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    Yes, he recruited Wyatt Schrader and Brady Kinnett to feeder school St. Pius when they were in kindergarten. Keen eye for young talent
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    I don't know if anyone has said these so I apologise if they have. I think Grant Moser at South Adams and John Hochstetler at Monroe Central are 2 solid younger Coaches. They do a great job of teaching the game, life and all that goes with not to mention they are incredible men and role models.
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    https://reason.com/2019/12/09/the-government-has-been-lying-about-afghanistan-all-along/ Not surprised. The military-industrial complex has ruled this country since Vietnam. And with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Cold War it need a new funding source. Enter the "War of Terror". Afghanistan, like Vietnam, primarily served as a way to get certain people and companies rich at the cost of human lives. It really had nothing to do with fighting Communism or Terrorism.
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    It was really tough recruiting this year with the new player salary cap the Catholic schools have been forced to follow via Papal dictates. Given that, I think he did a great job. BTW, will Tri-West be at the Avon Jr. High Combine this year (Danville never misses)....or just continuing to focus on manipulating Sectional pairings?
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    I simply disagreed with 1 of your comments... Like i do with others at times. You were the one that went and then voted down a bunch of my comments and then i fell into your trap and voted you down some and then you voted me down in total of 25 times. Coach E then stated you better watch out or UW will vote you down a lot more. Thats what I was referring to. You were the one that started the major vote down deal. Not me. You didnt finish it. I just decided you aren't worth the time to through all your comments and vote you down. Im sure I could go and look at my old comments and see you voted me down first but Im not cuz it's a waste of my time.
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    https://nypost.com/2019/12/12/heres-the-likely-whistleblower-and-the-questions-he-should-answer/ In the middle of Russia fever, the liberal press took a hectoring tone to any outlet that showed a glimmer of doubt. How dare any journalist not believe that President Trump is an agent of Vladimir Putin! Who would question the upstanding virtues of the FBI? Of course, we now know that the conspiracy theories were wrong. There was no Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. And, moreover, the inspector general report proves that the FBI trampled over civil liberties and common sense in pursuit of the case. While idle conversation during a meeting with George Papadopoulos and an Australian official may have sparked the inquiry, Crossfire Hurricane, it was only because of outlandish gossip in a Democrat-funded opposition report, the Steele dossier, that the FBI was able to land a surveillance warrant for Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Even as the agency found that Steele’s sources did not back up the dossier, that facts did not back up the dossier, they continued the red scare. When it came out that Page was an informant for the CIA, an FBI lawyer lied about it. Every suspicion of FBI agents was leaked to the press and printed without skepticism. Few questioned their methods. It is only now that the New York Times begrudgingly publishes an “analysis” that, oops, maybe this was “A Disturbing Peek at U.S. Surveillance.” Forgive us, then, for the sense of déjà vu when it comes to the impeachment hearings. This time, the press is near united in arguing that you shall not question the narrative of how this whole thing got started. Don’t you dare name the whistleblower. Don’t ask how Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) might have helped him write his complaint. Or even that Schiff is lying when he says he doesn’t know who the whistleblower is. Or why Schiff is subpoenaing the phone records of his colleagues. This is the same Schiff, by the way, who in 2018 said that the Department of Justice’s warrants for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISAs, met “the rigor, transparency and evidentiary basis needed.” Schiff had the same information as Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who found the exact opposite. So we know Schiff is a liar. Two years from now, will we find out the real story? It may not change either side’s view of impeachment, but isn’t that what the press does — try to find the truth? The whistleblower is most likely CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella. Journalist Paul Sperry reported his name in late October, saying that sources inside the closed-door impeachment hearings identified him. Ciaramella has put out no statement denying these reports. Whistleblower lawyers refuse to confirm or deny Ciaramella is their man. His identity is apparently the worst-kept secret of the Washington press corps. In a sign of how farcical this has become, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said his name as part of a series of names during a live hearing Wednesday night aired on television. He never called him the whistleblower, just said he was someone Republicans thought should testify, yet Democrats angrily denounced the “outing.” If you don’t know the man’s name, how do you know the man’s name? Politico’s Jack Shafer has eloquently argued that the press should name the whistleblower. It is not against the law — whistleblower protections are to prevent retaliation in the workplace and apply to his superiors, not the media. Yet while the press eagerly tried to out Deep Throat or the anonymous author of “A Warning,” they suddenly lack curiosity. They’ve also been hypocritical. In September, the Times reported the whistleblower was a male CIA officer who worked at the White House and was now back at the CIA. Why? Executive editor Dean Baquet said, “We wanted to provide information to readers that allows them to make their own judgments about whether or not he is credible.” A cynic might say they were trying to argue that the whistleblower was credible. But if that’s the argument, and if Ciaramella is the whistleblower, isn’t it also relevant that he, according to Sperry, previously worked with CIA Director John Brennan, a fierce critic of Trump, and Vice President Joe Biden, Trump’s political opponent and the crux of the impeachment inquiry? That he’s a registered Democrat and that he was — again, according to Sperry — accused of leaking negative information about the Trump administration and that’s why he was transferred back to Langley? What, if anything, did he leak? Did he work with Biden on Ukraine, apparently Ciaramella’s area of expertise? Did he know about Burisma and Hunter Biden? Who told him about the call, and why did that person not complain instead of him? How did Schiff’s staff help him tailor the complaint? This is only the fourth time in our history that a president has faced impeachment. Shouldn’t we know the answers to these questions now, and not in two or three years when the inevitable official reports and tell-all books come out? Why must we wait for the truth? Spot on.....
