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  1. Im interested in the trends. The report states that overall participation is up. There are huge cultural, economic, social, and demographic differences by football class. Are all classes sharing in the increase equally? Is the increase coming from a specific area or region of the state? Is there any correlation between changes in participation and bottom line results?
  2. I don't see how it works for schools more than 10 miles apart. The travel would seem to be manageable at 10 miles or less. Cohesion can be achieved thru regular weekly practice. Co Op football is basically, in my view, the same as "club football." A watered down , less intense version of the real thing, but an option for those who feel there is enough demand to justify the expense.
  3. i really like the idea of city co op football. This would be beneficial to programs in South Bend, Muncie, Gary or any other locales that are suffering from severe population declines. In The Region, a Lake Station - River Forest Co Op would be interesting.
  4. Based on past several years results, and taking point differential as a measure of competitiveness in to account, it may be unsafe for this program to continue forward.
  5. Possible future prod from Center Grove : Nate Wozniak - TE / NFL camp after playing at Minnesota. Jovan Swann - DL / Finishing career at IU after playing at Stanford for 4 years. Parker Ferguson - OL / Rated a Top 10 college OL heading into senior season at Air Force. Russ Yeast - DB / NFL family pedigree and playing high level competition at Louisville Cameron Tidd - DL / possible UFA after finishing at Vanderbilt. Austin Booker - DL / 4 star recruit with an NFL body Caden Curry - DL / 4 star high school junior projects as Indiana's top recruit in 22 Incredible talent coming thru this program. CG has passed the MIC Big 3 in terms of development of top rung next level talent. Not impossible that all 7 could be playing on NFL fields on the same day in the not too distant future.
  6. The objective of the MPR is to weed out and eliminate programs that are chronically uncompetitive and suffer from low roster numbers on an annual basis. This doesn't happen at just the 1A level. The scale is a graduating one that reflects increasing enrollment by class. Holding all schools regardless of size to the same MPR would be discriminatory against the low enrollment schools. Regarding participation, perhaps it would increase if coaches know that player retention and recruitment are critical to program survival. Regarding your last comment, some kids will lose the opportunity to football, mostly due to travel logistics. Others would be given the opportunity to transfer. I am also interested in the possibility of co op programs between schools. This could also possibly increase participation. Might even bring some non football playing schools into the game if they can co op with other schools. Difficult logistically, but not impossible if local admins feel it is worth the investment.
  7. If less than 20 kids report for fall practice, do you believe SN will play or cancel the season?
  8. This current GID admin runs this site like its a big government entity. Lots of oversight and control. I don't participate in the OOB because I don't like to argue with those who refuse to acknowledge that there is another POV to every issue. I keep my activity topic based in the football forum and am happy to engage in productive debate that pushes the subject matter forward. Unfortunately, very few topics make it far enough before the conversation devolves into something completely off base or irrelevant to the original topic. It gets old.
  9. Its quite simple. They have no respect for a contrarian point of view, which has been the lifeblood of this website for 20 years. We used to have some epic fights with the PP crowd, but there was a mutual underlying feeling of respect for the other side because we knew there was strong conviction and genuine passion behind their arguments Tim Adams was able to maintain a civil on line discourse while allowing all out verbal warfare to be conducted , all at the same time. It was one of TA's greatest strengths. That culture no longer exists here. And it makes the site must less engaging and less interesting.
  10. Interesting comment The Bro Culture has most definitely taken over this forum. Some of us just don't fit in anymore. I've noticed that many of the old timers still here have become subservient to the younger crowd. That bothers me
  11. Would SN make the cut? Rebs are 1-39 over past 4 seasons. Same as Noll, who self contracted. SOUTH NEWTON 2019 SEASON (0-10) Coach: Brad Bevis Aug. 23 North Newton L 0 58 Aug. 30 at West Central L 14 68 Sep. 6 Frontier L 0 38 Sep. 13 Carroll (Flora) L 14 65 Sep. 20 at Tri-County L 20 42 Sep. 27 at Covington L 0 52 Oct. 4 North White L 0 60 Oct. 11 at Casey-Westfield (Ill.) L 14 55 Oct. 18 at Lake Station L 44 46 OT Oct. 25 at North Judson L 16 61 sect 2018 SEASON (0-10) Coach: Brad Bevis Aug. 17 at North Newton L 6 41 Aug. 24 West Central L 6 70 Aug. 31 at Frontier L 24 63 Sep. 7 at Delphi L 0 37 Sep. 14 Tri-County L 0 68 Sep. 21 Covington L 0 58 Sep. 28 at North White L 8 65 Oct. 5 Casey-Westfield (Ill.) L 6 59 Oct. 12 at Blue Ridge (Ill.) L 12 43 Oct. 19 at Pioneer L 0 86 sect 2017 SEASON (0-10) Coach: Brad Bevis Aug. 18 at Triton L 0 70 Aug. 25 at Tri-County L 6 79 Sep. 1 Georgetown-RidgeFarm (Ill.) L 0 51 Sep. 8 at Watseka (Ill.) L 12 53 Sep. 15 Paxton-Buckley-Loda (Ill.) L 6 45 Sep. 22 Clifton Central (Ill.) L 0 43 Sep. 29 at Dwight (Ill.) L 14 58 Oct. 6 at Iroquois West (Ill.) L 30 56 Oct. 13 Momence (Ill.) L 12 48 Oct. 20 North Miami L 16 57 sect 2016 SEASON (1-9) Coach: Brad Bevis Aug. 19 at North Newton L 2 14 Aug. 26 Tri-County L 0 42 Sep. 2 at Georgetown-RidgeFarm (Ill.) L 28 30 OT Sep. 9 Watseka (Ill.) L 6 40 Sep. 16 at Paxton-Buckley-Loda (Ill.) L 14 61 Sep. 23 at Clifton Central (Ill.) L 14 40 Sep. 30 at Dwight (Ill.) L 6 22 Oct. 7 Iroquois West (Ill.) W 37 36 Oct. 14 at Momence (Ill.) L 6 48 Oct. 21 at North Judson L 14 27 sect
  12. Extension of the Bro Culture ? No wonder they call him "Fredo"
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