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    Hey @PLAC FAN , did you happen to catch the score of the Brownstown/Corydon game by chance?
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    Highland, Indiana, the town that spawned the greatest troll in gridiron digest history and the GM who ruined Andrew Luck’s career.
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    Lew Wallace Jr. High (Brookville) 7th Grade - “Ticks” Lew Wallace Jr. High (Brookville) 8th Grade - “Fleas” Unfortunately “Tapeworm” and “Maggot” must have been taken. PS - IO, check the time stamp on this post.
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    The one thing I would change is do not start the running clock until the 4 quarter. Other sports that have some kind of mercy rule does not start until at least 2/3 of the game had been the played My other thought would be say 49 points at any time during the game or 35 in the 4th quarter to start the running clock and you can not start using the running clock during the middle of the quarter unless it is the in the 4 quarter
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    I would say having your backups take a knee 3 times and punt the ball starting in the second quarter might possibly be just a tad bit more demeaning than having them play the game out.
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    What’s going on this week with that? I don’t know which threads to type my nonsense into lol
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    I I like like double double talk talk
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    So... The gaffes Biden makes bad..but silence when trump said there was air ports in the 1700s.
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    This week will be interesting. Id say Caston is more improved this year then last but still have a long way to go. Ill say NJ 38.. Caston 12. Culver had quite a few turnovers last week against the Jays. South Central made a nice comeback against Triton but missed a field goal? To win it. Culver should fix the turnover issues and ride King, Stevens and Dittmire. I think Culver wins 33-14. Knox is big, pretty athletic and has some good playmakers. In the scrimmage Rochester didn't look very good and had a tough time stopping the pass. Short, McIntire and #37 are gonna eat. Rochester still doesn't have Jackson yet. Knox 48. Rochester 6. Triton almost blew their decent size lead against SC. LaVille has tons of playmakers. Watts, Doyle, Dill, Pope, battchelor? And Czarnecki. Triton had some guys back but had to replace a lot. I really like the McIntyre kid and the other Shumphert. Im still taking the Lancers. LaVille 34. Triton 13. Pioneer and Winamac. They lost Jack Kiser, Danny Gregorich and Connor Walker. Three studs. They lost some other quality kids too. Im sure Ezra and Addai will continue to carry some of the load and im sure as the season goes along Von Toble will look better and better at QB. Wireman is another nice weapon in the backfield. Mersch at WR and James at TE will do fine in expanded roles. The offensive line took some major blows with Schnuraple and Gaumer going down then lost Beckley last game. Heard Schurnaple is done for the year, hope Gaumer and Beckley can be ok for this week. They'll still work the kinks out as will Winamac but the Panthers backfield is too explosive. Ill say 35-6..
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    If Arians is accurate about Luck's excitement to play just last season, and given Luck's performance last year, I can only surmise his health has to be a major concern. Just hope the young man has an incredible long, happy life.
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    Where is everyone at this weekend? East hosts Columbus North.
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    I was actually being facetious. Typed it in between appointments and didn’t make that clear. I’m well aware that your school does not run up the score. Have a lot of respect for your program. @PLAC FAN amused me last week with some of his posts, that is why I responded as I did.
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    I stand corrected. There has been 1 renovation to the current HH high school since 1965.
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    No games should be close this Friday. NJ Culver Knox Pioneer LaVille all by at least 21 points
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    It was 43-0 at halftime after we let time expire with all 3 timeouts left on the 1 yard line. First half we had 250 yards, they had -12. We started subbing in 3rd quarter. Final score was 43-14.
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    I hope we can put some points up on a 1st string offense this week. It would have been 70 to nothing had Memorial kept their starters in. Hopefully with a loss like last week and this being the last meeting with SR we can put something together. I know SR has their woes too with a new QB and some turners against Linton, but they were still able to battle back to win. Should be a good game.
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    Slicers - I feel sorry for your golf team 🤣
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    Mooresvillle is coming out of the south!
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    Got it boss...will report everyone for everything 😉
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    I'm lying low in the weeds planning my sneak attack for the end of the season.
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    Thanks @Donnie Baker BOOSTER IGNITED!!
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    Skol 'tucky The South will rise again. I-65view
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    he did the same at Lawrence Central. Look at them before and after...
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    Give me Vincennes North Posey THN Southridge Bosse
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    I know bopping around Twittersvere leading up to GameDay, there was a lot of week 1 Military Appreciation games. I know South Newton and North Newton did one, and I saw at least 3 others but forget the schools off top of my head. Cool story for our Band, Mr. Cornelison spent the entire 1st quarter in their cheer block for the band and hung out with them watching the game and doing there thing. 😎
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    While it's perfectly understandable to feel like you gave one away, people (Miner fans especially) tend to forget the Raiders didn't play anywhere NEAR flawless either. 2 trips inside the Miner 5 YARD LINE in the first half and didn't convert either for TD's. That 12-7 halftime score could/should have been very easily 20-7 or 26-7, then we're talking a different tune here. Both teams played hard, both teams made LOTS of mistakes. Time for week 2 - best of luck to the Miners the rest of the way.
