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  1. Watch out now, @Whiting89 is going to come and getcha.
  2. Coach Ellenwood

    Mike Leach's 64 Team Playoff Idea

  3. Coach Ellenwood

    2018 Hoosiers

  4. Coach Ellenwood

    2018 Hoosiers

    These guys, right? HMMMMMMMM, sounds familiar
  5. I would surmise he is further RIGHT than Gundy in these regards.....though Leach appears soooooooooo mellow....sometimes it is hard to tell
  6. he is up there w leach as must hears
  7. LOL. Who are they, the Bears or Colts? Anyway. Did not mean to hijack a thread. Should be a good one w lots of points scored.
  8. oh people are blasting pioneer too. just a different thread.
  9. Hopefully they aren't armchair quarterbacking LOL. Or yelling, blooooooooccccccccccck. Just some things I heard in my previous coaching life. Do they at least get a hot dog and Pepsi? Or maybe a bag of poppingcorn????
  10. Coach Ellenwood

    Da Region - Semi-state flavor

  11. Coach Ellenwood

    2018 Boilermakers

    There's ALWAYS money. ALWAYS! Look at Illinois. The state is BROKE...yet they (a public university just like Louisville) can pay Lovie $5 million a year. If they want him bad enough and the money is the only hang-up on both sides, the money WILL BE THERE!
  12. Coach Ellenwood

    2018 Boilermakers

    What Stifler said.
  13. Coach Ellenwood

    2018 Boilermakers

    Did you happen to see the players for FSU last night at 27 degree ND?
  14. I foresee a TON of points in this game.