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    We believe that this move is going to be a good thing for PC football as well. We knew for a couple years out that the numbers for the 2019 season would be small as there were two classes back to back that never had a lot of numbers and resulted in 1 Jr. High team when they were in Jr. High. PC Football numbers should start to return to normal in the 2020 season as we expect 35-45 players in grades 9-12 for the upcoming season. Our youth program is strong and in 2019 we fielded two junior high teams, two 5/6th grade teams, two 3rd/4th grade teams, and had 70+ students participate in our k-2 flag football program.
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    Announced tonight: Clayton Mannering, son of Hall of Fame coach Scott Mannering, was announced to follow in his dads footsteps and took the job at Lewis Cass. Bring a bright future to Lewis Cass for the future.
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    Hold your mouse over your profile icon top right, scroll down to "ignore users" enter my name.
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    Ya found out yesterday was glad to hear he got it! Great coach even better person!
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    Its official tonight, Curt Funk has been hired at Fishers, Much love to my buddy on his new opportunity. Coach Funk easily one of the best guys in the state!!
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    Well, Bosse and Harrison were the 7th & 8th place teams in the SIAC compared to Mt. Vernon and Boonville being 2nd and 3rd in the Big 8. We played both Jasper and Boonville and I would not characterize either as being "far more" physical than anyone in the SIAC except Harrison.
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    So just to make sure I am following along I want to make sure I understand your post. You are saying that the MLB proposal of increasing the amount of teams that make the playoffs teaches us that we should reduce the amount of teams that make the playoffs in high school football.
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    Top to bottom the SIAC is more physical, more athletic, and more talented than any conference in SW Indiana. Not close.
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    Came across my reading feeds this morning ... not sure why. https://getpocket.com/explore/item/the-curious-case-of-the-bog-bodies?utm_source=pocket-newtab Always end up with suggested reading items that are off the norm of my regular reading trends. Helps me stay well-rounded and also occasionally provides some really interesting reading that sparks additional interest or reading ... also provides a nice "distraction" for the day too.
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    It's impossible to make 162 games relevant.
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    And ironically those to games might be the only 2 wins Vincennes has this season. But then there is sectional 30 to look forward to.
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    Seeing what friends on that side of the spectrum are posting, I think Bloomberg is becoming more of a target for attacks than Bernie is. It has definitely divided the party as far as which one they hate more. Crazy thing is, if they focus too much on one, the other could get the nomination. I still see a Hillary contingent raiding the party either just before, or at the convention.
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    I found it interesting that no one has heard from Tulsi Gabbard since she sued Hildog, and after Tom Steyer was lauded by the pundits of having a good debate Friday night, he barely beat her last night. Bloomberg is the wild card in this thing. I will admit that I have found this whole process interesting. I think it will take some twists and turns along the way. I think Bernie will ultimately have the support to win the nomination, but the D's won't allow it, he'll get screwed again. He is the Democrat's worst nightmare.
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    You'll never change the mind of a conspiracy theorist. They aren't conceited, they are just convinced. LOL
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    Wethington verballed to Valpo. I think with the opportunity to have a shot at playing B1G football was something Brett couldn't pass up (My thoughts/opinions)... Nothing on Spencer yet...
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    When I first read this thread title, the words "Astros" and "Beltran" came to mind. Bobref took it in a different direction Major League baseball post season play used to be sacrosanct There was one division per league, and winning the grueling 154 game schedule won you a league pennant and a trip to the World Series When baseball expanded to two divisions per league, still only the four division winners advanced to the post season Now we have 3 division winners per league, two league wild cards, and it's still not enough BULL Hockey and basketball expanded due to popularity. Baseball grew out of pure demand. The two are not the same There is too much roster manipulation that goes on in baseball today, where a mediocre team that is not playoff worthy advances to postseason play because they have two flamethrowers in this era of uber strikeouts 75% of all major League teams were still within playoff contention in the last month of the season. Isn't that enough Bob? These Major League boys celebrate every win like they've just won the Little League World series. How many Gatorade showers and Jersey tearoffs do we really need to see Bob? I'm reminded of the famous line from Tom Hanks character as he is shot and dying during the battle with the German tank brigade on the French front. "Earn it" is what Hanks says to young Daniel Patrick Ryan as he takes his last breath If we continue to expand and allow more marginal teams in, are they truly "earning" it?
