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    Look, if you're going to post a thread, no matter how right, or in this case wrong you might be, at least make sure your potential title games could actually happen.
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    Your 3A state game would actually be the Sectional 28 championship game..... LOL #IHSAA
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    At least DT and Muda are educated trolls. This is a whole 'nother level.
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    Frankton HS walked off the field after a sectional loss in 2013 with 23 in uniform. With the start of the 2019 season in 2 days they will take the field with 64. New Coaches , Principal and Board members have made Football relevant and fun again. Not bad numbers for a 2A school.
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    I have summer scrimmage film that says differently, but hey, What do I know???
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    As part of its ambitious “1619” inquiry into the legacy of slavery, The New York Times revives false 19th century revisionist history about the American founding.: https://reason.com/2019/08/21/the-founders-were-flawed-the-nation-is-imperfect-the-constitution-is-still-a-glorious-liberty-document/ Agreed. Methinks this New York Times series is but another effort to popularize and push reparations on the general public. As one of the comments to this commentary states: "Let’s not be deceived about the real purpose of this series: There is a presidential election in fifteen months, the incumbent president is a Republican, the Democrats lost the last presidential election because African-American voters did not turn out in the numbers they did in 200 and 2012, and the Democrats and their allies in the media are bound and determined not to let that happen again. Thus, the incessant drumbeat about racism, white supremacy, reparations, and the legacy of slavery. Which is not to say that the incumbent Republican president doesn’t play into their hands by providing constant fodder for his opponents. But there clearly is a reason this “1619 Project” was not published during the Obama years."
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    6A: Carmel over Brownsburg 5A: New Palestine over Valparaiso 4A: Mooresville over Marion 3A: West Lafayette over Gibson Southern 2A: Western Boone over Pioneer 1A: North Vermillion over South Adams
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    He’s the white trash trailer park version of those 2 LOL.
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    Friday night at the Persimmon Festival in Mitchell Indiana....................DUH
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    RCHS in 2014 had State Offensive Total Yards record. THANKS NEW PAL 2015!!! Meanies!!!!
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    I'm going to say since WW has a Big Ten commit on their roster, they have the best player in the conference.
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    I remember vividly a certain game where KV ran for 634 yards on the ground and their RB had well over 200. Yea, that one left a mark. OL Coach Ellenwood had his peacock feathers out on that night, rightfully so!!
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    I am wondering though how the students reach this conclusion. Is it something you allow them to explore, or do you just tell them outright this is the way it is?
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    I'm not sure about you, but I'm not buying my insurance at this place in Terre Haute.
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    The important thing for everyone, especially in SAC is to get through regular season. Dwenger knows that they can compete but also knows never to underestimate any team. Look at last year with Dwenger, they played Fort Wayne Wayne first game of the season and blew them out of the water but watched Wayne go on to dominate other teams in the SAC and when we had to play them for the sectional championship it was a long hard fought battle. They were a force to be reckoned with. It’s hard to even just watch the scrimmages and tell what teams are going to be good because they don’t necessarily play their starters then. No one will really know until come game time this coming Friday.
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    Are we just going to overlook last year's defending 6A champion Warren Central? If the Warriors can get their offense going, look out!!!! Anything is possible with Dub C.
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    Laville over Bremen Cass over Pioneer Culver over North Judson South Central over Triton Knox over Winamac Contrary to popular belief, I think Cass will have the two best football players (not athletes) on the field come Friday night when they square off with Pioneer. If he plays, The Eurit kid is a tough and athletic runner. Good made some incredible plays at wideout last Friday. I can't wait for the matchup between him and one of the Lewellen boys at Corner. Even though I picked Cass to win, whoever wins the turnover battle will come out of this as the Sectional 34 front-runner. Tomorrow night can't come soon enough!
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    Is it just me or does that look exactly like Father Guido Sarduci?
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    Had two good downfield blocks by the QB on one of those long runs... LOL
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    Monrovia, 6,368 yds in a season, i remember that! Could've been even more then that if they had played starters longer in some games! Yikes! What a team that was!
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    Pancol is at Duke and should see the field as a freshman WR from what I've heard. So many of these games are toss-ups, especially on opening night when we know nothing about the teams. Aside from Elwood and MG (losing), any of these teams could win or lose Friday night.
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    Actually, I think the PC QB is really good so not knocking him. If there were a conference pre-season offensive player of the year, It's Bobby Stevens. And I don't really think it's close.
