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    I never thought I'd hear myself say "we need less cowbell".
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    Here is the most likely reason the game was scheduled at Noon, don't think there's anything snarky or bush league about it. Maybe you folks could stick around to watch one of the best girls basketball teams in the State. Eastern Hancock (1-0) at Triton Central (2-0) GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET. COACHES: Shari Doud, 45-29 in 4th year at Eastern Hancock, 244-115 in 16th year overall. Bryan Graham, 218-50 in 12th year at Triton Central. LAST SEASON'S SAGARIN RATINGS: Triton Central, 85.96, 28th overall, 2nd in 2A. Eastern Hancock, 59.63, 190th overall, 42nd in 2A. SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: No meetings. PREDICTION: Triton Central, 56-55.
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    Let me know if I need to send Uber money to Screagle and some others if the ocean parts and Memorial “somehow” wins (as well as Roncalli). I’m assuming he will have bet the farm on Mooresville since it’s a sure bet and he’ll no doubt need a lift....and the farm.
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    No prediction. But have you ever not picked against Mississinewa? Listen if you have a problem with Mississinewa or Funk stop hiding behind a keyboard and say it.
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    You know I’ve been reading a lot of these LB post (especially STC) questioning “who” we play and then kind of talking down about our schedule. HH is 12-0 and played two teams three teams this season with below .500 records. Conversely the twelve teams that the Tigers have played , maybe 4 teams were above .500. So to put it politely I kind of sick already of reading things how LB plays such a tough schedule with a defense that stuffs good running teams and an offense that destroys good teams!!! Maybe instead of referring to a very good Heritage Hills team as Patsys or whatever you call them............Refer to your weak a$$ schedule as Patsys!!! Ding, Ding, Ding there’s the bell boys....fight is on I’m here all week!!!!!
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    I don’t even think there’s more than 10,000 people that live in New Pal.
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    Semistate: New Prairie v. East Noble Roncalli v.Memorial State: New Prairie v. Memorial Champion: Dunno
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    When you knew you were living the good life! School lunch pizza!!
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    I can tell you from personal experience that: Declining enrollment causes program cut-backs and less academic offerings. It also causes higher tuition, which in turn causes more people to choose the free options. It's a vicious circle, not win-win. For a school that has to travel overnight for state (typically schools outside of central IN and typically smaller classes who play early on Friday & Saturday, making state is a big financial drain. For us, we had to raise a good chunk of money with private donors to help cover costs because the IHSAA reimburses a very small amount of the actual cost of travel, lodging, & food. Our enrollment at Memorial has declined significantly in the past 3 years (-200 students) in part due to tuition costs and competition from a nationally ranked charter school and good public schools , all of which are free. In the past 3 years we have several state title appearances - football, boys soccer, and girls soccer (including winning state in all 3 in 2017), and had tournament success in baseball, b/g basketball, volleyball other non-revenue sports (tennis, golf, etc.). So, while we have arguably had the best overall HS athletic program in the area for a number of years (5A Castle is also very good overall), it hasn't led to an influx of new students coming in. In Evansville, MD and Memorial are fighting for their lives.
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    Depends on the company. I take my boys with me to LOS when LCC plays on Thanksgiving weekend and that makes all the difference to me. At the point that they aren't excited about going, my excitement might drop off, but for now my boys sitting next to me watching a game in person still makes it a special event whether regular season or tournament.
