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    If there is one thing I have learned in my time of following GID and then joining the forum it is this: it is incredibly shortsighted of me, having never played football, coached football, or officiated football to sit in the stands or stand on the sideline during the game and believe that my opinion or perspective of any particular play is the correct and absolute opinion or perspective. As to officiating I would ask how do you expect another human being to make 100’s if not 1000’s of split second decisions during the course of a game and get every one of them right. If we take the low number of 100 and say they miss 5 calls during a game. That is still a 95% success rate. I doubt any of us can claim that success rate on our daily tasks, yet we expect it of semi-volunteer people just like us every week. I hope we never put the underpaid individuals, that offer their time and physical strength to make this game as fair as it is, on a podium so we can question every call that we didn’t like. That would be the ultimate insult a real slap in the face. Players play, Coaches coach, Officials officiate, and Fans cheer. I’m a fan!
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    I feel like most people can agree with @Muda69 on this one....
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    It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. commonly attributed to Abraham Lincoln
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    This was one of the most surprising aspects to me when I started officiating. The first time you step on the field or court and have to watch the game differently you realize how little you know and how much you have to focus on the specific play. You don't care about the outcome of the play and just hope you can survive and not get hurt. The more you work the better you get but one thing that doesn't change is you don't care about the outcome of the play or game. It's also why the crew doesn't get excited at the end of a thrilling game. They are just plays and it doesn't matter the outcome.
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    If you are going to fire/suspend high school officials for incorrect calls you'll see an even larger shortage of officials. We are not D1 or NFL officials for a reason. We will make mistakes. None of them are intentional. I would recommend Potluck attend one of our weekly association meetings or attend a video review session with a crew or tag along with a crew on a Friday night. I bet his/her eyes would be opened wide.
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    I believe this is the philosophy of many crews. "Call the obvious", "make it be there", "whales not minnows" are a few of the phrases officials utilize in their pre-games. Safety fouls follow a different philosophy. However, there are those coaching staffs and fans who also voice their displeasure with the lack of flags thrown (against the other team of course).
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    Dog Gone It Warrior, you know its spelled WOLFS! Now get your head in the ball game!
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    I have seller's remorse now that the game is here: Wish we were going instead of taking the pay day. Oh well NOW THIS:
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    There one heck of a team and there well Coached!! Go Tigers beat Plymouth... I hope them english teachers at Warsaw teach them kids how to use "There"!! As you can tell I have yet to figure it out.
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    I became a basketball official after making the move back to the classroom from the AD role. I said my purpose in becoming an official was to help out at the younger levels, 5-6, 7-8, Frosh and JV. After doing this for 3 seasons, I have great respect for the officials who do varsity sports. I also have great respect for those doing it for a long time. Fans are completely disrespectful! I will gladly listen to a coach and to some extent a player, but when I hear it from fans, I don't go back. My goal is to help fill the official shortage, but $50-70 a night is not worth being yelled at or saying I screwed their team. I am reffing younger kids, I really don't care who wins. As far as accountability, I know the varsity and JV officials talk and ask each other questions in games and after games to make sure the rules, calls and technique is correct.
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    As if ANYONE needs another reason not to shop at Wal-Mart. Main reason I don’t shop there is too many people at the first of the month when I go to spend my hard earned Muda dollars.
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    After two weeks are we really putting much stock in the SAG ratings? I mean, I love the Raiders as much as anyone, but 24th in the state? Let's get real.... Also, SR has had plenty of post season success. I think they will be just fine playing small school and scheduling 4 others. HH and GS will be two of the 4.
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    I had to write an apology letter to Bloomington South after sectionals for what the student section did/said during one of the basketball games. My megaphone got taken from me the 3rd game of the football season. I loved getting out school on friday’s packing 6-8 deep in 2-3 different cars and rolling into other school parking lots at like 4:30 or earlier and watching all the other schools look at us like who the F are these guys 😂😂. Tailgates here B****** LOL
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    I have a hard time with Princeton going in the right direction. Princeton had back to back winning seasons and 3 out of the last 4 years with winning records under Coach Waylon Schenk. Coach Schenk is now trying to build North Posey thru some thin years. Princeton has gone 3-7 each of the last two years without Coach Schenk and are 0-2 to start this year. They have a chance to beat Washington this week but the rest of the year will be tough. 1-9 is possible.
