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  1. So much fake news in just one post. 1. There have been links provided. You have yet to address a single specific claim in any of them, including the one that Rush and Sean told you had a liberal bias. 2. You give yourself FAR too much credit. 3. You love painting people with such broad strokes without knowing all the facts. There are not four Democrats challenging you as you claim. You might be half right at best. But I guess those who are not Trump supporters are all now Democrats? 4. Who is triggered? Because someone tries to have a conversation about something in particular,
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  2. Being a preferred walk on reminds me of what it must have been like for Benton Central players to go up against George Karlaftis. That is basically what a PWO is looking at 4 years as a tackling dummy for the scout team and a lifetime of orthopedic and arthritis pain No thanks.
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  3. Can't be happy for the kids, can you? And everything above is garbage. If Spegal doesn't accept the PWO at IU maybe he goes to Marian... Or UIndy... Maybe those would have been better fits? To put all of this on kids deciding what is best for them (NOT BEST FOR YOU or Small College Football in Indiana) is absolutely asinine.
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  4. Is this the current model at traditional B10 powerhouse programs like Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, and Wisconsin?
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  5. Please provide proof the meme is not factual. I am smart enough to get four Democrats triggered while claiming a meme has been proven false and is not factual.🤣
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