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    Do not know much about East Noble but looking at their schedule it appears that the defense has improved a lot since the first 3 games of the season. In the first 3 games they gave up a combined 80 points and the remaining games including Sectional games gave up 78. They scored the fewest points in a game last week in the rematch with Leo. They are ranked #1 or #2 depending on the poll and have been there almost the entire season. Common opponents between the 2 are Huntington North and New Haven. Mississinewa played New Haven in week 2 of the season and Huntington North in the 2nd round of the sectional. HN and NH are on the regular season schedule of East Noble. Mississinewa has given up 124 points on the season. They held Delta to a season low in points. Delta was one of the favorites to win State according the Sagarin rankings. They also beat Marion last week. In these 2 games Mississinewa had 1 running back rush for over 500 yards combined. Over 300 against Marion and he didn't score a point. Mississinewa is very deep and talented at running back. They can go with a set of fast running backs or come at you with power backs that also have speed. Upfront they have 3 or 4 pushing or over 300lbs that are strong and quick off the line. Their backups are just as big, strong, and quick. Because of playing several games under a continuous clock they were able to play their JV and Freshman players against the opponents first string Varsity units a lot this year. Several of the points allowed were allowed by the JV and Freshman units not the Varsity unit. This Senior class played in the regional round as Sophomore's but in the South part of the tournament where they traveled to Greenwood and just barely lost. I think 7 or 8 of these Senior's started as Sophomore's. They are experienced across the board. They held Marion's JK Thomas in check and he was not a factor in the game. Mississinewa's offense if very complex and they can run multiple plays out of each set. A few years ago it was estimated by one of the coach's that they had over 150 different plays that they could run out of their different sets. The QB by committee has been working this year and last week introduced a Wildcat offense. Marion's defense was in the top 5 in yards allowed and Mississinewa put up just at or over 500 yards, and only around 30 were passing. Mississnewa not only beat Delta and Marion but also Pendleton Heights another sectional finalist. Mississinewa has scrimmaged against Brownsburg, Avon, Warren Central, Cathedral, and other 5A and 6A schools. This is all paying off for them. The kicker has a season long for around 42 yards and is 5 of 6 on the season on field goal attempts. The snowplows are ready to clear the turf field at Mississinewa so the game will take place. The cannon is in the backyard of a neighbor but not sure if it will be fired or not as it is not on school property. This is going to be a very good game. Looking at the common opponents and points allowed, I don't think East Noble will have the defense to keep all of Mississinewa's running backs contained. I would have never thought that the 1 back would rush for over 500 yards combined against Marion and Delta. This will not be a high scoring game but it could very well be if turnovers occur. Turnovers will be key in this game. The team with the fewest turnovers should win. In the end Mississinewa pulls out the win even if it is on another field goal like they did against Marion. For those that can not make it you can watch on TribeTV, which is Mississinewa's student ran media outlet. They have a youtube channel and a facebook page where you can find the link.
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    I would like to offer an opinion from a reasonably impartial observer...I say reasonably because, full disclosure, my mother was a Memorial grad who "found Jesus" later in life when she married my Father and "converted" to a die-hard MD fan, but I digress... I have watched Combs tear up the competition from both sides of the ball for the past 2 years. Your WR & O lineman may be more talented at their respective positions but Combs will influence all aspects of the game; offense, defense, - it's been rumored he sells programs before the game & half-price pizza in 4th quarter. He is the all-around, real deal . Like his brother who graduated last year, he is one of the best all around high school football players in recent memory in the So Indiana region. No idea how he ranks as a college prospect but if you view the tape from last week's game vs Central, I think you will be impressed by his dominating play at multiple positions; DE, D line, FB, & RB. If you can manage to control his overall influence on the game, it will go a long way towards helping Mooresville win. Keeping it in the family...Memorial 24 - 21. Hold that Tiger... mi dos centavos
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    At least Friday Evening we get to watch Simon put on a show in the Slam Dunk contest again at the Blue White, And see if Blake or Murray came up with anything to try to top him. Just imagine if Simon was still playing football ??
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    When the Phoenix rises and/or #25 is packing the rock, prepare to get run over. Please try to tackle either--they love contact. You better send more than 1 guy, you likely won't tackle them alone. Last guy that tried to tackle head on laid on the field a while. This is going to be a long week waiting on this one.
