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    I thought the comments were incredibly interesting and candid. It is fun to watch the experts. The few things that I'm an expert at I can simplify down to easy chunks. You and Coach Ralph do a great job of chunking the information down. No wonder why you are hard to beat. I don't know what keeps some guys at high schools, but high schools are blessed. I've been around some tremendous coaches in my life from having attended Luers and Snider and teaching in the state. My hat is off to you. I was talking with another member here and that has to be one of Snider's better offensive teams ever.
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    Well that changes everything........I apologize for misinterpreting the sit and spin reaction then. 😄
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    Coach: I couldn't agree with you more! For one summer (or for one month), those in fall athletics should have the opportunity to condition and prep for the coming season. Yes, be happy to work with your kids again . . . . put in that new offense . . . get to know that new coach . . . refine your routes . . . passing skills . . . . blocking skills . . . hit the weight room . . . get some cardio in . . . some plyo work in . . . . work on the jump serve . . . work on digging up those attacks at the net, if you are a volleyball player . . . you get the idea. And yes, for one summer, schools can get by without 7-on-7 or 11-on-11 against another school. If the winter and spring sports ask for kids time, it does expose them to more of an opportunity to be around additional people. If WE can't control social distancing, we ALL will be back to QUARANTINE again. Shut down again, stay home again . . . these are about number facts. More contact, more dying. As you mentioned, just one guys thought. as always, the game is bettter from_the_sidelines007
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    Totally agree with this. It's a big problem if you travel a lot.
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    A tribute to the late, great Jerry Stiller. A thread created solely for the airing of grievances over downvotes. If ya got 'em, post 'em here!
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    I have always viewed him as much more of a partisan than a moderator.
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    Ok..I hear ya. You are one of those type people that can offer feedback, but not good at taking it. I shared my PERCEPTION of your targeted posts as being biased. I get you don't like that. You don't have to accept it and you could certainly ignore it. But it is my perception and it is what it is. Absolutely I accept my role and really don't care if you like or dislike my tone. Report me, ignore me, chastise me, or stay silent...at the end of the day, I don't care. But offer you opinion away...I ignored it the first few times. I do take exception that you singled out Howe, while letting GID friends off the hook.
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    Look...another conspiracy theory. Or it could just simply be friends texting each other. But your version sounds much better.
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    According to a Notre Dame friend the campus will open August 10 for classes with no fall break and will end the semester at Thanksgiving. This is to stop a lot of student travel back and forth.
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    Back on topic: The Massive Trump Coronavirus Supply Effort that the Media Loves to Hate https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/05/the-massive-trump-coronavirus-supply-effort-that-the-media-loves-to-hate/ OMB. TDS.
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    Yes Irishman, amused. Picturing you on one of these:
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    Yeah....so a guy who gives the sit and spin reaction is amused? yeah ok.......like I said Saturday; you're funny.
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    Upset? Hardly. Amused is more like it. And frankly one should expect more impartiality and less ridicule from a member of the GID Administration.
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    Notre Dame just announced campus open and fall semester starts on August 10th
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    Sure seems like you show bias in who you choose to call out and who you don't call out.....and at this point, I would even add who you choose to defend......interesting lol
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    Possibly the government school teacher career, used to passing out judgments instead of being judged. Combined with the GID position of authority he holds over the rest of us peons such feedback is probably difficult to stomach.
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    That's true....family wanted fajita's this weekend, so wife and youngest daughter went to Kroger to get some flank steak. That price was an eye opener when they got home and I opened it to marinade the meat. Spam may be the choice for future fajita's..........😑
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    Jason Spriggs - Concord Class of 2011 / IU.......Now with Chicago Bears after 4 years with the Packers......
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    I'm pretty sure "in it's entirety" includes the original.
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    Interesting that you would plagiarize an observation I made several days ago about yourself, gonzo. That you remembered it so succinctly tells us it must have hit home. Mission Accomplished.
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    Coronavirus hype biggest political hoax in history The new coronavirus is real. The response to the coronavirus is hyped. And in time, this hype will be revealed as politically hoaxed. In fact, COVID-19 will go down as one of the political world’s biggest, most shamefully overblown, overhyped, overly and irrationally inflated and outright deceptively flawed responses to a health matter in American history, one that was carried largely on the lips of medical professionals who have no business running a national economy or government. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/apr/28/coronavirus-hype-biggest-political-hoax-in-history/
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    And although not D-I, there was a guy named Eddie Robinson at Grambling State University in Louisiana that was pretty good. This talk against black head coaches is sickening.
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    you just challenged Howe about his posting behavior publicly....have you done this with anyone else specifically? (not talking about your general posts) I think some of this is also given your personal views about Trump that don't align with his. Perhaps the social relationship with others from GID that you referenced in a follow-up post. Maybe a combination. But you singled Howe out....and given the behavior of his posts aren't unique, it seems biased to me.
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    You are biased if you only provide that type of feedback one way. Big time. And the negative votes come regardless of what is posted, especially if the position is counter to theirs. Now the bias makes more sense.
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    Nah....nothing worth texting there lo. thank you, you have a great day as well. Slow cooking a pork tenderloin on my Traeger for dinner. It’s gonna be great.
