indpls Brebeuf 67 4 Gibson Southern 62 5 Heritage Hills 49 6 Brownstown Central 42 7 Guerin Catholic 30 8 Mishawaka Marian 27 9 FW Concordia 18 10 Indpls Ritter 17 Others receiving votes: Lawrenceburg (13), Evansville Bosse (9), Jimtown (8), Batesville (7), Greencastle (6), Vincennes Lincoln (6), Yorktown (2), Danville (1) 2A 1 Western Boone (8) 97 2 Eastbrook 78 3 Indpls Scecina 60 4 FW Luers 46 5 Pioneer (1) 45 6 Andrean (1) 39 7 Evansville Mater Dei 36 8 Triton Central 27 9 Shenandoah 22 10 Rensselaer Central 15 Others receiving votes: Tipton (14), Lewis Cass (12), Lapel (10), Monrovia (8), Woodlan (8), Paoli (6), Heritage Christian (5), Linton Stockton (5), South Vermillionj (4), Wheeler (4), Centerville (2), LaVille (2), Whiting (2), Blackford (1), Bremen (1), Delphi (1) 1A 1 Indpls Lutheran (1) 81 2 North Vermillion (4) 76 3 South Adams (2) 61 4 Adams Central (3) 60 5 Monroe Central 51 6 Churubusco 45 7 Southwood 43 8 Lafayette CC 31 9 West Washington 27 10 Parke Heritage 26 Others receiving votes: Sheridan (15), North Central (Farmersburg) (14), Hagerstown (5), Knightstown (4), Covington (3), South Putnam (3), Triton (3), Milan (2) 2019 IFCA Pre-Season Coaches Poll.pdf
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    Scenario: RCHS in 2014 wins 2a State RCHS success factor into 3a in 2015: Do we get #1 slot in 3a? Top 3? Top 5? NR?
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    OK - One more........ The same prison El Chapo was in......
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    OK - Had to get that out of my system.......
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    Then prosecute. Many moons ago when my wife was on the teller line and our local immigration situation started, she said the tellers knew Hispanics were using counterfeit documents to cash checks. The banks policy was if they presented proper documentation to not question it, cash the check, and get them out the door. In talking to people in the construction trade in CA, SOP is stop in the morning and pick up however many workers you'll need for the day. Buy them lunch, pay them cash at the end of the day and drop them off where you picked them up. This is just how it's done. Illegal workers usually hang out where people will shop that are needing help, Home Depot, Lowes, U-Haul, lawn and garden centers. No argument from me, prosecute the people who hire illegals. We the citizens of the US are just as responsible for this issue as we are imports from Pacific rim countries and China, we want the cheapest possible products, and we don't care how we get them.
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    Once again http://www.broadcastsport.net is compiling our "Who's Broadcasting Where" list. Currently we have list an average of 64 different broadcasts each week of the football season across the State of Indiana. Most of the broadcasts have links to either watch or listen online as well. If you favorite station isn't listed please send us their broadcast schedule.
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    The supposed Clinton connection has been a right wing meme for a dozen years.....yet Pedo boy dies when court documents show the connection between Trump and Epstein. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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    He was paid to say that by the Clintons.
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    Option A I'm pretty sure
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    Sounds like the DOJ had a complete breakdown. Now they're investigating themselves. I'm sure we'll get the full redacted report from AG Barr.
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    Look in the mirror...you love making your statements brown eyes. I can also remember you taking issue with some memes.....just like Dayton, guessing you've conveniently forgot that as well.
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    I've hunted with Canadians that have plenty of guns....especially shotguns. Lots of nice hunting destinations north of our border. Guess that makes your meme full of poopy......
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    46 @ Fremont with only 4 Seniors. When this group of Seniors were Freshmen they were on a roster of 23!
