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    I’m so happy with that. Football is very important, we all know that, but this whole sports dynamic is for the kids and not us. Sure, it’s fun to draw up maps and postulate scenarios that border on the insane, but it’s really about making them better people through sport.
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    Scary stuff https://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/daily-southtown/sports/ct-sta-spt-pat-disabato-column-st-011920-20200117-hj3hzjqzzbcnjng2aee2gebpxe-story.html?outputType=amp&__twitter_impression=true
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    Spot on. Aaron began to show his age, but the other Aaron (Jones) looked to be the back of the future.
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    NFC title game with a first year coach, things could have been much worse.
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    Anyone know when the packer game is starting? Lol
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    Donald Trump enters the history books - but not for the reason he wants: 45th president is only the THIRD to be impeached and the first ever Republican president to be put on trial https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7808233/AP-Analysis-Impeachment-forever-changes-Trumps-legacy.html
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    “We’ll take the ball and we’re gonna score.” Matthew Hasselbeck 😬
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    I did. 12 minutes of nothing I hadn't read already, all for an AWAY suitcase ad.
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    So exactly who in the GID hierarchy with the ability to pin topics in the OOB forum is the de-facto 'decider' of what topics can be pinned?
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    Irish is right Muda....let it go. We all see what BO is doing in voting down everyone of your posts. I guess he does this because he feels he's irritating you. Its childish...no doubt. Just let him bask in this inmature behavior. At the end of the day, does anyone really care about reputation points? I don't think it impacts you one bit in terms of what and when you choose to post. As Irish says...its time to move on.
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    https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/01/16/ihsaa-commissioner-bobby-cox-resigns/4490470002/ If only Mr. Cox had had the courage to institute a true football multiplier maybe he would actually be remembered as doing something.................
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