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    The 40 yard dash in not an Olympic or sanctioned track event. You understand that most world class sprinters pull away once they get into meters 60-70-80, etc. Someone like Usain Bolt is capped in a 40 yard dash based on reaction/start time. A world class sprinters 40 meter interval between meters 60-100 would blow out most NFL players 40 meter interval in meters 60-100. Go back on what you initially said and find me 18 or more NFL players who run sub 10.5 100 meters.
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    And can you tell me what time you disliked the post in the screen shot posted below? Now....can you admit that you are the liar as you accused me of being? Being wrong is tough. Being proven wrong is tougher.
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    LOL, was referring to the AP/coaches polls but I digress... You win. Helluva year for the Irish.
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    They must not like the pieces they were already given! Please do not be naive enough to say it does not happen! How many public schools hold open houses?
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    Not sure where you are getting your rankings but the final CFP poll has USC- #22 Navy- #23 UVA- #24 That is three top 25 wins.
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    Do you know how many world class (or near world class) sprinters are on NFL rosters? I bet doing some research would have you retracting that statement. There are several. Speed is speed, and skill is skill. Put the two of them in combination, and you get hall of fame guys like Rod Woodson.
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    If you look at the top 50 Indiana QBs (passing yards) and then from that 50 rank the top10 based on QBR - Adams is for sure there. The others (WeBo, Cathedral) do not make this list. These awards are part numbers, part coaches, and part politics/other non-football factors. Yds Yds/G Comp Att Pct TD Int Rate 1 3802 345.6 261 344 0.759 42 6 143.7 2 2576 234.2 190 270 0.704 31 4 132.6 3 3938 328.2 294 407 0.722 55 10 131.9 4 1886 235.8 113 177 0.638 19 2 130.8 5 3168 264 158 271 0.583 43 6 129.7 6 2263 150.9 166 252 0.659 32 4 127.4 7 1894 157.8 118 190 0.621 24 4 126.2 8 2332 179.4 140 218 0.642 28 8 124.5 9 2778 231.5 175 286 0.612 27 2 122.1 10 2671 242.8 168 270 0.622 31 8 121.1
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    Coach Phillips has been retired from teaching for a long while. He has done an exceptional job at Cass and I expect he is already headed to Florida. Good for him. With him leaving however it does not open up any positions in the school so I am not sure how quick this position will be filled.
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    Being independent is far more valuable than bowl games. Bowl games are glorified exhibitions that players are choosing to skip more and more. The only thing that matters is being in the playoff. If ND goes 12-0 they will be in the playoff. If they don't, they don't deserve to be there.
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    I remember that inteo from that game. It still gives me chills every time I see it.
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    And we are playing the game in America again this year!😁
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    Actually IU has a state of the art weightlifting program where each lift is videoed and analyzed. But I'm sure you'll come back and say you already knew that.
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    DT, your training philosophy is stuck in the 70s. I can assure you with modern training methods, you can increase explosiveness and acceleration by adding muscle. He’s a running back. Nobody cares how fast he runs 400 meters, or even 100 meters. It’s more important how fast he runs 10 meters, and increasing power and explosiveness addresses that.