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    Wonders how good Lafayette Jeff is this year. Are they suppose to be better than last year? From what I hear, the team that beat them (Carmel) is also improved from last year. Snider.........better than last year. Homestead............better than last year. Where does that leave Penn? Fifth in the North? How good is Valpo (whipped Penn)? If Penn is the 5th best team in the north, that would be a first in several decades.
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    Those teams should be ashamed of themselves. I assume you will start a petition to take that state title trophy away from West Lafayette. Be sure to take away Snider's 2015 trophy when they beat New Pal 64-61. Or should we just put these teams on the Contraction List that always pops up around here?
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    Took them awhile to get the run game going but they looked pretty good for week 1. Actually thought Bremen would be better but they lost a ton, so I guess that’s to be expected. Conference will be between LaVille Knox and Pioneer. Should be exciting!!
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    We will likely see these two meet again...should be another classic.
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    6 quarter rule as written is awful for small schools who still run 3 teams like Rensselaer Central the term "sub varsity" is gross and kills our Freshman and JV teams reps. For instance. This week, instead of being able to use our Freshman for 1 quarter of JV ball as deemed fit, we cannot and have to save them for their 4 quarters of Freshman game on Thursday so they do not go over the "4 quarter of Sub Varsity play" Used to be 5 quarters a week. Took a quarter away from JV/Freshman teams who share players. I voiced this concern in May of last year to IHSAA, IFOA again this past week. Its hard enough to find reps for freshman kids when so many teams in our area do not run 3 teams, we feel strongly that playing 3 full teams gives our kids competition and learn how to compete and work on their reps. We will make it work legally, it's unfortunate. But I could play a sophomore kid this week who played the entire 2nd half of a close game on Friday, 4 quarters on JV this Monday. however he played exactly 3 total plays in the 2nd quarter when we had a player get set off because he was dry heaving. So now he can play 1 quarter on Monday instead of 4 because of 3 plays........... Riddle me that one.
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    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.... if youre good enough to run up the score that fast and early you are good enough to have those seniors rotate in throughout the game. There is absolutely no reason that a powerhouse team cannot play their 2s/3s earlier on in the game if they are that much better. If a team has a blowout going and they have one of their top guys get a cramp or something they usually just put in the depth guy anyways. Happened last night for Gibson Southern. Teams who say they need the clock to play their guys in blowouts are the ones doing a disservice to their players and the program. Not the IHSAA.
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    It's actually a really good rule.
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    Beech Grove 22 Lutheran 27 Final
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    Absolutely we will Good win tonight for you guys. So much respect for Gaddis and the East program over here in Bedford. We are headed in the absolute right direction over here. 36 Freshmen out and the 8th grade class is loaded too. Weber knows how to build a program.
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    Obviously this guy..... I am hearing The Hitmen.... I will show myself out.
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    Any SW Indiana fans know the meaning behind Alices for Vincennes? I'm a big fan of nicknames that hold meaning to an area. Speedway Sparkplugs (Pretty Obvious) Whiting Oilers (massive Oil Refinery on Lake Michigan in Whiting) Hobart Brickies (I've heard there used to be a large brickyard in Hobart) Floyd Central Highlanders (I'm guessing it has to do with being on high ground overlooking the Ohio River and Kentucky Noblesville Millers (Old Mill plant in Noblesville) LaPorte Slicers (Meat Slicing Manufacturer)
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    I do. I think the Warriors are that good. They should name the 6A tournament the MIC Shootout...
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    I also must feel bad for Bloomington North, Carroll, and New Prairie High Schools because whenever somebody says "Go Cougars", a bunch of horny old broads with hyper libidos hit the field...
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    Although I really appreciate the glance into Rodney’s life, I find Class A games just as entertaining as the bigger classes. These kids lay it all out and fight like hell. In most cases, no D-1 scholarships will be awarded. They play for the love of the game, nothing better than that...
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    Your 3A state game would actually be the Sectional 28 championship game..... LOL #IHSAA
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    He is going to be the best player on the field almost everytime he's out there... He needs the ball...
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    SHEESH Nothing like getting the heat from the alumni base before game 1 has even been played. Sounds like you are auditioning for a spot on staff!!! If this Shidler kid is tough hard nosed kid, wouldn't you want him UP FRONT to BLOCK so that the RB can gain positive yards? What good would it be if this kid was in the backfield and the next guy up is not good enough to block??
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