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    Look, if you're going to post a thread, no matter how right, or in this case wrong you might be, at least make sure your potential title games could actually happen.
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    Your 3A state game would actually be the Sectional 28 championship game..... LOL #IHSAA
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    Frankton HS walked off the field after a sectional loss in 2013 with 23 in uniform. With the start of the 2019 season in 2 days they will take the field with 64. New Coaches , Principal and Board members have made Football relevant and fun again. Not bad numbers for a 2A school.
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    6A: Carmel over Brownsburg 5A: New Palestine over Valparaiso 4A: Mooresville over Marion 3A: West Lafayette over Gibson Southern 2A: Western Boone over Pioneer 1A: North Vermillion over South Adams
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    He’s the white trash trailer park version of those 2 LOL.
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    Friday night at the Persimmon Festival in Mitchell Indiana....................DUH
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    I am wondering though how the students reach this conclusion. Is it something you allow them to explore, or do you just tell them outright this is the way it is?
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    I'm not sure about you, but I'm not buying my insurance at this place in Terre Haute.
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    The important thing for everyone, especially in SAC is to get through regular season. Dwenger knows that they can compete but also knows never to underestimate any team. Look at last year with Dwenger, they played Fort Wayne Wayne first game of the season and blew them out of the water but watched Wayne go on to dominate other teams in the SAC and when we had to play them for the sectional championship it was a long hard fought battle. They were a force to be reckoned with. It’s hard to even just watch the scrimmages and tell what teams are going to be good because they don’t necessarily play their starters then. No one will really know until come game time this coming Friday.
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    Must be more than just people judging his abilities. I think as of today’s date he has zero offers. again, a great high school RB. Phenomenal??? Most phenomenal athletes get offers. JMO
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    Are we just going to overlook last year's defending 6A champion Warren Central? If the Warriors can get their offense going, look out!!!! Anything is possible with Dub C.
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    I was on the can when I wrote this
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    I guess I'm just getting old and forgot that this was going on here in Indiana. Just ignore me. I'm losing it.
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    I have faith too. I said guess, because nobody knows who has what till after tonight. See ya at the game.
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    Had two good downfield blocks by the QB on one of those long runs... LOL
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    Laville over Bremen, 21-14 Pioneer over Cass, 30-28 Culver over North Judson, 28-21 South Central over Triton, 28-14 Knox over Winamac, 35-7
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    Dumfries that’s the beauty of the SIAC. Evans is certainly a great player but the RB from there last year was as good if not better. Their OL and DL was arguably the best of any not 6A. I’d rather Evans be back then that OL and DL. SIAC is full of RBs that would have you saying, “have fun stopping him!” Case and point....Finn McCool ran up and down The Jewel like he owned it last year. I’m not sure he was in the top 3 or 4 backs in SIAC last year. Athletes all over the SIAC. Just ask Boonville about Bosse. A 1 win team that got smashed in SIAC took Boonville to the shed for 3 quarters.
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    Yours truly set the Highland school record with an 86 yard touchdown reception on that dump back in 1978. LOL
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    Until they stop making footballs the Linton Miners will play
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    In these years Cole Seifrig played RB for HH, which wasn't a bad decision by Coach Clayton I don't believe. I would agree with Jets on this one, Jade Winchell may have been the best wishbone QB there, Jay liked to throw it too much. I often wonder why a team like Southridge, and there use of multiple backs, didn't ever introduce the wishbone more with all their different running formations?? Not saying they needed too, good lord they have been successful, but having to game prep for the Bone too!!
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    Pancol is at Duke and should see the field as a freshman WR from what I've heard. So many of these games are toss-ups, especially on opening night when we know nothing about the teams. Aside from Elwood and MG (losing), any of these teams could win or lose Friday night.
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    No Caleb Murphy of WW is committed to IU. Bobby Stevens is the RB at WW. He will probably rush for 2,000 yards this season.
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    Actually, I think the PC QB is really good so not knocking him. If there were a conference pre-season offensive player of the year, It's Bobby Stevens. And I don't really think it's close.
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    The Patriot Dogs are pretty damn good....just sayin'!
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    And another thing: Perry is gonna be good this year. I think they have the best player in the conference in their QB, and a ton of experience coming back. It seems like folks are high on West wash, and that week 7 could be a slobber knocker......maybe a repeat in sectionals. Just never sure about west wash......they won a couple of sectionals against down opponents over the years, but Perry looks to have the edge on them in 2019. Now, I’ll brace for impact, ha!