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    My bad. Scottsburg is at 771, which puts them at #130 between Brebeuf and Hammond Clark. I can’t edit my original post, but I can repost the full list sometime. My 2nd paragraph in the original post talks about that where it says “A couple notes to make: Elkhart...”
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    Winning 10-11 games at a place like Notre Dame that is unwilling to cut as many corners as the elites of the sport is one hell of an accomplishment and should not be overlooked. They cannot even actively recruit many of the same players as the Clemson's, Alabama's and Georgia's of the world. Kelly has them as a top 10-15 power annually which is an upgrade over any of the previous coaches since Holtz. Be careful what you wish for...
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    Congrats former Chatard all state lineman for his Miami OH team winning the MAC championship. Danny has been the starting center since his freshman year and on the Rimington Watch list 3 times!!
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    Ive called him out multiple times just in the few mins. Ive never met Charlie and prob never will. Super stoked for him. Hes a great player. How does his age add up? 20 fr 21 so 22 jr 23 sr 24 rs sr. You are wrong like usual.
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    19 yr old senior. Hell be 23 after 4. 24 after 5.. Where did you learn to count? Speaking of math 19 year old sr in high school 20 freshman 21 soph 22 jr 23 sr 24 rs sr
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    Im excited to see him be on IU's team. Im hoping they redshirt him next year... His redshirt freshman year then will be Scott and Walkers senior year...maybe do some ST that season... RS soph.. Only really Sampson will be in his way. Special teamer, maybe FB in some goal line situation worst case for him.
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    I used a point system (state 10, semi-state 7, regionals 5, sectionals 3) purely based on championships. The schools I considered were all among the leaders in either sectional, regional, semi-state, or state championships.......using JH's website. Top 25 1. Chatard 2. Carmel 3. Luers 4. Cathedral 5. Ben Davis 6. Roncalli 7. Dwenger 8. Penn 9. Sheridan 10. Warren Central 11. Hobart 12. Ritter 13. Snider 14. LCC 15. Jimtown 16. Center Grove 17. Mater Dei 18. Tri-West 19. Northwood Andrean 21. Evansville Memorial 22. West Lafayette 23. Franklin Central 24. Eastbrook 25. East Central Columbus East Adams Central Best of the Rest 28. Bloomington South 29. Scenina 30. Breman New Pal Pioneer 33. Jasper 34. Lowell 35. Heritage Hills 36. Western Boone 37. Lawrenceburg 38. Reitz 39. Linton-Stocton 40. Griffith
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    No. Frankfort is teaching them about hardwork, never giving up and working as a team. You realize football is sometimes a way for kids to get away from their problems? Do you realize sometimes their coaches are the only father figures some of the kids have? Sometimes kids have built up anger and they channel it into football. I lost my dad tail end of 7th grade, i was mad at the world, i was mad at God. I I used a lot of that built up anger on the field and damn some of it went away. You only look at football at winning and losing...while majority of us realize football and other sports are more then just a game. Its a way to help give kids an escape. It helps kids stay up on their grades, to stay out of trouble and it gives them guidance. It gives them a sense of family. I feel sorry for you. You always think you are the smartest dude on here but honestly you are a bafoon.
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    I believed going into 17 and 19 theyd have winning records. Rogers missing the LaVille game, Tompos going from CMA to Culver for the semester and AD messing up paper work with a player forcing the warriors to forfeit nj game changed that season. This past year. The injuries were killer. Missing a game or two is one thing but having 4 kids miss 5+ is different. Huetten/Murray/Kiefer changes the Judson/Culver games. Podell moves from C to RG. Townsend is back at FB gives them weapon there for both. Huetten adds major deep threat and kiefer is long snapper and starts at MLB. Not to mention he starts at C. Really close to having a winning record this past year. Should be 5-4 or 6-3 going into sect next year if we don't have major injuries. 2021 is the big year imo
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    Hard to be critical here as I don’t know your criteria and I have yet to come my own but I’d think Carmel is a bit low. Nine state championships and 7 runner up teams (all at the highest level of competition if I am not mistaken) is tough to match.