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    They deserved a comment after going to all that trouble just to set up account so they could make one comment like that...I didn't want them to be dissapointed. lol.
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    You can’t possibly be that unaware. Currently, 1 out of 3 MLB teams make the playoffs. This proposal would expand that to just under 50% (14 out of 30) and, thus, keep more teams in contention for the postseason longer, resulting in a better and more competitive regular season. An all-in format doesn’t have any teams “in contention,” because they all make it. Surely you can see the difference?
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    I'm guessing a public school teaching/coaching job would pay more than a Catholic school teaching/job...
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    https://www.analyzingamerica.org/mike-bloomberg-caught-on-tape-telling-fellow-elites-all-the-crime-is-in-minority-areas/?fbclid=IwAR3ZZgny3jVFSFvZryAAF-CAzLCqnhPmOtkAs5gvcmd8bNKXYeoWO2cyOzI In 2015 Mike Bloomberg, the former Mayor of New York City, gave a speech to the Aspen Institute and defended his strategy of aggressively policing minority neighborhoods. A tape recording of that speech has come to light and Bloomberg, now running for the Democratic presidential nomination, was heard discussing crime and minorities. At one point, Bloomberg is heard justifying the policy he implemented as mayor known as stop-and-frisk. Bloomberg said “Put the cops where the crime is, which means in minority neighborhoods.” Many people are blasting Bloomberg for the comments they heard on the tape. Trump's fault...... Seriously, does anyone think this will this impede Bloomberg's rise in the Democratic Primary run, or will the dems still try to push him up ahead of the top 3? BTW, Biden's done .(IMHO)
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    Go Knights! Thank god Tom Allen didn't get involved.
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    It was a logical change that should have been in the rules all along. It won't likely happen very often but there is no reason to not allow it. I've been working college football for several years where this rule existed, and i don't remember ever seeing it in one of my games.
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    In my opinion, the number of in-state PWO's you have in your program signifies the health of the program. If Purdue/IU has just a couple, it means that they have been losing so badly the last few years that high school kids - even though they were raised Purdue/IU fans - will go elsewhere and play versus walk-on for their favorite college. If the program is poor, its not worth the sacrifice of your body and your grades to play as a walk-on, and most would rather just enjoy being a student at that same university. If the program is strong, and has been winning, kids will take the PWO, and that will increase the health of the program in 3 distinct ways. (1) In-state PWO's bring the knowledge of the history, traditions, rivalries, and pride for a university that you don't have when a kid from Florida steps on campus at Purdue/IU. (2) In-state PWO's help the out-of-state kids transition into the new environment including the climate, community, and whereabouts. They can bring a home away from home feel that is needed. (3) In-state PWO's put butts in the seats and get people to follow the team... plain and simple. It's easier for an in-state PWO's friends and extended family to get to a game at Purdue or IU than it is for a player's from Florida. I have 2 good examples of this... the Iowa Linebacker room during springball of 2018. They had 19 LB's on the roster... 6 of which were scholarship. The health of Iowa's program is strong with consistent winning seasons, and thus 13 in-state PWO LB's were giving it their all in attempts of making the team and earning a spot. It only takes 1 to earn specials team playing time and more will get in line in the future for their chance at success. The other example is Wisconsin OL during springball 2018. They had enough in-state POW's to line up 4 deep OT to OT. And they were all BIG. Health of the program very good. And yes, many of those PWO's could have played at another smaller in-state college. So the fact Purdue and IU are getting really good in-state high school football players to accept PWO's is a very good sign for those B1G programs, and you will several of those kids contribute in some manner if they stick it out for several years. Michigan has a sign in their locker room that reads "Those who stay will be Champions", and its not about the fact that they have never played in the B1G Championship game. I think the same can be said for in-state PWO's for Purdue and IU now given those teams have moved up from the bottom of the B1G and are playing competitive football weekly now.
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    Why couldnt it be just as rewarding for that guy who never sniffed action? Maybe they are at their dream school, suiting up for the team they have wanted to play for since they were little? Every day they are out there practicing, weightlifting, attending meetings, etc....maybe the role on Saturday's isnt what they dreamed, but they are still there, living out the path that 18 year old them led them down. The same could be said for the guy that chooses a smaller school and ends up starting for 4 years instead of taking the WO route. It is rewarding because it was his route and his choices.