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    In short, the 40 second clock is awesome and if you don't like it you're wrong!.....just kidding, but in my opinion the 40 second clock has proved to be a better option and no one is worse for wear. I'm glad it's the standard now. To go back would almost feel like regression.
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    And another thing: Perry is gonna be good this year. I think they have the best player in the conference in their QB, and a ton of experience coming back. It seems like folks are high on West wash, and that week 7 could be a slobber knocker......maybe a repeat in sectionals. Just never sure about west wash......they won a couple of sectionals against down opponents over the years, but Perry looks to have the edge on them in 2019. Now, I’ll brace for impact, ha!
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    Still? That I do not know. Up until 2015, we at KV did under then HFB Coach, Brad Stewart. As @hhpatriot04 says, "The 16 Blast (line follows FOIL blocking scheme, TE seals first backer inside of him, FB/playside RB blast the DE, playside RB takes another playside backer/SS/Rover, and the QB has three running lanes (over the DE's face, a slight inside cut between the DT and DE, or one-one-one in space against a corner back. QB has a reverse pivot, giving the backside RB two steps to get in front of the QB." At KV, we ran something very similar to this (our's was 34 blast w/ slightly differing blocking rules). Our 1st game as a staff together, we ran 34 blast something like 30-40 times. Our RB had something over 300 yards rushing (maybe closer to 400) and we never threw the ball once. We prevailed 49-39. That was one of my all time favorite games to coach.
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    I coach middle school football. Our middle school has about 330 kids give or take. I have 42 kids combined on the two teams (7th and 8th grade). For simplicity's sake, lets assume half the 330 are boys (165), That means I have about 25% of the male population playing football for me.
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    Not real sure about that one!! All I know is that I raised by some dude named Mowgli..............and he warned me about those Titans!!!
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    You had to have been the youngest child.
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    I have told kids to skip the GS game this year, go on vacation, fake an injury, jury duty......anything!!! I mean for goodness sake you guys want pay back on Memorial!!! Our boys might get hurt in a game like that!!
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    Although I think Cass will have a good team this year the historic stats do show this will be another Panther win. They have to many weapons for the Kings to overcome.
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    Smith was the only one who was smart about his contract of the big names currently in Dallas. Reports are saying the cowboys have offered top 5 contracts (by position) to zeke dak smith and I believe cooper too but that may be for this next offseason. Jaylon only had to negotiate a little and was happy so the deal was done in 10 days. Meanwhile zeke is holding out for more money and dak apparently wants 40 million a year instead of 30. good on Jaylon for keeping his goals within the same goals of the cowboys organization.
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    I believe if numbers are down it had to do with soft parents, coaches who do not teach proper tackling and schools who do not have a good feeder system! Alexandria of all schools was one of the worst 10-12 years ago. Got some good coaches in at the youth and high school level. Now an average size 2a school puts out 50-60 h.s. kids each year. Do your proper homework before you write an article!
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    Read into it what you personally choose. It's a part of History that isn't taught in schools. Parents have had to be History teachers at home if they want their children to know the true history of slavery in the United States. Other than the whitewashed version at least.
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    https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/aug/20/joe-biden-recalls-mlk-bobby-kennedy-assassinations/ Remember the line “if you can remember the 1960s, you weren’t really there”? It got support Tuesday from the Democratic presidential front-runner, born 1942. According to a video posted by the Republican National Committee “war room,” former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, campaigning in Iowa on Tuesday, placed two of the 1960s most iconic events — the weeks-apart assassinations of Robert Kennedy and the Rev. Martin Luther King — in the wrong decade. “When Bobby Kennedy and Dr. King had been assassinated in the 70s, the late 70s when I got engaged,” he said in the run-up to making a point about how times have changed. Mr. Biden did at least place his engagement in the right decade — he married first wife Neilia Hunter in 1966. And he is the top democrat?
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    I would argue with you about the 2000 Attica seniors being the best group of seniors the WRC has ever had. The 2004 Seeger seniors went 51-3 during their career, and most of them majorly contributed to that record as freshmen. Call me biased but that's my counter to your statement. There has always been a stigma about the WRC not having teams being able to run deep in the tournament due to lack of competition in the conference. I had family who played football at Seeger and for other WRC teams in the late 70's through late 80's who heard the same thing being said. I heard it when I went to Seeger in the late 90's-early 2000's. That statement will never change. And though other conferences in 1A have sent a team here and there in the last 19 years to the state championship, none have been as consistent as the WRC. 8 times out of 19 is not bad. The only other conference to make multiple appearances would be the Hoosier with 7 (Sheridan for 4, LCC for 3 when they were Hoosier members). You can argue the number of runner up finishes, and how badly some of those teams were overmatched, but it wasn't like they beat all WRC teams to reach the Dome/Oil Can.
