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    First, I would like to take a second to address some inaccuracies I have seen posted about the Frankfort Football Program. We DO have a youth program. It was started this year and has been a tremendous success. We had 72 kids in our K-5 flag football league. The league focused on teaching kids the skills of the game. We fielded full teams in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade as opposed to last year when the teams were consolidated. We fielded a JV team for the entire season. We have 53 players on our roster… we start only 3 seniors and 2 juniors on offense and 3 seniors and 3 juniors on defense…. Even though this season did not go well in terms of wins and losses my kids worked hard every day in practice and got substantially better over the course of the season I’ve never had a zero win regular season in my life. However, this season has never felt like that. Our players have stayed positive, stayed together, and have continued to work hard. This is a tremendous testament to their personal resolve and toughness. Our senior class has been impressive in setting a tone of hard work and dedication. To Muda RH, The perspective on a season is very different from the sidelines than it is from behind a keyboard….Any time you would like to talk face to face about the Frankfort Football Program my office door is always open. My name is James Byers and I am proud to be the Head Football Coach at Frankfort High School.
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    What a Cluster! is the story of Indiana high school football's infamous cluster system. For two years, in 1983 and 1984, the Indiana High School Athletic Association determined its football playoff participants using clusters. While it had its benefits and supporters, it definitely had its drawbacks and critics. We look back at how the system came to be and why it ended. Plus standings and scores for all 64 clusters and every playoff game during this crazy two-year period! https://www.amazon.com/dp/1728807158 Also, thank to the staff of Gridiron Digest for letting me promote this. As appreciation, I'll donate 10% of the proceeds of each book and ebook sold (just email a copy of the receipt)! Dan "Rudy" Engler
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    Congrats to those kids, their coach, and the parents. They are learning invaluable lessons - accountability, selflessness, teamwork, the value of hard work, and most of all - not allowing themselves to become victims when things don't go their way. No surprise at all the coach is a state trooper. We need a heckuva lot more people like that in this world. I have no doubt that in 20 years when those 15 attend reunions as teachers, policemen, firemen, business people, etc., they will look back with very fond memories and give thanks that they had the opportunity. No doubt whatsoever...
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    Did you mean, the unstoppable force vs the immovable object?
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    Don't know what happened to keep them out in 1974. In 1971 and 1972 there was a very good reason Frontier did not make it into the IHSAA football tournament.
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    Is anybody else curious about the number of new posters popping up from EIAC Teams? (Says the guy who makes his first post)
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    JCAT and Coach Nowlin are talking about the point system that was around before clusters. The clusters grouped schools together and they had to play one another during the year. Team with the best record in the cluster moved on to the sectional. That is how a one loss team, if they lost to a cluster foe who was undefeated in the cluster, could be left out of the playoffs.The point system was based on the size of your opponent. Whomever had the most points in their particular district (three classes) made the playoffs. That is how you had undefeated teams being left out.
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    The IHSAA makes more money during the football tournament then they do the basketball tournament. And have for years. Indiana is a basketball state in reputation only at this point. Most high school gyms in January and February are ghost towns.
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    I call your Damon Bailey and raise your a Rick Mount....some people are just too young
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    You are entitled to your opinion. I am going to give you an example that totally refutes your notion about (1-7) or even (0-8) teams playing in the tournament. Last year Mooresville was (1-7) heading into the tournament and were very close to being (0-8) had they not pulled out a 17-12 victory over Beech Grove on the last game of the regular season. Aug. 18 Lebanon L 28 45 Aug. 25 N Danville L 17 59 Sep. 1 Plainfield L 14 54 Sep. 8 at Greenwood L 21 51 Sep. 15 Decatur Central L 7 63 Sep. 22 at Franklin L 14 52 Sep. 29 Whiteland L 42 52 Oct. 6 at Martinsville L 30 51 Oct. 13 at Beech Grove W 17 12 Come tourney time they had to go and play @ (4-5) Connersville and won 61-13. Then they had to play @ (6-4) New Castle and won 42-35. This put them in the Sectional Final against (9-2) Greenwood who beat them 51-21 earlier in the year. They ended up losing 59-32 but put up a very good fight. Greenwood ended up losing to East Central in the Semi-State 27-14. Now it would be easy to say they shouldn't be in the tournament, but I believe those games in the tournament helped spring board Coach Gillin's team into the season they have had this year so far. Aug. 17 at Lebanon 4A W 46 7 Aug. 24 at Danville 3A W 28 26 Aug. 31 at Plainfield 5A © W 52 42 Sep. 7 Greenwood 4A © W 49 14 Sep. 14 at Decatur Central 5A © L 28 38 Sep. 21 Franklin 5A © W 55 21 Sep. 28 at Whiteland 5A © W 21 17 Oct. 5 Martinsville 5A © W 24 21 Oct. 12 Perry Meridian 6A © W 52 21