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    Quite frankly, this entire conversation is ridiculous. If you were a casual fan and ventured into this conversation, you might think that IU now has like 50 PWOs or something. This is not an issue worth debating. Until one of the coaches from Marian, St. Francis, UINDY, Franklin, Hanover, or anywhere else comes into my office crying the blues about not having players to offer, I will not buy it. There are plenty of kids, and plenty of schools for them to attend to play. END OF STORY!
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    I don't understand your argument here: School A - "we like you and want you to be a walk on" School B - " we like you and want to offer you a full sholarship" Student-Athlete - " i want to take my chances at school A" The student saw what options they had and made a choice. Until Saban turns a kid down in order to boost Chattahoochee Valley Community College's program, i think this is a non-issue.
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    I too am disappointed and dumbfounded that a Big Ten coach would go out and try to get the best talent in the state on his roster. 🙄 First IU didnt recruit enough in state, now he is taking too many guys. Can't have it both ways. Some of these kids have D1/Big Ten dreams and this may be the only route to pursue those dreams. More power to them!
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    North Posey seems like the prefered spot for wayward X Central athletes...perhaps they are looking for a QB?
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    I disagree with your assessment of Evansville. It's a great place to work and raise a family. LOL. That is pretty hypocritical...
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    I think this change could help to turn the tide at Pike Central. More of the same at Washington I am afraid...they have plenty of kids...hopefully they can get it turned around. Basketball is so popular there but I can remember some very good Washington football teams.
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    Big changes to the MLB playoff process are being proposed now. What does that have to do with Indiana high school football? It just confirms something that some of us have been saying for years. If you want to make the regular season games more exciting, ignite fan interest, keep people and teams engaged to the greatest extent possible, you take steps to make those regular season games more meaningful with respect to post-season opportunity. MLB has obviously realized that changing the playoff protocol is a legitimate and effective way to do that. In order to make regular season games more meaningful, they are proposing changes that would keep more teams fighting for more playoff spots. It would increase playoff participation from 10 to 14 teams. The stated purpose is to make the stakes for regular season games higher, to make for more competitive games, greater "buzz" and, of course, the increased revenue that flows from that. This teaches us that the most sophisticated minds in sports see using the playoff structure as a way to improve the regular season … just what we should be doing in Indiana with at least playoff seeding, and better still, a playoff qualification format.
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    And what do we tell Johnny Football in 5 years when he is $100K in debt and getting ready to start his fabulous career as a Gym Teacher for $35000 in Podunk, Indiana? Oh wait, President Warren will likely forgive that debt as part of her income redistribution initiative
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    https://reason.com/2020/02/11/finger-gun-school-tredyffrin-valley-forge-down-syndrome/ Lawmakers and policy architects frequently suffer from failures of imagination: They presume their laws and policies will be followed in exactly the manner they intend. But the officials who carry out and enforce said policies do not always exercise good judgment. Instead, they over-comply with the policy and follow it to the letter, which produces absurd results like these. Margot's situation is a good reminder that unthinking public panic about safety in schools—divorced from any actual danger that is statistically significant—has a cost: It drives bad policy that promotes overcriminalization and invites law enforcement to intervene unnecessarily in disputes between students and teachers. Kids who make mistakes should face proportionate punishment—like a timeout, in Margot's case. Police State.
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    No S#!* - Thank you for setting me straight there big guy.......But THIS party is going to ELECT a NOMINEE during it's PRIMARY.......