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    https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/11/politics/joe-biden-parkland-victims/index.html Washington (CNN)Joe Biden twice on Saturday said he met with students who survived the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, when he was vice president. But the Parkland shooting took place in February 2018, a little more than a year after Biden left office. The Democratic presidential hopeful -- who is far from the only politician to misspeak but has acknowledged he is a "gaffe machine" -- has a reputation for making misstatements on the campaign trail. His latest campaign gaffes came at a gun control forum in Des Moines, Iowa, when he described meeting survivors of the shooting that left 17 dead when they visited Washington to lobby for stricter gun laws. "I met with them and then they went off up on the Hill when I was vice president," Biden said at the forum. The former vice president made the same error later that day when he told reporters, "Those kids in Parkland came up to see me when I was vice president," while describing members of Congress ducking meetings with the students. Biden did meet with a group of Parkland survivors in 2018, but he did so after he left office. Another mass shooting -- in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut -- took place while Biden served as vice president. A spokeswoman for Biden, Kate Bedingfield, on Sunday tweeted a link to a story about Biden meeting with the Parkland students in 2018, writing: "Wouldn't it be nice to have a president who consoles Americans in their time of need so often that he sometimes mistakes the timing? But even more so, wouldn't it be nice to have a president who will actually fight to prevent these tragedies?" The verbal stumble wasn't Biden's only misstep in Iowa, where a recent poll shows he maintains a lead over the rest of the Democratic field. Days prior, Biden said "poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids" -- which his campaign noted was an error he immediately corrected. He was speaking to a group of Hispanic and Asian voters in Iowa on Thursday when he said: "We have this notion that somehow if you're poor you cannot do it. Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids -- wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids. No, I really mean it, but think how we think about it." "They can do anything that anybody else can do, given a shot," Biden later added. On Saturday, Biden told reporters that people understood what he'd meant. Last week in Iowa, Biden also initially confused former British prime ministers Margaret Thatcherand Theresa May during a speech in which he recounted the international backlash to President Donald Trump's reaction to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. May was prime minister at the time, but while Biden appeared to immediately realize his mistake, he did not go on to name May. And during his soapbox speech at the Iowa State Fair, Biden also bungled his "we choose truth over lies" line, and said instead: "We choose truth over facts." I still contend he was put there just to take some of the momentum away from Sanders.......
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    much love to 2 boosters over the weekend: @kingtut @slicer28
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    Yes they could get hurt, kidnapped.....I suppose it's possible they could be abducted by aliens (the outer space kind) as well. As I have often said, you can't protect your kids from life, ultimately it will kill them. After waiting in line for what seemed like hours at the pharmacy to pick up a script for my wife Saturday, and not being about to not overhear the customer in front of us and the discussion with the pharmacist over a Vitamin D supplement.....here's a thought, skip the supplement and just go outside and play.
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    No fan of the Clintons in any way shape or form, but........
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    Even though they ended my playing days, I do like to see them do well. We have ended their seasons more, so we were due. Be nice to see them and Heritage get back to the glory days.
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    Pike Central's coach told me yesterday he thought he would end up with 30 kids. I'm not sure what they normally have but hopefully this will keep DT from circling Petersburg.
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    I make judgment calls all the time. I get it.
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    Bottom line, it's not your sandbox. They don't have to justify anything.
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    I believe the bottom line is there have been many mass shootings and nothing has been done. I am not saying make a new law, but that is an option. There has been no increase in security measures done by the government. Trying something is better than doing nothing!
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    your post and meme had nothing to do with the shooting in El Paso, and certainly nothing to do with the shooting in Dayton, that conveniently is left out of the discussion...........
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    Maybe because he shot 8 Mexicans and not people related to the other stuff he was babbling about.
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    That's your opinion. If calling these terrorist POS's "angry" versus "sick" makes you feel better, more power to you. Bottom line is that 2 idiot snowflakes who obviously couldn't deal with life today picked up weapons, used them unlawfully and murdered a bunch of innocent people. Neither you nor I, nor any politician did it. And (IMHO) no new law except someway of being able to predict behavior could have prevented it.