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    Before class basketball became a reality, I would agree, but visiting gyms around Indiana since class basketball started I totally disagree with you. Most gyms are at least half empty if not worse. Yes, football has issues but attendance in all sports is down and none worse then basketball
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    6A Total Points Previous Rank 1 Warren Central (9) 90 1 2 Brownsburg 80 2 3 Carmel 71 3 4 North Central (Indpls) 60 5 5 Center Grove 51 6 6 Avon 43 7 7 Columbus North 32 8 8 Lafayette Jeff 29 9 9 Penn 17 4 10 Valparaiso 13 10 Others receiving votes: F.W. Snider (5), Southport (4) 5A Total Points Previous Rank 1 New Palestine (9) 90 1 2 Decatur Central 80 2 3 Michigan City 65 5 4 Columbus East 64 3 5 Whiteland 56 6 6 Martinsville 34 9 7 Indpls. Cathedral 33 4 8 Bedford-North Lawerence 30 7 9 Zionsville 29 8 10 McCutcheon 7 NR Others receiving votes: Bloomington South (1), Castle (1) 4A Total Points Previous Rank 1 NorthWood (4) 63 2 2t East Central (2) 60 1 2t Mishawaka (1) 60 3 4 F.W. Bishop Dwenger 48 4 5 Angola 36 5 6 Mooresville 34 7 7 Marion 30 6 8 Evans. Central 21 7 9 New Prarie 11 NR 10 Northview 8 10 Others receiving votes: Culver Academy (5), Mississinewa (5), Boonville (2), F.W. Wayne (1), Pendleton (1) 3A Total Points Previous Rank 1 West Lafayette (4) 75 1 2 Evans. Memorial (2) 72 2 3 Indpls. Bishop Chatard (2) 65 3 4 Andrean 52 4 5 Heritage Hills 47 6 6 Brebeuf Jesuit 45 5 7 Brownstown Central 22 7 8 Gibson Southern 19 9 9 F.W. Bishop Luers 15 8 10 Guerin Catholic 12 10 Others receiving votes: F.W. Concordia Lutheran (6), Charlestown (3), Greencastle (3), Mishawaka Marian (3), Blackford (1), 2A Total Points Previous Rank 1 Western Boone (10) 100 1 2 Indpls. Scecina 89 2 3 Eastbrook 71 4 4 Triton Central 65 5 5 Shenandoah 54 6 6 Whiting 50 7 7 Tipton 40 3 8 Paoli 23 9 9 Delphi 15 NR 10 Bremen 11 8 Others receiving votes: Eastern (Greentown) (7), Southridge (7), Evans. Mater Dei (3) 1A Total Points Previous Rank 1 Pioneer (10) 100 1 2 Adams Central 88 2 3 Southwood 77 3 4 North Central (Farmersburg) 62 5 5 Churubsco 60 6 6 Sheridan 38 4 7 North Vermillion 28 8 8 South Adams 27 NR 9 Indpls. Lutheran 22 9 10 Indpls. Covenant Christian 20 10 Others receiving votes: Monroe Central (8), Parke Heritage (6), Attica (5), Laville (4), Fountain Central (2), Lafayette Central Catholic (2), West Washington (1)
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    Typical John Hendryx. Class Class Class Have to give Coach Slocum and the kids credit for fighting for their school and the admin for still allowing it to happen. Caston folks are very proud of their unique setting. I would imagine there would be quite an argument about contraction with them.
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    Why does Indiana have to be like "everyone" else? Strap up and play: Win 2 in a row in 5a/6a You get a trophy: Win 3 in a row you get a plate, win 4 in a row you get a different plate, win 5 in a row you get BIG TROPHY 1a/2a/3a/4: Win 3 in a row you get a trophy, win 4 in a row you get a plate, win 5 in a row you get different plate, win 6 in a row you get BIG TROPHY Those complaining on a yearly basis about the non seeded, all in format just need to realize that if your team wins they play, if they lose they don't CHANGES NOTHING from any perspective ON THE FIELD.
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    I don't know what you're talking about...
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    No more Purichia's! Seriously, I'd like to think it is cyclical. All it takes is one or two good consecutive incoming classes from the feeder schools and then good things can happen. Thankfully Coach Doyle understands the feeders are the lifeblood to the Program at Bishop Chatard . Though we all know feeders are vital, it is still challenging keeping kids in the North Deanery coming to THE North Deanery School, Bishop Chatard. Coach D. has attracted many young, former BC players to coach. Chatard remains in a strong position going forward.
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    Long time caller, first time listener.
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    LOL. Yes, because that clicking business is so hard for AP reporters... Amazing
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    Crickets from Muda. Kudos Coach Byers
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    Probably was supposed to be Brownstown Central and mis-clicked.
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    I just had to google Romeo Langford. I really don't follow high school basketball much.
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    Never going to condone a foolish comment that illustrates a lack of sportsmanship. There's never a call for it, yet it happens in pretty much every community. I hope all of us have the insight to understand its the isolated few that make unfortunate comments...I believe both sides really appreciate this series...and .glad it was extended. I was impressed friday night with the number of Irish fans attending the game and sticking to the end in very tough conditions. Would have been far easier watching this one on the CG webcast.
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    Of all the things that they mess up this is one of the least problematic to complain about
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    Ouch. I didn’t even realize that. Go look at old posts, foxbat and I were pretty clear that these years coming. All we can do is keep trying to get better to attain the status of the great RDP. We’ll get there someday. Maybe LCC should pick up our move in game to level the playing field.
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    Never heard of the young man. Sorry.
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