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    Dude, now isn’t the time. Go back to your hole.
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    Predictions and history are a moot point as this is a different disease with different factors contributing to decisions. Personally, I could care less what CNN or FOX has to say about this...I want to hear from the CDC and the WHO - they are the experts and they are the ones who will provide us with the facts and the direction to make us safe.
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    Thanks to all the coaches who stepped up and presented when others were cancelled and couldn't make it. Unique situation no doubt but IFCA pulled it all together. Cheers
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    The thing that many people fail to appreciate is that, when it comes to fueling hysteria, the “media” is not the bogeyman it once was. That’s because anyone with access to social media is now a member of the “media.” So even if the established news media didn’t blow something out of proportion, you can bet that the social media will. There’s no longer a meaningful distinction between news media and the public on subjects like this.
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    Funny....seems conspiracy theories are plentiful.....on both sides.
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    The media didn’t tell us to hoard toilet paper and water, but I think they knew the supply chain would be hampered. Some media I trust, others not so much...
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    You may be missing my point. I didn't say the CDC was overreacting, I did so precautions are a good idea. And I didn't say anything about media imploring people to stock up. The constant media coverage and is leading people to go out and hoard food and essentials, IMO. I guess since most things are at a stand still they need something to report on. The biggest pandemic in modern times did not cause this massive hysteria.
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    as in RYAN!!! 😁 Congrats to Ryan O'shea, the O'shea branch just got bigger. Tremendous football family.
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    Congrats to Ryan O'shea, takin gover Lakeland Lakers, announced tonight
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    Exactly. I’ll take the scientists and doctors over journalists any day...
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    I respect your opinion. I agree that the CDC and WHO would be best provider of info.
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    I was not sure if he had just knocked that guy out or not. I forgot about those two seeing him do that as well.
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    Happy to see you've entered the 90's. Did you go with America OnLine, or NetZero?
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    This is very disappointing. Ramsey gives 4 years to the IU program and becomes a major factor in the Hoosier rebuild, and now he changes colors and goes to an enemy program with a chance for his biggest season ever. Something wrong with this. Intraconference transfers should be outlawed. This is ridiculous.
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    Proud to do my part in upholding the American Way. Traditions are important.
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    My reasoning for saying that about Beta is the absolute blind loyalty to Alpha. He was easily manipulated by her, and refused to think for himself. My prediction, since Negan cannot stand him, is that Negan will rally the other whisperers against Beta. Most of them live in absolute fear of him and Alpha. They have seen them both do really cruel things. Now, will Negan and Carol bring them into the fold of the group? and yes, it was a great distraction from all the other stuff....especially a weekend with no sports at all. I kept thinking about the commonalities, between their world and what we have seen in reality. How similar to the initial attack? The raids on the local stores, seeing how people have taken to the extremes of the seriousness, or lack thereof of what we are currently going through, and the lack of any sports. Yeah, I have been THAT bored.
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    You think Beta is dumb? Interesting. 🤔 I think he is more than just the muscle. Does he ascend to Alpha or is that Negan? Kind of cool nod to the comics when the whisperer mentioned, “it’s you!” In the comics Beta was a famous pro hooper. In the show, the distinct link has been made between TWD and Fear. If you watch the show, Daniel Salazar is collecting records. A fight ensues with some walkers and the records are scattered. There is a brief shot of an album with Beta’s “before” picture on the cover. Then in episode 1002 I believe (backstory of how he and Alpha met), there is a picture of him and his friend (who’s face and shirt he wears) with his face scratched out. Now onto Carol and Negan. Carol was indeed the one who let Negan out of his cell. This is the first scene between Carol and Negan. Carol is an original and Negan has been with us since episode 616. We have 4 more episodes until the end of season 10. Anymore major deaths? Where there is death, there must be life, no? Cant wait to see West Virginia. What has Georgie been up to? Teaching? Thank you for the dialogue. A much needed reprieve.
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    At this point, those beaches are only closed from the 16th to the 19th this month. I am guessing that will be extended; and I expect other beaches to do the same. I am holding out hope though.
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    Something tells me the result of that 20 hour ride would be more akin to “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”. “Two men enter, one man leaves”. I am best in small doses.....20 hours would tax even Job’s patience.
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    No typos this time😷
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    My understanding is that Chatard is now on e-learning with all games and practices suspended through, at least, April 11. Cant speak to other schools.
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    Be nicer to Trump please. You guys are so unfair.
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    Let's Give Bernie-Syle Socialism a Try in California First: https://mises.org/wire/lets-give-bernie-syle-socialism-try-california-first Sounds like a good plan.
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    Trump Gets What He Wants as Federal Reserve Interest Rate Target Drops to Zero: https://reason.com/2020/03/15/trump-gets-what-he-wants-as-federal-reserve-interest-rate-target-drops-to-zero/ Yahoo! Finance gives some context, noting that: President Donald Trump had been jawboning and hectoring Fed chief Jerome Powell to make this drastic interest rate move for a long time to boost "his" economy in an election year. But under current conditions, the move has a high risk of merely extending unnatural bubbles in certain asset values that will eventually crash, leaving monetary policy powerless to help. It has the additional risk of seeding high overall short-term price inflation of the sort we haven't seen in America in over three decades. The last time we've seen an annual price inflation rate over 5 percent, for example, was 1990. The Fed says it will likely keep to these policies until it feels the economy is on the other end of the COVID-19 crisis. Keep buying Gold. And seeds.
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    Mitigating short term uncertainty and hardship for almost future economic disaster. And of course it will affect our children and grandchildren more than us. 'Tis the American Way.
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    To hear you whine about it. Mission Accomplished. Enjoy the Echo Chamber.
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    I don't see any quotes. Must be that linking to the human cesspool known as facebook again.................. Which POTUS are you referring to? All POTUS'es have lied while in office, have they not?
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    Hillary Clinton vice presidential odds surge, now fifth in line: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/hillary-clintons-vice-presidential-odds-surge-now-5th-in-line
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