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    man RDP of 765 not happy about my factual statement.......
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    The loss certainly puts Penn on the contraction list.🙄
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    You are still doing the same thing you have always done on here. You have formulated every conversation to fit your agenda and keep up your beefs with everyone else. Stop blaming everyone else for your actions and reactions. Until you do that, you have not changed. You have the ability to be a different person, I have seen it, but your holding on to 15 year grudges man.
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    Ben Davis and Warren Central are not going anywhere anytime soon (though a few weeks ago many folks, including myself, had thrown dirt on top of BD.) But you CANNOT ignore the fact that Avon and Brownsburg are the "next" Ben Davis and Warren Central, if they are not there already. Many are going to need to see many more years of success, and in particular postseason success to make that claim. But, team for team lets take a look. Avon CRUSHED Ben Davis as did Brownsburg (don't let the final score of that game fool you). Fishers CRUSHED North Central to start the season. HSE beat LC and lost to North Central by ONE. Zionsville beat Pike. Teams improve/get better and if these games were played this weekend, we might get different results, but these are the data points that are readily available. There is NO denying that the HCC is the conference of the future as this is simple demographics. Families are moving to the suburbs and population at those donut county schools is climbing and they are starting to push their chips to the middle of the table. You no longer need to play a "MIC quality schedule" to prepare for the postseason. People on here LOVE to HATE on DT, but he makes good points and really does generate conversation.
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    I'll say this. As long as everyone is healthy after the next game between them(this meaning Cass can keep from getting upset by HH), I can't see it doing anything but making the Kings a better team for the tournament. This goes for any team that has had to play WL this year. Other than maybe Western who i don't think even played WL, the conference isn't going to see a team of that size and speed in the tournament all the way to LOS. So for players to see it and play against it, it elevates your game if you accept the challenge which from the only two games I saw, Cass and RC, they did. Were they both blowouts yes but there are always positives you can take away from losses, especially regular season.
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    Chris Collinsworth and whoever his man crush du jour is.
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    Clayton Richard would be up there.
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    According to Digital Scout Forest Park kicker Abby Eckert is 15 out of 16 on extra points and 4 out of 6 on Field Goals.
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    Max Norris from Center Grove, possibly one of the best running backs of the decade.
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    No need for taking responsibility. I chuckled when I read it, but you went right back to the game discussion. Someone else chose to go “deeper”. 🙂
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    I don’t know if they made improvements over the years, but I used to have to sit through the madness of The Hillside Strangler back in the early 2000’s when I lived in Downers Grove and wanted to take the Eisenhower into the city at night. That’s where 290, 88, and 294 traffic merges to form the eastbound Eisenhower in Hillside. Now that’s traffic! I once got stuck in standstill traffic at the 94 and Congress interchange in The Loop at 10 PM on a Sunday night. Friday night on 465 is a racetrack minus some congestion on eastbound 465 between Keystone and Allisonville. . Honestly, for us Hamilton County folk, getting out to Avon is probably more time consuming than taking 465 around to the south side for CG, which is pretty easy to get to from 37 or Meridian via East Street/Thompson Road. Avon is about 100 stop lights on Rockville until you get to Dan Jones Road.
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    Correct, Brebeuf and Decatur Central will be their non conference games for next year.
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    Uh...nope. looks like I forgot.....or uh...didnt wanna make a comeback and win...yes that's it! Haha. O well....I'll try again next year
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    I'm not extrapolating anything. You're using a picture for one game from the least travelled fan base in the MIC who plays at Center Grove every other year as a reason why Center Grove should pack its bags and move out of the best conference in the state, and arguably the Midwest. Next.
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    Read my post dude. I didn't say "hundreds of thousands" per year. Take your 20K and extrapolate over CGs life in The MIC. You get a much bigger number. You are always too quick to jump to conclusions. Be more thoughtful my friend.
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    Sounds like Eastern Greene should consider contracting their football program. Stick to basketball like their superior neighbor, Bloomfield.
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    They're not back ups and jv if their starting. By definition they're starters and, by your own rules, they must come out in a blow out situation. No excuses and no exceptions.
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    Also worth noting that this picture is still relatively light out and there is nobody out on the field warming up. Perhaps this was taken around 6-6:30? A half hour to an hour before a 7pm kickoff? The trip from Pike township to Greenwood on Friday after 5 isn't exactly the easiest drive in the world. Either way, this doesn't amount to "hundreds and thousands of dollars" in lost revenue.
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    Pointless? Really? Certainly the casual non attached fan will stay home. But what about parents, students, cheer block, band and ardent program supporters? Are they going to sit on their ass and watch from home as well?
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    Nope Browns 2-3 Steelers 1-4 Bengals 0-5 Tampa 2-3 no quality wins in my opinion.
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    It's definitely Catholic as it is still recognized by the Jesuit order, it just isn't recognized by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.
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    North Vermillion at Fountain Central- NV is too strong in this one. FC is struggling right now. Not much else to say about this game. Falcons win going away 42-14 South Vermillion at Seeger- Interesting match up. The resident 2As vie for WRC big school bragging rights. Possible sectional match up too? SV needs another conference win. However, so does Seeger. The Fighting Herbs pull out the squeaker over the Fighting Visors because they know how to run the ball 35-28 Tri-County at Covington- Trojans seem to be enjoying their second half surge into the wins column. Honestly, could the first half of their schedule be tougher? Big win for them last week. You need to be playing your best ball at the end of the season. Trojans win three in a row 35-12 Riverton Parke at Parke Heritage- On paper this is a no brainer. PH should score easy and win easy against RP. Fortunately, games are not played on paper. That would be pretty boring to watch. Can the Wolfs (You’re Welcome) recover from last week’s let down? Meanwhile, the Panthers have scored 40+ in back to back games. And this might be our first rainy Friday night. Upset Special and a Parke County classic! RP 29-28 Attica at North Central Farmersburg- This game may be closer than most people think. The T-Birds have some guys that can be dangerous in the open field. And what the heck happened to Attica against Covington? It shouldn’t be, but this game will be a barn burner until the Red Ramblers get some stops. Attica picks up another road win 49-35 Just my two cents worth...
