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    The Pirates would like to have a word with you
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    Jeff George (WC) Stephen Holman (Ben Davis '91) Derrick Mays (NC) Desmond Tardy (WC) Otis Shannon (Catherdral) George Karlaftis (WL) That being said, I think more good players are coming out of the state of Indiana right now then ever have before, and we have put out some great ones!
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    Why don’t we condemn Mr. Bush and Ellen for a reason that really matters. Being Cowboys fans, ugh.
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    Dexter Larimore Merrillville High School HW Wrestling State Runner up to Chris Kasten Winamac 2004-2005 HW Wrestling State Champ 2005-2006 DL- Ohio State DUDE WAS A STUD ON THE GRIDIRON AND ON THE MAT.
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    In addition to many already mentioned, got to mention Bo Hundt from Bremen.
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    Wow! Conference consolidation coupled with Chicago traffic patterns and sports book style betting......and to think This whole thread started with selling hot dogs! 🌭🌭🌭 😁 I do enjoy the banter tho!
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    Has the time come to just contract high school football? I mean between the winners losing money, and the bad schools being bad, maybe it's just time we call it a day?
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    Can't argue but certainly folks are going to get butt hurt on this one DT. Looks to me like the cheerleaders are lined up as the team is preparing to take the field. Bet this is around 6:55pm.
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    Well there are 2 things that make zero sense: 1 - Everyone gets in the tournament 2 - Not seeding the tournament There are ZERO good arguments against seeding. And in my opinion there are ZERO good arguments for the all in format.
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    The new Mexican restaurant/pancake house in town sells a helluva wet burrito. Otherwise, I would hit the Kibitzer for the heart stopping pounder.
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    Women control the money and the pu....., so nothing under the sun is new.
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    I dont believe the HCC is currently dominant over The MIC I believe The MIC has owned the past. And The HCC will own the future. Currently, we are in a period of transition. The baton is being passed, ever so slowly.
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    Have loved Ellen for decades. First seen her on the earlier improv shows. She had a wonderful standup routine.
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    Princess is AWESOME! Paola Lazaro was just cast recently...........SO! MUCH! MORE! People think this show is dead (no pun intended). This universe is HUGE!!!!!!!!!! Obvioulsy, I can't wait!
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    Whenever I go to a sporting event at Center Grove or Carmel, I always notice how poor their facilities have become. Thanks to DT, I now know that the reason that these 2 schools have fallen on hard times is due to poor visiting fans attendance at football games. So sad. (p.s. It's sarcasm, people! They have fantastic facilities thanks to big fan support, corporate sponsors & solid tax bases.)
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    In my 92 team IDP super league we were discussing which teams had the top defenses this year. I feel pretty strong about the patriots defense. But some others wanted to criticize who they have played even though they had a top 10 defense last year. They wanted to hype the 49ers defense. all in all. If you really want to criticize the scheduled opponents even though the nfl is generally pretty close top to bottom compared to other sports, the NFC north has the top defenses locked down. my personal rankings would be 1) patriots 2) 49ers 3) packers 4) bears 5) bills if you factor in opponents 1) packers 2) bears 3) vikings 4) 49ers 5) patriots
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    Michael Lindauer (it's not close) with having coached or played against. Just seeing play a game (but not coaching or playing).. Jay Cutler. That state championship game wowza.
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    It’s interesting that Bush received no censure from conservatives angry that he had been spotted sitting next to a progressive, lesbian celebrity at a football game, but DeGeneres continues to endure backlash for defending her friendship with someone across the political aisle. Because: Snowflakes.......
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    I won't justify your claiming to be a coach comment. I did not realize we weren't allowed to have opinions. Not sure this is a disagreement and not sure why its a big deal. This forum is all about opinion and speculation. Compared to the old days, this forum is extremely tame (remember Rome). Not trying to anger or argue with anyone. I just simply based on experience stated an opinion. I have been wrong in my opinions before as have most of you. My whole point was that 6A is more balanced then ever. BTF: Westfield will be ok in Sectional 4 and I appreciate your well wishes. Good Luck to you and Snider as well.
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    We've traveled to Tech before to play you guys. Didn't we represent well in the past? CG makes the drive north quite often as you can imagine...not an easy drive in that direction either.....but, its not that bad. Construction does make it more challenging.
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    I'm not really advocating a conference change...just understand DT's point. I also know AD's have to think beyond football and bball. Its an interesting discussion when weighing out pros and cons. The MIC has a strong reputation (well earned) with football and over the years in hoops and track. Very heavy in those 3 areas. Typically not as strong in the other sports....and that is why Carmel and CG is typically #1 and #2 each semester in the all sports category. I believe (opinion only) that the HCC would offer better competition in all sports....and is that good or bad for a Carmel or CG....probably can debate that one both ways. Football is the revenue generator for the athletic department.....So I understand DT's point about revenue. I would like to see the MIC travel better....But he's right....it isn't just Pike that travels poorly. I also believe the HCC would travel better in all sports. My bias is with the MIC....and I agree with you...love the flexibility of non-conference games and don't want to lose them. But I can certainly understand why AD's have to look at revenue and cost when aligning with conferences.
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    The MSC games sure aren't as easy to pick this week as they normally are...several games I'm not sure about.