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    What about the offenses that still haven't evolved with the times? Heritage Hills, Forest Park and Tell City still use a fullback on almost every offensive set. Forest Park and Heritage Hills had to nominate fullbacks for running back position
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    As far as Winamac goes QB.. Theyll return Russell Compton for his Jr year. Hes thrown for 2,461 yards in two seasons. Will be 3 year guy. Backfield. Senior Trent Fox ran over 700 yards as a junior and hell be a 3 year starter .They'll have a new fullback next year with junior Beau Brandt more than likely..he started on D this past yr. Their wingback will be Hayden Clark. He missed the last 7 games this past year. Hell be a junior. Will be a 3 year guy. Junior to be Shaun Pratt will be another kid in the mix. Wide Receivers Senior to be Brayden Lynch. He tied the school record for receptions in a year with 45. Junior to be Jaden Terry and Senior to be Cale Paseresi will be other dudes along with an incoming sophomore who didnt play last year due to injuries on 12/5/18 and an incoming freshman. Offensive line Theyll return Junior to bes Logan Schultz (6'6 278) and Kyle Olds (6'1 247) both will be 3 year starters. Olds missed the last 5 games last year. Senior Dakota Podell (5'11 235) will be back for his 3rd starting season. Senior Pat Kiefer who missed all of last year will be back at center (6'2 218). Had he played last year hed be a 3 yr starter. Juniors to be Brendan Day and Jaxon Roudebush got time as starters. Defense DL. Jr to be Remi Schwartz..Logan Schultz and Kyle Olds all return. So will Dakota Podell. Lbs.. Patrick Kiefer will be returning. As will Hayden Clark and Beau Brandt. Russell Compton started a few games too. Dbs. Jaden Terry, Cale Paseresi, Trent Fox, Brayden Lynch started games. An incoming freshman and Shaun Pratt could be used too. The Warriors had 7 starters miss 36 1/2 games last year. 6 of those kids will be back.
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    After looking at the stats some more.....I think ALL PAC needs to expand a bit to include 3 WRs. Seth delong had the 5th beat receiving year ever for a GS player (at least to what I can find). He led the PAC in receiving with 830 yards and had 11 scores to go with it. Maybe the format isn’t inclusive enough for WRs/TEs......The kid from SR is certainly worthy and everyone knows ben butler is uber talented and deserving....but man. if you lead the PAC in receiving and receiving touchdowns and you are only honorable mention...it just isn’t right. maxpreps doesn’t have classes broken up correctly but I believe Seth was #5 in receiving yards this year in 3A. im not looking to stir trouble. All players listed are very deserving. Just believe there should be more WRs to be ALL PAC 1st team
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    I thought DT said Center Grove had no talent?
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    My heart breaks for both schools, the family and community. I lost my dad at an early age and suddenly just like both these men. It really impacts me to this day. I hope HSE continues to rally behind the family.
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    My thoughts are with his family and the community. I can relate to what his kids are going through or what they will. I lost my dad at 14 suddenly and it happened right in front of me and he was in the same age range as coach Bowsman (dad was 45) and 18 years later it still hurts a lot. I hope the family and community really continue to rally behind the family. God bless them all.
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    Coach Nowlin. Is he related to the Bowsman that coaches at Twin Lakes?
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    Eastbrook fumbled and Woodlan recovered it and drove down the field and scored. Hell Woodlan doesn't throw that pick six, they don't even need the FG! That turnover was huge for Woodlan to win it but dang it without that pick six. Eastbrook never even leads. Guerrent, Hicks and Howard were big play makers for them all year and combined only had 7 touches for a total of 55 yards. I think if Woodlan used them more or made a better attempt to get them the ball. Woodlan wins that game more. It was obvious the coach was deadset on rhodes getting it...and with a solid D that EB had. It was a lot easier to stop that O when you knew #24 was getting it...use your weapons. We can agree to disagree.
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    I wish Ben Downey would apply.
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    Got a weird feeling St. Joe pulls something off 21-20 SJ Glenn 20 Knox 13 Marian 49 Jimtown 21 New Prairie 34 Mishawaka 28 Penn 42 Adams 12 Bremen 28 Clay 7 Riley 27 Washington 13
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    That article was written 11 weeks ago...and specific to 1) the the transcript of Trump's phone call to the Ukrainian President where he abused his authority and tried to get the Ukrainians to investigate the Biden's while holding Congressionally approved military funds hostage and 2) the White House and DOJ's obstruction of justice by not handing over said transcript when there was a "credible and urgent" inspector general's report. The fact that Toobin said there wasn't much juice has absolutely nothing to to with the articles of impeachment as it was specific to the handing over of the transcript. Did you read the article?
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    Did you read the article? Stick to memes calling other people stupid....
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