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    Chris, you are being a little hard on him. We all know that with 10k-15k a year in Indiana for tuition at a P&P by default the "quality" of student-athlete is generally going to be "higher", for lack of a better word, than the equivalent sized public. Take for example a GS or HH who probably has some of the lowest free and assisted lunch in the state by percentage of the student body in 3A for publics. Even with that, GS and HH simply won't have the same number of quality student-athletes walking the halls as their p&p counterparts by the percentage of enrollment (with the exception of some generational aboratinon). Anyone who denies that is simply hiding their head in the sand. I can tell you that we have kids at GS who are only there because they have a pulse and the law says that they have to be (and we have much less than most other publics our size). Again, "generally", folks who can make the sacrifice to send their kids to a P&P have certain qualities in common that I don't need to list here that are both "natured" and "nurtured" into their kids. Does this quality "stock" always result in a strong tradition in any sport? Certainly not, however, when the key variables are in place, the same variables that it takes to have success at a public in a given sport...ie, community, youth league, parent support, coaching etc., those variables are multiplied by a factor "x" across a deeper bench so to speak. As I have mentioned before, as a case study in the SIAC, Memorial vs Castle. This P&P typically runs head to head with its public rival in terms of conference championships boys and girls. This would indicate both schools have a similar bench depth across a wide variety of sports, boys, and girls. Castle enrollment 1965, Memorial enrollment 609. Castle isn't exactly a district of struggling families. Some pretty easy math even for a public educated kid can see the disparity here in the ratio there of total enrollment to quality student-athlete. You see this all over the state. What does it mean? Does Memorial have better coaches? Do memorial kids have a better work ethic? Is it that the early poor immigrant Catholics into Southwestern Indiana were blue-collared people that instilled an incredible physical culture and work ethic over generations significantly impacting their ability to succeed in girls soccer? There clearly are some public representatives on the GID that are advocates of "everything is fine" or perhaps that are even against the success factor. Many of those seem to fall into one of a few buckets: Those who have advanced in the state tournament over a p&p at some point in school history or public's that are geographically aligned in such a way that they get quality imports or perhaps in such a way that P&Ps aren't an issue in their path. There will always be a subset with a certain machismo or the "put your head down and go to work" mentality that simply won't admit the above paradigm is simply a fact. That is the nature of our sport and I wouldn't' change that for the world. Those folks know it's true but the "football guy" in them simply won't let admit that there are certain inherent advantages. Reasonable, intelligent men and women can't debate on if a solution is necessary, if the one we have is adequate or if additional measures are needed at all. I simply can't wrap my head around how any reasonable person on either side of these arguments can say P&Ps and public are equitably measured by enrollment alone. Just simply say....sure they have advantages...but I don't care...I like the challenge. That I can accept.
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    In fact, this week’s game won’t have a field judge at all, since that position does not exist in a 5 man crew. I would think an “Unbiased Official” would know that ... if he really is an official, that is.
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    P74, the EIAC fans give every team they face a nickname to kinda get under the skin....calm down. The seasonal records mean nothing! 12-0 = 0-0 this week and the next....and the next! Don't hang your hat on the last 12-weeks and don't let our style fry your shorts. Hope you make the trip to Stinktown this weekend...I promise you'll enjoy the EIAC hospitality.
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    Hmm, there were 2 consecutive non-calls that replay disagreed with....... on East Central's secondary.
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    You're correct, you used "snarky": @jets used "busch-league": Do you feel it's a "snarky" decision by the IHSAA to schedule early State Championship games for teams who have almost a 3 hour travel time to Lucas Oil?
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    TMI. I'll be watching Girl's basketball in the warm confines of a HS gym in Arcadia.
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    Not to take anything away from Brock Combs, he's a great player, but I wouldn't make that comment after watching Mooresville play EC. Number 6 and their bookend tackles may have a say in who the best player will be on the field this Friday night. How ignorant to say their season is over because of traveling a couple hours and being the visitor. I'd say give Memorial a TD for being the home team, but if Mooresville is hitting on all cylinders I don't see how they don't come away with the victory! Mooresville - 28 Memorial - 17. They are just too big and strong for Memorial to stop their run game.
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    Monroe central had some success with that.... at times they briefly had that star fire D on their heels... couldn't sustain it tho... credit SA D......
