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    This is worth reposting: If you haven't watched this video, be prepared for a twinkle in the eye. This sums up who Coach Mannering is not as a coach, but as just a guy who we all could learn from in life, as a parent
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    I don't think words can do justice what it mean't to play for him. I know personally I owe an awful lot to him. I read in today's Kokomo Tribune that from 2003 to 2008 his record was 67-10 during that time and I truly believe that you can credit a lot of that to him being a "player coach" so of our teams then were not the most athletic , or biggest teams but we would run through a brick wall for Coach Mannering. I wish he would have gotten his title that he deserves. I will always be proud to be a King and that stems from the pride he took in Lewis Cass. I hope retirement from the game treats him well.
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    Coach Scott Mannering will always be one of the best to coach high school football in the state of Indiana. Not only the decisions he made on Friday nights, but all the intangible things he did for his players & coaches both in-season & out. I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to be part of your coaching staff for a few years at Lewis Cass. Coach Mannering, you will sure be missed on the Friday night sidelines.
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    http://www.newsbug.info/monticello_herald_journal/sports/twin-lakes-indians-head-football-coach-scott-mannering-retires/article_dbf6ff2e-4656-57ab-ab7f-0f7647afb929.html At tonight's School board meeting, it will be finalized that Coach Scott Mannering will head off into the sunset into retirement. Coach was a great addition to the Hoosier Conference and I will miss preparing or his teams greatly, but for what he did on the field, he was such a kind, giving mentor off the field for so many coaches that played for him at Cass, coached for him at Cass/Twin Lakes and is what this profession is all about. Cheers to you Coach Mannering.
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    It has been a blessing to have worked for Scott these last 4 years at TL. What he has brought to Cass, Twin Lakes, and Indiana high school football will be remembered by all who played and coached for him. We have become great friends in the 4 years he has been here and I will miss working with him. Scott, may you be blessed for what you have brought to all of us!!!
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    Just about any wing or straight t team will line their OL in this way. They're not any more off the line than many WR's typically are when they're considered on. Maybe spread teams don't benefit as much from the spacing that this alignment creates, so it's not seen as often. I would argue that spread teams often will violate the illegal man downfield on RPO's, though. I don't think being lined up head-to-hip on the center is anywhere near the advantage as the RPO games that are played. I guess it comes down to how much officials want to nitpick.
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    Mooresville High School has added former University of Indianapolis Offensive Coordinator, Casey Gillin to their staff as OC. Deciding to leave the University of Indianapolis was a tough decision, but wanting to spend more time with his family, C. Gillin has decided to join his dad’s staff at Mooresville. Casey is also the founder of G2 Wins. G2 Wins is 1 on 1 QB training, QB/WR camps, as well as recruiting seminars for all positions. For those wanting to take their Quarterback to the next level, go to G2Wins.com for more information.
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    I read something about her today also: “A Serial Liar”: How Sarah Palin Ushered in the “Post-Truth” Political Era in Which Trump Has Thrived https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/article/a-serial-liar-how-sarah-palin-ushered-in-the-post-truth-political-era-in-which-trump-has-thrived/
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    I just vomited in my mouth
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    I can't think of a single person involved with government in Washington right now who doesn't suffer from Narcissism. Add in PMS Power Mad Syndrome and GOBS Good Old Boy Syndrome.
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    https://www.analyzingamerica.org/cardi-b-wants-to-run-for-congress-says-she-has-so-much-ideas-that-make-sense/?utm_source=palin&fbclid=IwAR3wdaX2dP7YQ27BrJpwY9v6gn-GyxuFv2PR1JUZJq7Fb-0TO2LdV_JcHMw Vote for Cardi B.!! She "deadass have so much ideas that make sense".......Now that she isn't going to move to NIgeria and join a tribe.......Nigerians must not be in a position (or have a desire) to buy her music.......
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    I did not read any of the links, I completely missed your point. What can I say, my son brought me a bottle of Vodka Sunday and the Caucasians were going down smooth last night. Hey at least I didn't drunk text anyone!
