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    If there is one thing I have learned in my time of following GID and then joining the forum it is this: it is incredibly shortsighted of me, having never played football, coached football, or officiated football to sit in the stands or stand on the sideline during the game and believe that my opinion or perspective of any particular play is the correct and absolute opinion or perspective. As to officiating I would ask how do you expect another human being to make 100’s if not 1000’s of split second decisions during the course of a game and get every one of them right. If we take the low number of 100 and say they miss 5 calls during a game. That is still a 95% success rate. I doubt any of us can claim that success rate on our daily tasks, yet we expect it of semi-volunteer people just like us every week. I hope we never put the underpaid individuals, that offer their time and physical strength to make this game as fair as it is, on a podium so we can question every call that we didn’t like. That would be the ultimate insult a real slap in the face. Players play, Coaches coach, Officials officiate, and Fans cheer. I’m a fan!
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    I feel like most people can agree with @Muda69 on this one....
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    This has been printed and Posted at the Tennis Complex: The disrespect towards the racketted Bombers will be met with a fury of forehands that the Jays have not seen before. You've been warned
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    The whole idea of HS officials having to do media to hold themselves accountable is so asinine. We are talking HIGH SCHOOL here folks. HIGH SCHOOL
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    It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. commonly attributed to Abraham Lincoln
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    No.. he just told you the facts of what happened.
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    This was one of the most surprising aspects to me when I started officiating. The first time you step on the field or court and have to watch the game differently you realize how little you know and how much you have to focus on the specific play. You don't care about the outcome of the play and just hope you can survive and not get hurt. The more you work the better you get but one thing that doesn't change is you don't care about the outcome of the play or game. It's also why the crew doesn't get excited at the end of a thrilling game. They are just plays and it doesn't matter the outcome.
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    There are many things as a Bremen fan I like about the NIC. The games are all close. No drive any any sport is more than 50 minutes. I like competing against Marian. We never had a private school on our football schedule. I like Riley. Bremen and Riley communties have been linked for years and we never competed against each other. The drive down Miami Road is easy. Bremen and Riley folks shopped at the same stores (Scotsdale Mall, Venture, Menards), had dinner at the same resturants (Steak and Shake, Hacienda, Texas Roadhouse, the old Chik-Fil-a in the mall), went to the same movie theatres (Showplace 16, bowled in the same bowling alleys (Chippewa). Yeah, Bremen is a rural community but have always been very much in the umbrella of the southside of South Bend. I like the fact that the schools compete against each other, and hopefully Riley enjoys the games with Bremen.
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    High school sports should be fun. Unfortunately in today's society many schools opt for the no fun allowed policy. And then everyone wonders why students don't show up.
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    I'll be interested to see if Mark Newell (East's principal) rescinds his "no fun" policy for the students this week. It was evident vs North that the kids are afraid to do anything to show spirit. Their theme was originally "Fight Night", wearing MMA/Boxing type apparel, but Newell told them they couldn't wear that. The reason? It was "insensitive" to North's coaches sideline fight in 2017. He came on the announcements the next day and told the kids that they were not allowed to chant "You Can't Do That" after a penalty, nor could they chant "Why So Quiet" to North's students if we were ahead and they were quiet. The best? If North started a "We've Got Spirit...." back and forth, our kids weren't allowed to engage, as it could be seen as taunting. I witnessed Newell scream, yes scream, at a couple of kids who dared to break his rules. A lot of parents are completely fed up with his draconian rules (several started a "You Can't Do That" chant to spite Newell). There was no energy from our students to get East hyped. I think someone said something to Newell at half, as the kids were allowed to start a "We've Got Spirit" chant, but by then, many kids had left. Hopefully, the kids are allowed to bring the energy this week vs Pickerington!
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    If you are going to fire/suspend high school officials for incorrect calls you'll see an even larger shortage of officials. We are not D1 or NFL officials for a reason. We will make mistakes. None of them are intentional. I would recommend Potluck attend one of our weekly association meetings or attend a video review session with a crew or tag along with a crew on a Friday night. I bet his/her eyes would be opened wide.
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    https://t.co/uHDNyaIX7e Mevis' game winner from Michigan City in case anyone missed it
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    The $200k number is a 20-year veteran referee (white hat). Starting officials make about $60-$70k per year. And part-time is only in the sense they may have another job (most do). But they are already putting in at least 10-15 hours each week in video review, quizzes and meetings and then traveling all weekend including more meetings before the game. Unlike sports like baseball, basketball, and hockey that have games every day. NFL officials can only officiate one game per week. I happen to be good friends with several NFL officials. There is nothing part time or on-the-side about how they approach their role.
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    Probably my favorite series of SNL skits.