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    Irish fan here, let's get back to topic! I have 5 predictions that will hold 100% true and I am sure both sides can agree on the following: 1. These are two best teams in state regardless of class 2. It will be SRO only so GET THERE EARLY. 3. One of these two teams will be playing in 6A next year 4. The game will live up to the hype 5. The Irish Tailgate / convoy of RV's and motor homes will start showing up at 4PM. At any rate, for less than 100% prediction.... I think Cathedral will be more prepared for this game than New Pal, given the fact our schedule strength and New Pal has nothing (in certain spots) that we haven't seen so far this year. We have seen the greatest speed and size especially with the Ohio powerhouse teams each with multiple Division 1A players on each team. On the other end, New Pal played a very non-competitive schedule which is no fault of their own...their conference is weak, and if they didn't rest starters after halftime and no running clock I am sure they would have put triple digits on most of those teams! Our common opponent was Center Grove - where we had 146 penalty yards against us otherwise we would have rolled them up big time. Our OL and DL lines are the biggest New Pal will have seen all year (and last year for that matter) so the comment someone made about their starters staying in the entire game and being something 'new' since week two is a valid point that they will not be used too...something their schedule quality may have hurt them more than help them (like us). Spegal is an absolute stud...but with our running back duo of Langdon and Hall (i.e. Thunder and Lightening) in addition to Orin's passing game gives us lots of options to tinker with during the game. At any rate, New Pal is damn good team and well coached but given the circumstances mentioned above I am going with prediction: Irish 35 Dragons 24 Finally weather shows high 37/low 25 degrees 7mph wind.
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    I’ll make sure to wear my chaps underneath my layers.
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    From my experience, it's probably including it. Have known many kids who started education at the Catholic/Christian schools and finished at the public schools, a much more common activity than many might realize, while still being very strong in living and practicing their faith ... including my oldest two kids.
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    I’d say only about 10% of HH’s offensive sets come out of the Bone. Most of the time- you’re gonna have a 2 Wing set...one in motion most every play. 90% run based offense...some big ol boys touting that rock, and one of the better athletes in Indiana running the controls at the QB position. (Reminds me so much of Winchell when he used to pull the ball out of the FB’s belly and take off)Although I’m not entirely certain if he is playing at 100%...but even still- his 80% is pretty damn good.
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    Boney, Bone, Bone 1.2.3. Stink Town back in the day would run the same thing! Bone to Left, Bone to the Right, if you don't stop it teams run it all night!
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    That's the case every week at New Pal. Home or away, there aren't any empty seats. The community support for football here is off the charts.
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    Enrollment is down across the board at most p/p's. It's damn expensive. But schools aren't intentionally capping their enrollment to pad their trophy cases playing in lower divisions against lesser competition which is what Cow Bell is insinuating. MD and Memorial would take 10,000 students if they could.
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    I'm gonna chime in on this one. Not my place to give his age or birthday. But he would be eligible to play any HS sport he wants in accordance with IHSAA rules. This rumor needs to go away.
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    My statement is that weak schedule has produced state titles.
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    Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2.3 Here is a picture of Strongs serving some Tiger BL's and some good pizza!
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    That is your opinion, and why we are on opposite ends of that discussion, you and I are entitled to those opinions under the very blanket of freedom provided by those that serve.
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    I am in the same boat. I can stay home and watch multiple game at once and not freeze my butt off. I have not been to a game since week 3 of the this year after I left the Monrovia program. I'll be at Warren this friday though
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    you need to make more hats Panama style
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    This is a decision made weekly by the HC and OC. We got behind in the scoring against WL by missing an extra point early. Chased the points and got back on track and resumed kicking. Against Pioneer, the decision was based on their ability to score 2 every attempt. Against LaVille, It was determined that they would not be able to stop us from 3 yards out. Andrean???? Better figure out how to score first.
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    All the above suggested options sound good (Thanks guys) but, honestly, if I can get great breaded tenderloin AND a bowl of good chili then I’m probably sold. So how’s the chili at the Acme?
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    Yes , and every Coach I know has integrity . They wouldn't get on a public forum and say a Team A is going to BURY team B .
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    As one of the comments to this opinion piece states:
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    Boom, Boom, Boom 1.2.3. Check all you want, it's not Bozo, it's STC! Something smart you said indeed, there is only one rhymer and it's STC. Pad all your stats with those INT's, but not this week, Yoon makes you all look like swiss cheese!
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    We haven't played a team that with throw the ball like Eastside will. Alexandria threw the ball a lot but they aren't even close to being on Eastsides level. Tipton tossed the ball around some but that was with a second string QB. We will be tested this week to just see how good our pass D is.
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