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  1. My concern would be that, inevitably, at some point you’d reach to use your beanbag to mark the spot of a fumble ... and end up throwing the wrong bag.💩
  2. Afraid that would disqualify you as an official. ... But you can still be a coach. 😂
  3. Some can, to a greater or lesser degree. Some crews get their games through an assignor, or at least some of their games. They can indicate they don't want to work at a particular place, and the schools have the same ability with respect to crews they don't want to see. Some people are pickier than others.
  4. If coaches were genuinely interested in improving the caliber of officiating statewide, there's Something they can do that would have an immediate and positive impact. Give up the coaches’ vote that, for all intents and purposes, determines how officials qualify for and are assigned during the playoffs. Substitute instead serial observations and evaluations by a beefed up and trained up corps of IHSAA observers, all working from the same well-publicized set of mechanics, rule interpretations, and philosophy. There would be an immediate uptick in the quality of officiating.
  5. I cannot remember seeing a bigger, faster, or more athletic 3A team than West Lafayette. I know there's a lot of football left to be played. But I'd pay money to see them play Chatard on the turf at LOS on Thanksgiving weekend. Right now Sagarin would have Chatard a 5 pt. favorite in that game, but you really have to see this West Lafayette team and get a load of how fast they are, and how good their passing game is when they want it to be.
  6. Every exit survey I have ever seen cites it as the #3 reason officials leave the avocation early. The first two are family and employment responsibilities.
  7. bobref

    False Start/Offsides

    You, you’re good! Defensive pass interference can only occur on a legal forward pass that crosses the neutral zone. OK, what about options, enforcement, and clock status? You almost got the rest correct, too. It doesn’t matter if the penalty is accepted or declined, the game is over. The period is not extended for an untimed down when the penalty is accepted for a foul and loss of down is part of the penalty.
  8. bobref

    False Start/Offsides

    Is that the only foul?
  9. bobref

    False Start/Offsides

    Had a funny situation in the game I saw Friday night. It wasn’t this exact scenario ... but it could have been 4th and 16 for Team A at the B 41 yd. line. Team A trails 31-27, and the game clock is running with 00:12.3 remaining in the game. QB A1 fades back to pass and, at the B 49 he throws a pass that is batted up in the air by B3 at the B 47 yd.line. The batted pass in flight goes right back to A1, who catches it, rolls to his right and throws from the B 44 to the B 10, where B6 plays through the back of A8, bats the pass into the air and intercepts it, returning it to the B 26 yd. line, where he is downed inbounds. The clock goes to 00:00 during the play. Foul? Options? Enforcement? Clock status? This ought to be good. 😜
  10. bobref

    False Start/Offsides

    Keep in mind that at the high school level, if the defensive player “jumps,” but does not enter the neutral zone, and the offensive lineman reacts to that, it’s a false start on the offense.
  11. Stop me if you’ve heard this one ... but “it’s not my call.” 😂
  12. bobref

    Defensive player blocking below the waist

    No. The accepted interpretation is that an offensive lineman can block below the waist in the free blocking zone with a QB in the shotgun if he does so immediately at the snap. No delay whatsoever.
  13. Had a question from a coach which I thought might be useful to post generally. The question was, basically, when is it legal for a defensive player to "cut" an offensive player to strip interference? Here's the answer: Blocking below the waist by the defense is legal only when done by linemen, against linemen, in the free blocking zone, and while the ball is still in the free blocking zone. That means a DE can cut a pulling guard only if the contact takes place in an area 4 yds. laterally either side of the ball, and 3 yds. behind the line of scrimmage and the ball is still in that area. If, for example, there's a shotgun snap, a DE is never going to be allowed to cut a pulling guard no matter where the contact takes place. And it is never legal for a player who is not on the line of scrimmage to block below the waist, or for a player who is not on the line of scrimmage to be blocked below the waist. If the DE is lined up more than 4 yds. from the ball, he can't cut anyone under any circumstances.
  14. bobref

    Bears 2016/2017 and Now 2018

    See you tonight!
  15. bobref

    Bears 2016/2017 and Now 2018

    “In the NFL, you are what your record says you are.” —- Bill Parcels
  16. You thought wrong, since “mass” and “weight” are not the same thing. https://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/mass-m
  17. I played in that game back when it was a real rivalry. I can still remember being near the goal line and the little kids from Highland were bouncing rocks off my helmet. There was real hatred there.
  18. I thought “more mass per volume” explained it pretty well.
  19. It’s understandable that frustration boils to the surface in response to a tragedy like this. But you are completely clueless. There will never be a “cure for cancer” ... because cancer is not a single disease. It’s many different diseases. What might “cure” breast cancer won’t touch prostate cancer. A “cure” for lung cancer does nothing against blood cancers. Don’t denigrate the efforts of thousands of health care providers all over the world who are working tirelessly to combat these horrible diseases.
  20. At that height and weight, he is considered “obese,” according to his body mass index. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/info/obesity In fact, he would be considered obese at a BMI of 30. His BMI is 35. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that BMI doesn’t work perfectly for very muscular athletes, since muscle is heavier (more mass per volume) than fat. But I doubt an 8th grader has spent the time in the weight room for that to be the case here.
  21. Many years ago, Valparaiso had great success running the single wing offense at a time when everyone else was running out of the I formation, the wishbone, or a pro set. One of the secrets of their success, in addition to great execution, was that their opponents never saw this offense except when they played Valpo and had only one week to get their scout team to run it and prepare their defense for it. Seeing all the shotgun/pistol/spread offenses now, I wonder if you couldn't do the same thing by getting a QB under center, a good tailback, and a fullback with a butt that is a couple of axe-handles wide, and just running off tackle/option football like we did in the "old" days. Kids never see that in practice or games nowadays. The novelty might actually work.
  22. bobref

    depth to be defined as a punter