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    WW did not attempt to run up the score. I am sure that their staff can vouch for that. We utilized the mercy rule as intended and subbed generously in the second the half. Young players carried the ball behind a mixed line (1st year varsity players that needed more reps and JV players capable of blocking without endangering those in the backfield). The 4th quarter was entirely young players. It was respectful throughout to assume otherwise is offensive. This thread has always been very respectful with contributions from fans and coaches. I hope it stays that way or I will not be visiting the site any longer.
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    I believe this is the philosophy of many crews. "Call the obvious", "make it be there", "whales not minnows" are a few of the phrases officials utilize in their pre-games. Safety fouls follow a different philosophy. However, there are those coaching staffs and fans who also voice their displeasure with the lack of flags thrown (against the other team of course).
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    Dog Gone It Warrior, you know its spelled WOLFS! Now get your head in the ball game!
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    I have seller's remorse now that the game is here: Wish we were going instead of taking the pay day. Oh well NOW THIS:
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    It would seem for Penn to be Independent in Football would be a night mare for them in scheduling, travel, and revenue. How many schools in Indiana would have an open date after week 2 -3 and want to schedule them Could you see them scheduling: Valpo, Elkhart, Mishawaka, Cincy St. X, Moeller, Cleve St. Ed, St Ignatius, + 2 more would be brutal and the distance - not sure there is a solution there. What would happen if all of the schools less 3-4 SB schools, Elkhart, Penn formed a new conference and added Culver?
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    There one heck of a team and there well Coached!! Go Tigers beat Plymouth... I hope them english teachers at Warsaw teach them kids how to use "There"!! As you can tell I have yet to figure it out.
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    I became a basketball official after making the move back to the classroom from the AD role. I said my purpose in becoming an official was to help out at the younger levels, 5-6, 7-8, Frosh and JV. After doing this for 3 seasons, I have great respect for the officials who do varsity sports. I also have great respect for those doing it for a long time. Fans are completely disrespectful! I will gladly listen to a coach and to some extent a player, but when I hear it from fans, I don't go back. My goal is to help fill the official shortage, but $50-70 a night is not worth being yelled at or saying I screwed their team. I am reffing younger kids, I really don't care who wins. As far as accountability, I know the varsity and JV officials talk and ask each other questions in games and after games to make sure the rules, calls and technique is correct.
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    As if ANYONE needs another reason not to shop at Wal-Mart. Main reason I don’t shop there is too many people at the first of the month when I go to spend my hard earned Muda dollars.
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    I had the opportunity to sit on the same computer that he had used at the Bloomington Herald-Times when I was there in 2014-15. He is a legend. He automated many processes in the late 1980s and 1990s via computer and we would occasionally have to call him in to "update" his old scripts for the newspaper. His work in Java (.json and Regex) really taught me that not everything has to be complicated and served as my inspiration for the Predictor Tool. He was going to introduce me to Jeff Sagarin, but we never had schedules which match up. Oh well, next time that I'm in Bloomington perhaps we'll be able to do it. The IHSAA, coaches and officials' associations, principals, ADs and fans owe him more than the measley ad revenue he earns through the website.
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    To me the biggest measuring stick for the HCC is if the Avon/Brownsburg sectional winner can beat the Warren Central/Center Grove regional winner in the Semi-State and advance to the State Finals.
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    Yes, a loss is a loss, unless your name is Jeff Sagarin!
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    I guess we'll still show up this Friday even though LaVille has it won.
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    DT.....that you?
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    I have a hard time with Princeton going in the right direction. Princeton had back to back winning seasons and 3 out of the last 4 years with winning records under Coach Waylon Schenk. Coach Schenk is now trying to build North Posey thru some thin years. Princeton has gone 3-7 each of the last two years without Coach Schenk and are 0-2 to start this year. They have a chance to beat Washington this week but the rest of the year will be tough. 1-9 is possible.
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    I just have a few minutes right now before I will be away from the computer but one thing I did was look at Mt. Vernon and North Posey because they play every year. They are 13-13 against each other over the last 26 games. I already said Boonville might be the only team that Southridge won't play that would be a good game most years. Princeton has had 6 winning seasons over the last 25 years. 3 of those were in 1994,1995,and 1996. Washington has had 5 winning seasons over the last 25 years.
