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    The free market decides how many we need.
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    Booker picks up offer from Arizona. 4th PAC 12 school.
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    I had a nice upbringing as I was privileged. But you know what? I feel no sense of entitlement, I bust my butt for everything. It actually makes me work harder.
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    not to mention, how many people have these families employed over time............ But, it shouldn't be a surprise Muda....Aesop wrote his fable about the ant and the grasshopper centuries ago......BC I believe..........
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    While I agree, that is not one sided with our government. We just had senior senator publicly threaten supreme court justices, then claim he was from Brooklyn and "where we talk tough". On the other hand in the past, we've also experienced wolves in sheep's clothing. Style in appearance, while shoveling funds to rouge nations, covering up debacles like Benghazi, use agencies such as the IRS to target the Americans, (tea party) political party screw one of its own candidates, etc. Could go on and on. We seem to care much more about "style" than we do substance......
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    He knew when to fold 'em
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    I'd settle for someone who doesn't fire the professionals hired to handle pandemics.
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    I am not rooting for a mud fight. That is simply what the 2020 campaign will become. The liberal mainstream media, Democrats and establishment RINO's have been slinging mud at Trump since day one. The debates will be the moderator(s) and Biden vs Trump. Slinging mud at Trump is a poor strategy as he fights back and he is the Godzilla of mud wrestling.
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    I wasn't specifically commenting on the candidates, but instead on the cavalier attitude that somehow or another citizenry is rooting for a mud fight and that the idea of the Presidency has been reduced to reality show entertainment at its lowest level.
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    Also to weaponize the U.S. intelligence agencies to spy on a presidential candidate during an election campaign and attempt a coup of the incoming president.
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    Singer, actor, ‘The Gambler’: Kenny Rogers dies at 81: https://apnews.com/34a33052994dd662c1a8b70751e03b30 A sad day. Truly an American icon, he will be missed.
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    This is the candidate the Democrats have selected to mud wrestle with Trump. 🤣 Trump is the Godzilla of mud wrestling. Wrestling with Trump is like wrestling with a pig. Everyone is going to get really dirty and the pig likes it.
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    Trump will slam Biden on his record of corruption and Dementia Joe will lose it, cuss Trump out and challenge him to a fight or push up contest on the debate stage during a live national television broadcast. It will be hilarious.
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    lol, you truly believe that? Stop playing the victim card. What is stopping you from being one of those "few families"? Have you every stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, these "few families" had the desire, the work ethic, the idea to build businesses that allowed them accumulate that wealth? That, in fact, they earned most of it through blood, sweat, and tears? And what right do you have to demand they share their success with you and your ilk?
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    Yet most people treat treat their vote for the POTUS like it is some kind of horse race. And voting for the "lesser of two evils" is actually a valid choice. Mr. Trump or Mr. Biden is not really a choice, just voting for one side of the same uni-party coin. Vote third party and let your voice be heard.
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    There hasn't been a uni-party candidate in decades that wasn't already effectively the puppet of the military-industrial complex, the CIA/Deep State, special interest groups, or a combination thereof. Here is the type of presidential candidate our uni-party system has devolved to producing:
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    Mr. Johnson was a better candidate in 2016 than either Mr. Trump or Ms. Clinton. Go ahead and continue to be a lemming Gonzo, blindly voting for whatever uni-party candidate is put before you. Because hey if that candidate wins then you by extension are a "winner" as well, right? I didn't know Rand Paul was a member of the Libertarian Party.
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    And you know it's a perm how exactly? Why do you use the word libertarian in quotes in this context, Mr. foxbat?
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    "Rainy day fund"? The federal government hasn't had such a thing for decades, unless you call quantitative easing "aka printing more money" a rainy day fund. And federal spending has risen to the level that I guess you are ok with at least 50% of your earnings going towards taxes? No, no level of taxation will fix this mess, only a true reduction in the spending and scope of the federal government.
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