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    Still? That I do not know. Up until 2015, we at KV did under then HFB Coach, Brad Stewart. As @hhpatriot04 says, "The 16 Blast (line follows FOIL blocking scheme, TE seals first backer inside of him, FB/playside RB blast the DE, playside RB takes another playside backer/SS/Rover, and the QB has three running lanes (over the DE's face, a slight inside cut between the DT and DE, or one-one-one in space against a corner back. QB has a reverse pivot, giving the backside RB two steps to get in front of the QB." At KV, we ran something very similar to this (our's was 34 blast w/ slightly differing blocking rules). Our 1st game as a staff together, we ran 34 blast something like 30-40 times. Our RB had something over 300 yards rushing (maybe closer to 400) and we never threw the ball once. We prevailed 49-39. That was one of my all time favorite games to coach.
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    I coach middle school football. Our middle school has about 330 kids give or take. I have 42 kids combined on the two teams (7th and 8th grade). For simplicity's sake, lets assume half the 330 are boys (165), That means I have about 25% of the male population playing football for me.
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    Not real sure about that one!! All I know is that I raised by some dude named Mowgli..............and he warned me about those Titans!!!
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    As it turned out, he was fortunate that he was drafted in the second round, rather than the first. So, the Cowboys only had control of him for 4 years instead of 5. And they’re saving the franchise tag for Zeke.
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    I have told kids to skip the GS game this year, go on vacation, fake an injury, jury duty......anything!!! I mean for goodness sake you guys want pay back on Memorial!!! Our boys might get hurt in a game like that!!
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    Although I think Cass will have a good team this year the historic stats do show this will be another Panther win. They have to many weapons for the Kings to overcome.
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    My Guess for the winners are Dwenger, Carroll, Snider, Homstead and Concordia.
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    Read into it what you personally choose. It's a part of History that isn't taught in schools. Parents have had to be History teachers at home if they want their children to know the true history of slavery in the United States. Other than the whitewashed version at least.
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    https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/aug/20/joe-biden-recalls-mlk-bobby-kennedy-assassinations/ Remember the line “if you can remember the 1960s, you weren’t really there”? It got support Tuesday from the Democratic presidential front-runner, born 1942. According to a video posted by the Republican National Committee “war room,” former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, campaigning in Iowa on Tuesday, placed two of the 1960s most iconic events — the weeks-apart assassinations of Robert Kennedy and the Rev. Martin Luther King — in the wrong decade. “When Bobby Kennedy and Dr. King had been assassinated in the 70s, the late 70s when I got engaged,” he said in the run-up to making a point about how times have changed. Mr. Biden did at least place his engagement in the right decade — he married first wife Neilia Hunter in 1966. And he is the top democrat?
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    Yorktown just started a new Youth Football program that has 200 kids in it's first year. Some kids played at a nearby league last year but many came from soccer and had never played prior to this year. Football is not dying. Football as we once knew it is no longer around but the sport itself is still going strong.
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    This article is a year old. Please add something to make it relevant to conversation in 2019, or it will be deleted.
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    This isn't the first reaction by a typical law-abiding gun owner to a shooting. Period. Your assumption that it is SUCKS.
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    I guess it’s exciting there are now more Cathedral posters other than PHJ, WrestlingGuy, and myself.....yikes what a mess. I’ll admit I don’t follow the program as much as I used too, but a former teammate and friend who is on staff tells me the sophomore class is going to be special when it’s all said and done. As always with Cathedral, they play a loaded non-conference that should help come tourney time so long as they stay healthy which has proven costly more than once. Excited for the season to start.
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    I'm sure this is a relief for most everyone.
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    Had to guess on 3a and 2a where people were going unfortunately, let me change that to chatard over whoever no never mind that will be the unofficial state final then
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    It's a downright shame this one needs to be updated.
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    Your assumption that a meme reflects the exact views of the person posting it SUCKS. Enter the modern world dude! It's memes! In any case, the meme doesn't mention "typical law-abiding gun owner" nor does it mention gun owners at all. Triggered much?
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    Yes, he did. Your continued disparaging remarks of a dead man who knew more about history and government than you obviously every will is duly noted. Do you teach your students that the founders fathers were in effect arch-villains? What is your true history of slavery in the United States, gonzo?
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    True. You have/are probably going to receive far more from the ponzi scheme than you ever paid in.
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    6a: center grove beating out penn 5a: dwenger over bloomington south 4a: Evansville central over who knows now that the rest of the competition is in 5a 3a: bishop chatard over west Lafayette 2a: eastbrook over Evansville mater dei 1a: me for not watching
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