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    Quick rundown of week 3: Memorial (0-2) @ Goshen (1-1) : This could be the last chance before week 9 for the Redhawks to compete for a win. Being at home helps out here, but I believe Memorial is simply the better team. Chargers get their first win of the season. Wawasee (1-1) @ Northridge (2-0) : The Raiders have completely impressed me so far through two weeks. Impressive victories over NIC foes Adams and St Joe. The Warriors hung tough with a good West Noble team and could keep this one close through the first half. However, I like Northridge to pull away in the second half at home and win comfortably and move to 3-0 before a rough stretch of at Plymouth, at Warsaw and NorthWood at home. NorthWood (1-1) @ Concord (2-0) : The Panthers got wholloped last week by one of the better teams in the state, suffering their worst margin of defeat since a sectional loss to East Noble in the 2013 season. While the Minutemen are 2-0, I would argue NorthWood has definitely faced the tougher opponents. However, this has historically been a pretty good matchup and it wouldn't surprise me who won either way. Maybe I'm higher on the Panthers than I should be, but I'll take NorthWood in a close one. Plymouth (1-1) @ Warsaw (2-0) : What I would argue is the game of the week in the conference. The Rockies bounced back after a tough loss week 1 to handle Kokomo last week, while the Tigers pulled off what many are calling a "program defining" win on the road at Michigan City. Head Coach Bart Curtis won the Colts/NFL Coach of the Week as a reward for that victory. It's easy to see what hopes and expectations are currently high in Lake City, however, the Tigers haven't had a bigger thorn in their sides over the past two decades than Plymouth. The Rockies have won 13 of the last 16 match-ups (and the last 5 straight) and since the 2001 season, Warsaw has started the season 2-0 six different times (including this year). Plymouth has ended Warsaw's bid to move to 3-0 all 5 of the previous times (per Roger Grossman's piece in the Warsaw Times-Union). Coach Barron always seems to have his team ready for the Tigers. I'll drink the Kool-Aid and take Warsaw by 10 points.
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    We are possibly looking for a JV game this coming Monday 9/9.... please PM me with interest or if you know of someone interested. Also... we should start posting JV scores. this past Saturday... BC 27 CT20 (great game all around and a perfect day for football, to be fair... all days are perfect for football) We weren't able to play against Corydon's JV team the prior week because of rain? I think? Not sure. What are some other scores?
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    1A/2A Football is always a crap shoot. You never know who is going to show up and stand out. Valley will be tested a lot this week with Paoli in the Orange Bowl. Good luck to everyone this weekend! We have great weather for it!
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    Even if they did that fans wouldn't like or agree with what they hear. Pereira and Blandino tweet about calls, explain rules, and even call out officials when they disagree with the calls and the response from fans is rabid. It ultimately serves no purpose other than an outlet for fans to complain.
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    I ain't going to lie, I love RK! They frequently have good deals on guns, and I'll admit to having purchased a couple there. The also run good specials on ammo. If you like Carhartt clothing, you won't find it cheaper anywhere else.
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    Not even sure HE can help you weeks 1, 2 & 4!!! If you needed some fish and bread maybe..........
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    Wood Memorial left the PAC in 2000
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    Honestly I don't see what all the hub bub over this Wal Mart thing is. 1. Wal Mart hasn't sold hand guns in the lower 48 that I am aware of. 2. Local store typically has a lousy selection of guns, I would never consider buying a gun there. 3. Locally I may have bought some bulk shot gun shells from them in the past, but their selection of ammo is less than stellar, and the pricing is not that attractive. 4. They have asked people not to open carry, so what? You can still carry. Most folks don't open carry anyway. 5. Patronize your local gun shop, patronize your local businesses period. They're part of your community. Any big box is one bad quarter away from closing up.
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    Washington High School under new head Coach Stammich brought the number of players on the team to 51. I don't know how many the other schools have on their team, but this is an improvement. After reading the article about the sportsmanship between Washington and Jimtown I would think that Washington is on their way to being relevant again. Maybe Saint Joseph could learn something from Jimtown and Washington(over 100 yards again in there last game against Northridge. Yes I agree Clay should disband their whole athletic program.
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    I remember when there used to be a lot of chatter about the NECC on this forum. Apparently interest in these schools has waned. That's too bad. I see Fairfield02 being the only poster week after week, so I thought I'd jump in and try to help keep the interest alive. CN - I was happy to see Coach Thacker get his 1st win last week, but I think Tipton's guys will have too much for FF to handle. BUSCO - Because it's Busco RIVER VALLEY - Wild guess based on a total lack of knowledge LAKELAND - A PH win over Lakeland is an extremely rare event. ST. MARY'S - They are traditionally a Michigan power WN - They may have something pretty good going on this year
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    It's a game. Played by children.
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    I'm with Fine Print and Marshall County here . . . Pioneer is the champ and will be the HNAC champ until determined otherwise. Pioneer-LaVille have played 5 times . . . Panthers won all five ... PHS outscored LaVille 244 to 40. A year ago, it was 66-19 at Pioneer, and a couple scores for LaVille did come off the pass. LaVille has been blown out. I recall the first time LaVille played Pioneer and Pioneer came running down the field on kick-off and LaVille players were not expecting the hard-nosed, physical play that the Panthers brought to the field. I saw the game on the internet. This is a 'program defining' game for LaVille. Right now, I see Pioneer by 3 scores. as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
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    Just the way the cookie crumbles as for my voting Avon #1, Carmel loses week 1, they fall, WC drops a close one week 2, next up Avon
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    Believe that title belongs to SB Clay my friend
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    The Patriots. Warren Central uses a helicopter.
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    Guess I must be easily amused.........
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