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    Calling something "interesting" does not make it a conspiracy theory. Paranoid much?
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    Interesting the amount of apparent back channel communication that goes on between the GID cognoscenti and GID admins.
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    True......but maybe if you did not spend so much time and energy belittling those whom you do not agree with politically, you would not get the kind of scrutiny of what you post that you do. Countless times you use terms like libtard, accuse those on the left here of being sheep, and in general have a tone where even those that support your positions will roll their eyes. One of them texted me the other day and said yeah, use of the term libtard so much is just intellectually lazy. Look, no one is perfect; we all make mistakes. I have posted things I should not have; gotten facts wrong; we all do it. Your flat denial to see it for what it is, is what has made this exchange as entertaining as it has been.
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    Your plant is in central Indiana, right? Most of your family in the same area? You can only use the numbers in the areas where the people you referred to live and work. If everyone you mentioned lived in Indy, then including stats from say Clinton County or Whitley County would not be relevant to the discussion. It still does not changed a thing about the points I made. You just cannot get over the fact that you made assumptions when you made your comments, and continue to do so. Making assumptions about what people know, especially a group as large as the one you did, without knowing for certain.....well some would call that fake news; hence the hilarity of the irony. You, the KING of posting about fake news, in fact did post fake news yourself.........oh the humanit....I mean hypocrisy. lol
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    Got me curious now......you know we can see ip addresses on every post as admins, and we can check those for location? If you have a suspicion, let me know.
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    This forum has at least one member who utilizes multiple user ID's. There are only 67 members in this club. I have seen multiple instances where two user ID's have submitted down votes within 60 seconds of each other on several occasions. Both user ID's have demonstrated a previous pattern of serial down voting. That isn't a coincidence. That is one person who maintains multiple user ID's.
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    Restaurants, salons institute coronavirus surcharges, causing social media backlash https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/missouri-restaurants-coronavirus-surcharge-causes-social-media-backlash At least one recently re-opened restaurant in Frankfort has done this. They have a handwritten sign at the entrance stating they have increased the price of almost every item on their menu by 75 cents due to increased prices and overhead they have had to incur to be open during this public health scare. I have no issue with this. If you don't want to pay the surcharge go somewhere else. Nobody is forcing you to eat at this restaurant, are they?
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    Northwood went to state in 2016 and went 11-1 in 2018. Concord has won sectionals 2 of the last 3 years. Northridge went 11-3 in 2014. Went 9-1 in 2017. Plymouth went 11-1, in 14, 10-3 in 15, 9-3 last year. Carry on, talking about crap you don't know.
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    Awwwwww look at the cute little threesome we have going here. lol Get upset because someone called someone out on a post; and turn right around to do the exact same thing. It's adorable really.
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    https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/ken-osmond-dead-leave-it-to-beaver-eddie-haskell-dies-actor-1234609639/ 😢
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    How SF felt this weekend at Lowes when I saw another shopper without a mask......
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    Fred Willard, 'Best in Show' and 'Modern Family' comedy star, has died https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/16/entertainment/fred-willard-dead-modern-family-best-in-show-trnd/index.html Truly an American Comedy Icon. He will be missed.
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    Yet here you are arguing.....I simply called him out on a claim that he made. He decided to press the issue, so I continued to show how ridiculous it was. Sure there are other posts that qualify as offensive. I typically tend to avoid the ones that are back and forth between individuals. If anyone is willing to post here, then they should be prepared for any backlash for doing so. No one else repeatedly uses a term that equals libtards throughout his posting here, especially in reference to other posters here. Occasional name calling? Yep, but nothing close to what he does here. So I have never called muda out on his posts? Yeah ok lol Or DT on the main forum? hmmmmm....selective memory or just bias on your part? Or did you choose to enter this discussion because you and Howe are on the same side of the fence? Or maybe most posters here are reasonable enough they don’t need to be called out for such an abrasive style?
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    I’m not going to argue with you. It’s fruitless. What I do know is that you haven’t called out anyone but him. He’s hardly alone with posts that could be deemed offensive by some. In my opinion, that isolated action to single him out above all others is absolutely selective and biased. You don’t have to agree. As far as your last comment, that’s fantastic. Maybe unlike others, there is actually a presence of mutual fondness.
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    I'm just a guy posting comments on a high school football forum. My comments are not considered "news" to anyone.
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    The Patriot Act needs to be repealed in it’s entirety, including both of BHO’s expansions.
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    I did not conduct a forensic analysis of the disdain reaction from multiple user ID's within 60 seconds of each other on the same thread four times in an 83 minute period. To my knowledge, no one else has conducted such analysis either. I have a brother who is a former high school principal and football coach. He joined this forum a few years ago. I am confident that I could get his password and post comments under two separate user ID's.
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    Thanks to Shutdowns, Many Will Learn That Public Schooling Isn't All That Essential After All https://mises.org/wire/thanks-shutdowns-many-will-learn-public-schooling-isnt-all-essential-after-all
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    "Paraphrase" would be a more fitting description. The words of yours are highlighted as red, which is common practice for some when quoting here on the GID.
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