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    The Good News Is That We Probably Won't Elect a Socialist. The Bad News Is That We Already Have, Many Times.: https://reason.com/2020/02/12/the-good-news-is-that-we-probably-wont-elect-a-socialist-the-bad-news-is-that-we-already-have-many-times/ Even atheists, long a group shunned by voters, did better, with 60 percent of respondents saying godlessness would be a problem (that's up from 45 percent in 2007). Worse still, Gallup notes that "last measured these attitudes, in 2019, the results were within a few percentage points of those found today." In fact, socialism seemed less a votekill back in 2016, when 47 percent of respondents said that they were willing to vote one in. Gallup Still, Bernie's persistence and strong showing have centrist Democratic commentators seeing red. "To nominate Sanders would be insane," writes Jonathan Chait of New York magazine, who contends: Yet among left-leaning Democrats, Sanders would represent nothing more than Democratic status quo. At Vox, Matthew Yglesias coos, "On the vast majority of issues, a Sanders administration would deliver pretty much the same policy outcomes as any other Democrat." The big exceptions, say Yglesias, are foreign policy and monetary policy, "where Sanders takes issue with an entrenched conventional wisdom that is deeply problematic." Despite Sanders beating President Donald Trump in the averages of most head-to-head polls, only diehard Bernie bros seem fully confident that Vermont's self-declared socialist would go on to beat the president in the fall election (even Yglesias discounts recent polls, agreeing "it's a reasonable concern" that Sanders' edge would withstand "the sure-to-come cavalcade of attack ads from Trump"). That's putting it mildly. Progressives can claim that, despite surveys such as the new Gallup one, Americans really want "socialism," but there's a reason that no one as explicitly left as Sanders has been nominated—much less won—the presidency. For libertarians, however, the reason gives cold comfort: Americans don't even need to leave the comfort of the Republican Party to get a spendthrift president who may not be a declared socialist but nonetheless grows the size, scope, and spending of the federal government. Leaving aside the question of whether a president's budget proposal has a chance of being enacted as is, spending under Trump has already skyrocketed and it will go even higher if he gets his 2021 spending plan approved. Chris Edwards of the Cato Institute calculates that inflation-adjusted federal spending would climb by 10 percent (not including interest costs) during his first four years in office. Using an alternative method that only uses "actual budget amounts for the 2020 fiscal year" and compares them to ones from 2016, The New York Times' Alicia Parlapiano and Quoctrung Bui calculate that per-capita spending has increased by $1,441 under Trump. Americans may not want a socialist per se, especially one who promises to nationalize health care and create something approaching a single-payer system not only for K-12 education (we already effectively have that) but for higher education, too. But they seem totally ready to re-elect Donald Trump, whose approval rating has soared to as high as 50 percent in some recent polls.* And if it's not Trump or Sanders, it will be someone who goes along with spending more than what we are already spending, which is more than what we were spending a year ago. Uni-party to the max, and spending our country into oblivion.
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    https://reason.com/2020/02/12/illinois-bill-would-ban-adults-from-pumping-their-own-gas/ 68 people are talking about this Increasing safety is the best justification for Lilly's bill. It's still not a very good one. According to a study from the National Fire Protection Association, there were 5,000 gas station fires per year between 2004 and 2008, which resulted in an average of two deaths a year and $20 million in property damage. That seems like a pretty small risk given that there were 117,000 gas stations in the country at the time. The number of gas station fires has also fallen dramatically since 1980, the NFPA notes, even as self-service has become more common. There's also not much reason to assume that a gas station attendant who's responsible for filling up multiple cars at once is going to be more careful than individual motorists. While drivers in the states that still mandate full-service like to talk up the convenience of not having to get out of their car, the fact that the practice doesn't persist when it's not mandated is proof enough that people are not willing to pay the costs of this higher level of service. The Illinois Policy Institute, a think tank, notes that motorists in that state are already paying the third-highest gas taxes in the country. Self-service stations can also create convenience in other ways. The fewer staff members needed to man the pumps mean businesses can reassign employees to manning registers, making food, or performing other tasks their customers value more. Lower operating costs at self-service gas stations might also mean gas stations can afford to stay open later or operate in more remote locations, where business is slower. Oregon's legalization of self-service pumps in rural counties was all about increasing service levels in remote areas of the state where it wasn't economical to have a gas station attendant on hand 24 hours a day. Lilly's desire to create jobs is also a poor justification for either banning self-service gas stations or mandating staffing levels. The more consumers have to pay for a service they don't want, the less money they have to spend on other things that they do want. Higher staffing costs leave gas stations with less money to pay vendors or reinvest in their businesses. The effect is to make the economy poorer and less productive. That's not a win for capital, labor, or consumers. The one silver lining in Illinois' proposal is how much people hate it. In Oregon and New Jersey, motorists have strong negative reactions to rolling back their state's full-service mandates. Illinois residents are clearly having the opposite reaction. This demonstrates the small-c conservativism of many voters; once people have the right to do something, they are not eager to lose it. Yet another government "solution" looking for a problem.
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    Preferred walk on roster for Indiana University is bulging at the seams with Indiana kids. Depleting the available instate athletes for smaller state colleges and universities. including ,but not Limited to.other In state D1schools. Most of these kids will never see the light of day in their career at IU. whether Allen thinks he’s being generous or what. This is not a good thing.
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    When Center Grove has a mass shooting, your tune will change.
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