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    I would assume so, but you would have to talk with an old lineman and not an old skill guy! LOL I would guess Bullhorn's explanation would be as good as any. I was more of the opinion that if a rule was not being followed by one of the teams and not enforced by officials it would create a competitive advantage. I was afraid I was going to have to pull a Lt. Kaffee/ Col. Jessup exchange on Bobref something like this: Me: Why the two orders, Bobref? I said the linemen were in no-man's land, you said they were not and gave me the definition. I can have the court reporter read it back to you.... Then I posted a picture and you said the linemen just needed a "talk to" and it wasn't a foul. So why the two orders? If they're not in no-man's land, why do they need a "talk to"? I want the TRUTH! Bobref: You can't handle the truth! I've officiated games and seen offensive formations your mind can't even fathom. You want me to throw the flag, you need me to throw the flag. Because we play a game that has rules. And those rules need to be enforced. We use phrases like "preventive officiating" and "talk to", and you use them as punchline. Unless you're willing to pick up a whistle and man a crew on Friday nights, I would rather you say thank you and just be on your way. [I mean this with all due respect and completely in jest. Frankly, it's the offseason, and I'm bored. LOL]
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    I’ll take a lesson learned from this last year. it’s memorial until it isn’t anymore 😂
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    Cover up? Why would you do the enemy’s propaganda work for them? Feel free to hate Trump and all his policies. But remember which side you’re on.
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    Good for Coach Wright....great fit. He should make an impact with recruiting as stated in the article.
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    IU's offensive coordinator just became the HC at Fresno State. Is the IU offensive coordinator position a potential landing spot? 👀
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    I think Noblesville has the potential to be a better job than Fishers because of the reasons you stated. Plus community support is pretty solid even for a program that has been downtrodden for so long. Facilities are on Noblesville's side too with a beautiful weight room and plenty of practice space. Their stadium lacks in comparison though to most, if not all, 5A/6A programs. 3000+ students, a good feeder program, great community involvement, and high socioeconomic value should have Noblesville's program better than what they have been lately. However, with Fishers and HSE, you literally have to convince your middle school players to go to your high school.
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    This is why I don't trust too many Snider guys. I'd insert short joke here, but Tippmann would punch me.
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    Cheat...like everyone else. You show me a clean program, I’ll show you a mediocre one.
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    Winning 10-11 games at a place like Notre Dame that is unwilling to cut as many corners as the elites of the sport is one hell of an accomplishment and should not be overlooked. They cannot even actively recruit many of the same players as the Clemson's, Alabama's and Georgia's of the world. Kelly has them as a top 10-15 power annually which is an upgrade over any of the previous coaches since Holtz. Be careful what you wish for...
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    I believe the image I posted is linked to the Huffington Post, but it can also be found on many, many other websites. If you use Google Chrome you can right click on the image and select "Search Google for image".
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    Whatever happened to the concept of Caveat Emptor? Or does government have to protect us from everything?
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    Dismissing Her Political Opponents As Mentally Ill, Yale Psychiatrist Diagnoses Alan Dershowitz: https://reason.com/2020/01/13/dismissing-her-political-opponents-as-mentally-ill-yale-psychiatrist-diagnoses-alan-dershowitz/
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    Neil Peart, Champion of Individualism: https://reason.com/2020/01/13/neil-peart-champion-of-individualism/ As Bullock notes, the driving force here wasn't Rand's full-throated endorsement of commerce; it was her defense of individual will and artistic integrity against corrupting conformity, whether the pressure to conform comes from the government or from soulless corporate executives. As time went on Peart, distanced himself from Rand and some of her more radical policy notions. The Liberty profile mentions that Peart supports a government safety net. By 2015, he was telling Rolling Stone: "For a person of my sensibility, you're only left with the Democratic Party….The whole health-care thing—denying mercy to suffering people? What? This is Christian?" Rush even sent libertarian-leaning Sen. Rand Paul (R–Ky.) a cease-and-desist letter in 2010 to get the then-candidate to stop using its songs at rallies and in videos, although the band's lawyers insisted that this was a solely a copyright issue. So went Peart's ideological journey. Meanwhile, the music he made will continue to have a life of its own, inspiring people with its defense of individual freedom for decades to come. Truly a Canadian icon. He will be missed.
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    I can think of one: https://amash.house.gov/ Sure wish he represented me and my family in the U.S. House of Representatives.
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    Sanders Wins Support of Crucial Nevada Teachers Union: https://www.nationalreview.com/news/sanders-wins-support-of-crucial-nevada-teachers-union/ So I guess we now know who @DanteEstonia is voting for..........................
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    If "why not" (aka "not Trump") is you and other socialists primary reason for voting for Mr. Sanders then I fear for the future of our country.
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    Is it just me or does she just keep getting hotter the older she gets? @Irishman
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    https://mises.org/wire/subprime-loans-will-be-back-vengeance-2020 And explode it will. Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I suggest buying gold, and seeds.
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