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    I predicted on another website that of Brown and Bell, it would be Brown causing trouble before Bell would. They are both a couple of prima donnas and divas. Brown more so than Bell. This was too easy to predict. I can imagine the Steelers are sitting around somewhere just cracking up over this.
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    Couldn't have said it better, where as if Pike were to happen to shock the conference I am sure they would be very happy as a community!! Ala 1986!!!!!
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    Thanks mom. It won't happen again.
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    I coached for 13 years. Never once did I have an issue with a referee. There were times where I saw missed calls. There were calls I felt were wrong. But I knew that as a coach, the last thing that should truly impact our game was the officiating crew. If I as a coach could not be composed and focus on what our real job was, the players wouldn't either. I wish we could get that point across to our fans. I think the majority of officiating crews are self-accountable. They want to be the best and will work to do so. Every crew we had for the last several years wanted us to exchange our game film so they could review. I always felt that if you treated officials with the utmost respect, they would easily do the same for you and your team. We are already at a shortage point. Let's not do anything to make it worse. Thanks for all that everyone does.
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    We are possibly looking for a JV game this coming Monday 9/9.... please PM me with interest or if you know of someone interested. Also... we should start posting JV scores. this past Saturday... BC 27 CT20 (great game all around and a perfect day for football, to be fair... all days are perfect for football) We weren't able to play against Corydon's JV team the prior week because of rain? I think? Not sure. What are some other scores?
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    Not sure about Columbus North but Southport is a 4 year deal starting this year. At least we have weeks 7 and 8 to heal.
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    OK, way back in my day, in Basketball season WTTV 4 used to have the Tuesday night game of the week on TV. I think I was a junior and we played at Shelbyville. Not sure if we won or not, but our BS chant was clearly audible on the TV. One of my prouder moments in high school.
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    Not even sure HE can help you weeks 1, 2 & 4!!! If you needed some fish and bread maybe..........
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    I take my medicine like a champ here on the GID Don't forget to become a Booster today!! https://gridirondigest.net/clients/donations/1-2019-20-budget/
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    I feel that as long as the banter isn’t vulgar, prejudice, or making fun of a disability, then it should be ok.
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    OK, everyone knows my thoughts on cheerleading, but good on you MU Cheerleaders! Go Knights! http://www.muknights.com/article/6994?fbclid=IwAR3mWBL917QQB8hJLgfrQetCGbA9Yy3gedGEZgYdawc0XWFI41FSAfDIObw
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    I am excited for the Tigers. It's good to see the NLC get more and more competitive.
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    Newsflash! Democratic candidates to compete on special edition of Jeopardy!
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    He can block the wr as long as the wr is a potential blocker to him and the ball is not in the air
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    It's a game. Played by children.
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    I am curious as to how this "is showing this season". They lost to Lewis Cass by a score. 6 points. This is the current #3 AP, and #5 team in IFCA. You act like there is something wrong with the Panthers. Then they turned around and did Pioneer like things beating Winamac 50-0. I am sure LaVille is a good team. I am sure they have done good things. But, lets not go around in our first 2 weeks on the lovely GID, you can have more depth, but if your jimmy's and joe's aren't as good good as their first ones, you can only put 5 OL at the field at once!
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    From a football perspective, I agree that SB Schools as a whole are definitely one of the weaker links in the NIC. That being said, they are also some of the most competitive schools year in and year out in Basketball, Track, Swimming, Wrestling, Baseball, and even Cross Country. As a complete conference, there is little reason to see a team like New Prairie or even Mishawaka leave the NIC, (and from what I have heard many parents and boosters are not happy with the travel times and loss of rivalries). If Mishawaka had stayed, and you have the new Elkhart School, the NIC north would be as good as almost any conference top to bottom. The question is, how do Glenn, Jimtown, Clay, Washington, and Bremen consistently compete in more sports.