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    Sure, I made it up. P/P dominance in November just happened to coincide with this forum opening up.
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    A bit surprised that nothing has been posted about the foreign policy shift with Turkey. I see a lot of concerns being posted about the Kurds. They are really upset. I saw this posted this morning and am wondering...why are we abandoning them now?
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    Spread Power O that has a lot of the same option concepts that the QB can dial up. To go up 21-17 with 50 seconds to go Qb asked to go under center with a fullback behind him and ran option from the 4 yard line to score. Some things remain the same it seems.
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    ahh memories... we had 223 PATs from our 4 year kicker Dyllanne Deischer from 2009-2012!!! One of the first out there kicking as a girl in varsity football.
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    Charlestown JV 18 Corydon JV 12
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    PH's passing would give us trouble.. but I can guarantee we'd be the best over all defense they will have faced.. and that MIner offense can move the ball with the best of them. As for the EG game.. All I hope is we get out of the game without any injuries. I suspect a lot of guys with any nagging bumps and bruises don't even suit up. I'm sure the guys will want to play.. and they should play... but I suspect we could see 2nd teamers working with 1st teamers for experience before turning the youngsters loose in what will likely be the quickest 2nd half in years. I also think you'll see some work on some of the passing game...maybe getting guys involved like Puckett at TE. I haven't really even looked at Eastern to be honest.. .I know it has been really weak. Hard to believe just a couple years ago they were playing for state title...and as well were solid last year... I wonder if there has been any other fall from state title game to this level this quick ever. I feel for the kids because it's tough.. and you gotta give respect to them for coming out there week in and week putting in the effort. I think anyone with football sense knew this was going to be one of those years for Eastern...but it was made worse with all the off field issues....they could have been better off keeping that coaching staff intact that knew the kids and kids knew them. Starting from scratch is tough enough without turnover at the top.
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    In JV BC 48 North Decatur 6
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    with a chance of drawing Pioneer 1st round.........
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    I disagree The Multiplier discussion on this forum from 2003-2007 was a lobbying tool that brought a great deal of attention to the issue, as both sides of the debate were represented. Do we influence policy? Debateable Do we shed light on critical issues impacting the game? Definitely. Moreso then than now, as The Forum is not nearly as widely read as it used to be.
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    The increase in the use of the running clock is another indication that competitive balance is severely out of alignment and contraction should be considered as the ultimate option for some schools. Its the right thing to do in many cases.
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    My revised picks as the season has unfolded are as the following 6A: Avon over Warsaw, 42-24 - I'm still in love with the local giant Lafayette Jeff, but I don't see them getting past a good Warsaw team. Avon is playing some of the best football in 6A right now, will be a tough out for anyone 5A: Valpo over New Pal, 35-31 - I flipped a coin between New Pal and Cathedral. New Pal won best 3 out of 5. Valpo seems to be the best team in 5A, and will beat any and all takers 4A: Marian over East Central, 24-14 - I honestly think Marian is the best team in 4A, will think that until a team beats them in the post season 3A: Chatard over Brownstown Central, 41-21 - I just want to see May make it to the Oil Can, and Brownstown seems to have the team to get it done 2A: Eastbrook over Linton Stockton, 21-20 - Linton might be a reach, but I like what they are doing. I want to see all the hard work Adamson has put into his career at Eastbrook come to fruition, and what better season to do it then when nobody is picking you? 1A: Lutheran over Southwood, 28-22 - 4 straight trips to semi-state should finally get this Lutheran team over the hump. Southwood seems to be a dark horse, and might be the North's best chance at beating South Adams for a spot in the Oil Can
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    The Southern Illinois area they play many playoff games on Saturday afternoon's because they are driving 2.5 to 3 hours for the games.
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    Might be cuz the Grid Nazis took all the fun out of it last week?
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    Was this game broadcast on any form of TV or internet Braodcast? Streaming games has made it pointless to go to the games of I can watch it on my couch.
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    Good grief Dante, have you actually even read any of the quotes I have posted in this thread? First this: And this:
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    I will say this, believe it or not, I have been most impressed with the upgrade in KICKERS in the league this year. Benton Central's guy has a nice leg, WL has a VERY good kicker, Western's KO team is VERY FAST and pin teams deep all the time, LCC kicker as well. All I know is the Bombers have held them to their lowest scoring output of the season!!! BOOM BABY!!! Probably had something to do with our offense having the ball for 19 of the 24 first half minutes. But who's counting!!!
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    https://reason.com/2019/10/07/the-u-k-must-ban-pointy-knives-says-church-of-england/ Again, thank goodness for the 2nd Amendment. As one of the comments to this story states:
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    Ellen DeGeneres Defends Her Friendship with George W. Bush: https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/ellen-degeneres-defends-her-friendship-with-george-w-bush/ Predictably, her response did little to curb the harsh criticism lobbed at her from the left, but her comments were nonetheless encouraging. It’s interesting that Bush received no censure from conservatives angry that he had been spotted sitting next to a progressive, lesbian celebrity at a football game, but DeGeneres continues to endure backlash for defending her friendship with someone across the political aisle. Though there is no shortage of vitriolic commentary across the political spectrum, it is increasingly partisans of the Left who demand ideological conformity, and total condemnation and rejection of those who fail to champion the progressive agenda.
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    I have changed. Its you guys that haven't.
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