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    It looks as if we have several young guys on here. Rod Woodson, FW Snider. Another "younger" guy from the Fort would be Bernard Pollard, FW South. An Indy guy that hasn't been mentioned is Mark Clayton, Cathedral. I had the chance to watch all of them at least once during their high school career.
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    Unfortunately, thanks to our maligned, self serving Archbishop, both schools have been dealing with the fallout of his actions for more than 24 months now. Though we would all like to joke about it, it has pretty much shredded the local Catholic community between the schools (and across the entire Indy Archdiocese). Brebeuf will be entangled with the Vatican for months to come as they search to usurp the Indy Archdiocean scourge with the Jesuits as their advocate. Cathedral will be entangled as a key witness in a major federal discrimination suit that will go to the highest levels of the US federal courts. As for the game, the 2017 upset was Brebeuf’s greatest win ever in my opinion. A perfectly coached game by Coach Roessler had 3 huge punts pinning the Irish inside our own 10 yard line 3 times. Another bold 4th and 2 call from Brebeuf’s own 40 for a TD was game breaker. I hope the boys all remember that game. If so, the Irish should win big.
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    Carmel should just go independent..i know the forum has spoke of this before. They have the resources to compete and travel in every sport..the talent pool will only get deeper. If they can play top tier teams from not only the mic and hcc..why not?
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    I don't know Muda... Eastern Greene folks really took a liking to football.. their home games ..even in the years they were struggling to be competitive prior to their state run a couple years ago... were always hugely attended things. Very big support from the communities that make up EG. Even Bloomfield tried to get football going for the Cardinals but we all knew that would never happen.
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    I don’t see Luers coming out of the north in 2A.
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    Read my post dude. I didn't say "hundreds of thousands" per year. Take your 20K and extrapolate over CGs life in The MIC. You get a much bigger number. You are always too quick to jump to conclusions. Be more thoughtful my friend.
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    Pointless? Really? Certainly the casual non attached fan will stay home. But what about parents, students, cheer block, band and ardent program supporters? Are they going to sit on their ass and watch from home as well?
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    Anyone else feel this way watching the Sunday night NFL game???
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    The loss certainly puts Penn on the contraction list.🙄
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    Penn 3,338 students. New Prairie 961 students. This is according to IndianaMat. That's a difference of 2,377 students. The average public school in Indiana has approximately 566 students (2018-19). This is NOT Radtke's biggest win. It may not even be in his top 10 all time wins. As somebody alluded to earlier, it IS arguably the best REGULAR season win the Cougars have ever had. In 2003 New Prairie beat Jimtown 35-13. I believe Jimtown was riding a 68 game conference winning streak. That was a huge win. New Prairie beat Penn in a lot less time than what it took them to beat Jimtown. However, we play class football, so I'd say New Prairie would prefer a couple state series trophies rather than a win over Penn. I'll take the 2004 Sectional and Regional, 2006 Sectional, 2013 Sectional, 2014 Sectional, Regional, and Semi State, and 2017 Sectional as all bigger wins that beating Penn.
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    Psh, I wish the problem in Elwood was limited to 1 sport. Outside of softball and the occasional standout wrestler, Elwood's athletic programs are hot, steamy garbage. I don't even know where to begin to place the blame but I've got a theory brewing about the windmills they installed on the outskirts of town siphoning the athletic abilities of our youths. I mean what's reeeeally going on with those creepy turbines and their beeping red lights? I'll trade 10 windmills and my tinfoil hat in exchange for a couple more Mireles brothers.
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    The Progressive Feeding Frenzy: https://reason.com/2019/09/12/the-progressive-feeding-frenzy/ And they must not be allowed to succeed with their agenda. If they do I suggest Americans who values personal freedom, responsibility, sovereignty, and the future of their children/grandchildren leave the country for greener pastures because the USA will no longer be the the land of opportunity. It will simply, and horribly, become another Venezuela.
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    It should definitely be de-emphasized and no longer sponsored as an extracurricular activity by government schools (btw, the same with all current athletic and non-athletic extracurricular activities). It could continue as a club model, sponsored by private community organizations and groups.
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    Haaaa. I didn't know facts were excuses. Winamac had 24 healthy kids the 23 that could play on O and D..did . 2 back ups and 2 jv kids started to go along with the 10 of the usual starters who were healthy. They rotated 5 other kids in through out the game and at 3 mins they put the other 4 kids in. All 23 healthy kids that could play O and D got time, 2 back ups and 2 jv kids got starters reps and 5 others got quality time. There was no running up the score, plenty of back ups and jv kids got to play. Its not a shock you don't understand how silly his posts were or yours in this subject. Its honestly quite sad you don't get it.
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    Anyway. Im looking forward to Friday night's game. Hearing some guys will be back, its lil cheer night.. Get to see my great niece cheer and get to see some old caston friends.
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    Trump's Nearly $1 Trillion Deficit Is Worse Than a Broken Promise: https://reason.com/2019/10/08/trumps-nearly-1-trillion-deficit-is-worse-than-a-broken-promise/ Uni-party to the max.
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    FTOP: You need to realize Dante, that big government is not the benevolent and altruistic overlord you desperately want it to be.
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    Best way to kill forum traffic and reduce views and participation Move a good thread off the main page and back to a sub forum Lol
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