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    I'm with Fine Print and Marshall County here . . . Pioneer is the champ and will be the HNAC champ until determined otherwise. Pioneer-LaVille have played 5 times . . . Panthers won all five ... PHS outscored LaVille 244 to 40. A year ago, it was 66-19 at Pioneer, and a couple scores for LaVille did come off the pass. LaVille has been blown out. I recall the first time LaVille played Pioneer and Pioneer came running down the field on kick-off and LaVille players were not expecting the hard-nosed, physical play that the Panthers brought to the field. I saw the game on the internet. This is a 'program defining' game for LaVille. Right now, I see Pioneer by 3 scores. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
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    Just the way the cookie crumbles as for my voting Avon #1, Carmel loses week 1, they fall, WC drops a close one week 2, next up Avon
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    There is no foul in HS for breaking the huddle with 12. That's an NCAA (and possibly NFL) rule. The NFHS rule says that a replaced player must leave within 3 seconds of the substitute entering. The player becomes a substitute when he communicates with any player or gets into formation. If the 12th player enters the huddle just before they break and the replaced player leaves as part of that it's not a foul. The same applies to no huddle teams. If they are lingering for more than 3 seconds with 12 players the official could flag illegal substitution. Depending on how the different groups are lingering it may be tricky to get the count, but it should be easier with the offense. There is a separate requirement for all subs to get inside the 9-yard marks (usually marked by the top of the numbers) before the snap. It's mostly to prevent hide-out plays so most crews don't get that technical if the sub is matched up or obvious to the defense. Based on your description if there are more than 11 players lingering between the backs and receivers for more than 3 seconds they are gaining an advantage as you describe. It should be flagged. Depending on what else is happening there is no guarantee the officials are counting at that point. There are several other things they have to do between plays. I suggest pointing it out to the official on your sideline so he is at least more alert to it.
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    I appreciate that. While the overall reason we played the game because we literally couldn't find anyone else in four states that was a good fit to play a game with besides EMD, there were obviously other factors we considered. in spite the thrashing we took, the kids loved the experience including the traveling. I'd consider something like this every other year or so. Next year we have a one year contract with Mishawaka Marian Week 2 at our place. It's official but we haven't put it out there... until now!
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    Check out Warsaw High School senior kicker Harrison Mevis. #2 ranked high school kicker in he nation. This kid will be playing on Sunday’s in about 5 years.
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    Believe it or not, I’m tipping my cap to the Whiting Oilers. They’ve long been the most successful of the smaller “urban” schools in NW Indiana, but never got as far as they would have liked in the tourney. So, they are trying to upgrade their non-conference schedule. They traveled all the way to Evansville Saturday to play Mater Dei. They got waxed 52-16, but now those kids have a taste of what it is like on the next level. It will help them in the long run, and kudos to the program for being willing to take on such a formidable challenge.
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    I know you are joking, but you may not want to go there. At least that is what I was told growing up.
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    Americans Voice Growing Support for School Choice: https://reason.com/2019/09/03/americans-voice-growing-support-for-school-choice/ Real-life experience leaves quite a mark. Speaking of which, my family has considerable real-life experience with homeschooling, which was included in EducationNext polling only in 2017. I'm happy to say that this option also won approval. "Forty-five percent of respondents support the home-schooling option, with just 34% opposed," the organization reported. That said, a majority did want homeschoolers to seek school district approval, which would put us under the thumbs of our competitors. No, thanks. My family has chosen its independent education path because we are familiar with the public system, aren't impressed, and don't require either its services or its permission. But we're also fortunate in that we have the will and the resources to opt out and choose appropriate education options for our family. And obviously, we're not alone in looking for alternatives. As the EducationNext polling numbers show, Americans are ready to expand the range of options available to many more families so they, too, can choose education options that work for their kids.
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    So the best and the brightest deserve to be in a mixed classroom with the least likely? And please tell us all about the quality discipline in government schools.
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    I heard this sign was spotted near tiny Argos, along U.S. 31.
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