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    OH MY GOD ITS DYING GUYS!!!!! ITS DYYYYYIIIINNGGGG. Come on man this horse has been beaten into glue.
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    It will be a special class, just like the senior class now is full of talent and will be very good. Their sophomore year they had maybe 3 guys rotating on varsity and now kids who were unheard of are becoming great for this team. Excited for this year and what cathedral has for all the fans to see. tough schedule but that is nothing new to Cathedral community. GO IRISH!
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    Gonna try to stick to what I "think" I know and preview some central Indiana contests weekly and would love for others to chime in. I think these are still the two premier conferences in the state of Indiana and there are some intriguing matchups in week 1. I am not much of an X's and O's guy so I'll spare you some made up analysis that makes me sound like I know what I am talking about. Ben Davis @ Brownsburg Could we officially see a changing of the guard as to which purple clad squad runs the west side? If so, I think this is the year as Brownsburg should field its best team in school history (no offense to the 1980s) whereas BD is still finding an identity under second year coach Jason Simmons. Both teams return a lot from 2018 but I think that experience is sometimes an overrated statistic, specifically in BD's case as their D was a screen door at times last year. Gimme Brownsburg 37-30. Pike @ Zionsville Obviously an intriguing coaching matchup in this one but one coach (Turnquist at ZV) is walking into a much better position. I see Zionsville as a mid-tier HCC squad and Pike as a bottom feeder in the MIC (nothing to be ashamed of). This one surprised me last year as Pike prevailed but not this time. Gimme Zionsville 23-17. Harrison (West Lafayette) at Westfield Don't know a ton about either team but I believe both are trending upward. Gimme the 'Rocks at home 20-14. Indianapolis Cathedral @ Noblesville Noblesville HAS to find offense somewhere as their D was elite last season. I expect this one to be a low-scoring battle but expect the Irish to prevail. Gimme 16-10 Cathedral. Decatur Central @ Franklin Central Decatur Central will undoubtedly take a step back from 2018 but not too far. Franklin Central is still searching for an identity in the HCC and will have a long season if they don't find answers. They'll hang for a while but gimme the Hawks 27-17. Avon vs Columbus North A GREAT matchup at Lucas Oil Stadium as the Bless brothers go at it. This will be an intriguing one as both teams should have great 2019 campaigns. The Orioles have just a but more talent so I'll take them 23-17. Lawrence Central @ Hamilton Southeastern This one should also be a treat as both teams are trying to put disappointing 2018 seasons behind them. Rodenburg at LC has now had a full year to acclimate to central Indiana football and I expect a breakthrough season from LC. I'll take the Bears on the road 28-20. Lawrence North @ Perry Meridian Was a bit surprised to see the Falcons receive votes in 6A and I appreciate the fact that Lawrence North has given Coach Mallory a long leash to build his program despite taking its lumps in the MIC. I think the Wildcats are on the verge of a breakthrough though it may not show up in many win columns. I'll take them here 34-21. North Central (Indy) vs Fishers I've mentioned in other topics on this forum the job that O'Shea has done at NC is nothing short of remarkable. Though the loss of Liam Thompson will hurt the Panthers, I still think they have the goods to get it done here and compete in the middle of the MIC. North Central 34-17. Center Grove @ Warren Central This is the game of the week without a doubt. I am torn on this one. The QB situation at Warren Central makes me nervous as they were forced into making a late switch so I expect to see Wells taking some snaps at wildcat as a change of pace (this was mentioned by their head coach in the Indy Star). You know what you are getting with CG. A heavy dose of Carson Steele and sound football. The loser of this one will have already dug themselves a hole in the MIC. Gimme CG in a close one 27-23. Carmel @ Louisville Trinity (KY) Trinity is coming off of a 7-7 season and returns just 9 starters back from 2018. They did surprise some folks in dominating a legitimate 5A powerhouse in Frederick Douglas in their scrimmage Friday night. I feel like Carmel will have a chip on their shoulder from 2017 where they were steamrolled by Trinity. Call it Hoosier bias but gimme the Hounds' 20-16. What say you?
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    I'm sure this is a relief for most everyone.
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