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    A war with Iran will be the official 'distraction of the week" should this link between Mr. Trump and Mr. Epstein get some real legs........
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    https://reason.com/2019/08/12/china-exports-its-panopticon/ It is chilling. How long before forms of this technology are used for certain brown immigrants to the United States of America, of course under the guise of 'stability maintenance'? But then again I bet England does it first, if it already hasn't down so.
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    You said last week you had a shotgun.
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    No. Didn't try to find it either. I didn't read the Unabomber's either. He didn't use a gun, though, so I can't bring him up on a mass shooting thread. Police are supposed to tell the truth, I don't think they were lying or politicizing.
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    Concise writing should be your friend. The word "old" can be construed several different ways in your original statement. It's certainly an old gun. Did you always use the over, or the under portion? Or did you flip-flop?
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    Most memes are. Those that take them seriously are also.
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    Yes sir, Mr. Grammar Nazi sir. But perhaps you could have actually asked me if I still owned said gun before making yet another nitpicking statement. I used both the shotgun and the rifle. Hunted for squirrel and rabbit with the shotgun, mainly target shot with the rifle.
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    He killed Mexicans, not environmentalists or those advocating a universal minimum wage. You can try to deflect and be obtuse but he went to kill Mexicans and was clearly influenced by our very terrific Prez.
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    https://reason.com/2019/08/11/illinois-is-the-canary-in-the-pension-coal-mine-says-adam-schuster/#comments The state of Illinois is pretty much waiting for a federal government bailout at this point. And because of Chicago they will probably get it. How nice to make all Americans pay for bad decisions of Illinois.
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    No way...undefeated conference champs who “didn’t have their best game” in sectional. We will relish the underdog status!!
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    The shooting in El Paso went for almost 20 minutes before police were able to subdue the shooter who then surrendered. The shooting in Dayton ended within 1 minute with the shooter getting shot killed. One could follow the silly narrative that Walmart is supposedly a "gun free" zone, so the shooter was already breaking one law right there, and since this was a "gun free" zone, he felt safe enough to carry out his acts of terror. Ditto for the Dayton shooter with the exception of a "gun free" zone, and given there was a "good guy with a gun" who ended the rampage before it really got going..... What would have happened to an armed civilian had he dropped the El Paso shooter in "Gun Free" zone? What is the answer to stopping these senseless acts? A group of doctors are attempting to find an answer http://www.drsforamerica.org/issues/gun-violence-research-ban but needs congress to let the CDC research gun violence. Maybe the AMA will allow more exposure to individual's mental health issues, but SF doesn't know if that is the right direction either..... SF hasn't started carrying his handgun again, yet....... I don't know. I know I am tired of having my flag lowered to half staff......
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    School Choice Increases Earnings in Colombia: https://www.cato.org/blog/school-choice-increases-earnings-colombia 16 people are talking about this The research team, led by Stanford University’s Eric Bettinger, found that winning a lottery to use a voucher to attend a private school in 6th grade increased earnings by 8 percent overall and 11 percent for females by the time the students reached around 33 years of age. In other words, it looks like school choice could help close the gender wage gap in Colombia. The program also increased adult earnings by 17 percent for students who applied to vocational schools. Higher earnings should be enough to demonstrate this voucher program’s success. But don’t drop the mic just yet. The study also found that winning the voucher lottery reduced the likelihood of having a child as a teenager by 18 percent. Voucher lottery winners were also 17 percent more likely to complete secondary school on time and 13 percent more likely to enroll in tertiary education than the control group. The authors also reported that these long-run gains “occur at a low or possibly negative cost to taxpayers,” implying the program has a positive return on investment. We should consider all relevant outcomes when evaluating any education policy, especially since families don’t want schools solely focusing on standardized tests. Families want schools to help their children succeed in life. And it looks like private schools in Colombia are doing just that.
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