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  1. Got a feeling Russ was very underwhelmed by the talent on hand at Portage. And he is a small school guy by DNA. Was never a good-logical fit.
  2. It would be in Indys best interests to make Tech the football magnet in the city. We could soon be looking at a loss of 10 football programs in big cities over the past 5 years : Arlington Northwest Broad Ripple Manual Howe Gavit Clark Muncie South Bishop Noll Lew Wallace
  3. Ask yourself: Given the current set of conditions many schools are facing today, what is the liklihood that some of these downtrodden programs will ever have a chance to relive their earlier successes? We are in a different time now. Priorities are much different today. Football is facing massive headwinds it has never faced before. As a parent, I would not allow my son to participate at programs like Clay, FW South, Frankfort, Shelbyville, etc. Clearly, those schools all lack the manpower and resources of other schools in their respective conferences. They choose not to invest in football. Why would I ant to expose my son to that type of atmosphere. Those kids are not experiencing or enjoying high school football. They are surviving it.
  4. INDIANAPOLIS HOWE 2019 SEASON (3-6) Coach: Terry Pendleton Aug. 23 Covenant Christian L 8 21 Aug. 30 at Lexington Catholic (Ky.) L 0 29 Sep. 13 at Indianapolis Attucks L 8 28 Sep. 20 Indianapolis Washington W 31 0 Sep. 27 at Indianapolis Manual W 26 20 Oct. 4 at Park Tudor W 20 7 Oct. 11 Heritage Christian L 6 33 Oct. 19 at Bowman Academy L 24 28 Oct. 25 at Shenandoah L 12 32 sec
  5. The COVID Pandemic has changed life for all of us and left a trail of economic, social and personal destruction in its considerable wake. There will be many casualties, including business and institutions that will not make a comeback after the virus has run its deadly course. Athletic departments across the state and the country are currently evaluating their return to campus gameplans, and some are likely considering shutting down expensive and chronically ailing prep footfall programs. Our contraction focus up to this point has centered on schools who are experiencing severe numbers challenges, and those that are shutting down due to consolidation or school closures. The following list focuses on schools who suffer from chronic noncompetitive football, and given the challenges schools are currently facing, ADs should seriously consider whether continued investment in these programs makes sense : Anderson : 9-42 over the past 5 seasons following the closure of Highland. Why bother? Its a basketball school. Benton Central : 5-45 over the past 5 seasons. they will never get over the hump in this conference. Time to stop the bleeding Caston : 4-48 over the past 5 seasons. Stick a fork in em. These kids would be better off spending more time on the family farm. Dugger Union : 0-21 last 3 seasons. . "Unite the Klans" has not worked. Just hoop it already. Edinburgh : 2-28 over last 3 seasons. Thats about as good as it gets. Got too be something more productive for these kids to do with their time. Fort Wayne South : 6-46 over past 5 seasons. Clearly one too many teams in The Fort. Put these guys out of their misery. They dont even bother changing coaches. Frankfort : 3-37 last 4 seasons. Demographics are working against the football program, as is everything else. Just play soccer. Thats what the community wants. Gary Roosevelt : 0-10 last year. Time to funnel all public school football to West Side and be done with it. Indy Shortridge or Indy Washington - Indy only needs one small public football school Indy Manual or Indy Howe : Indy needs only one medium public football school. Tech is the large Indy public football school. Madison : 5-45 last 5 years. Maybe losing has become just too much for these kids and this community. They have enough problems to deal with as it is. Perry Meridian : 2-28 last 3 seasons. Does anybody see this getting better? Southport , Roncalli and Franklin Central have all the football players. PM gets the wrestlers It is what it is Shelbyville : 1-19 last two seasons. May be too far gone. South Bend Clay : 2-47 last 5 years. This would be a mercy killing. South Newton : 1-39 last 4 seasons. Combine with NN and hope for the best.
  6. Hobart has lost the vast majority of "big" games they have played in over the past 15 years. No doubt hey are coming on, but in my view, the jury is still out.
  7. RC is not considered a "Region" nor "Area" team. "NWI?" Perhaps Very solid. I like your approach to Hobart. They need to prove it first. And I like how you give credit to Lowell based on their historical strength, despite the early naysayers. . They've earned it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YadFEDZPLWU
  8. Love to see the Trojans in the Top 10 but I need to see some 'W"s before I drink the Koolaid. Id slot Morton, Laporte and even Lake Central ahead of Highland at this point. Overall, looks like a much improved Region football outlook.
  9. Opperman spent the entire second half of the 5a championship game overthrowing wide open Valpo receivers. It was incredibly frustrating to watch. He was 13-31 on the night. 42% completion rate. Awful at any level. He is a terrific looking athlete. Long and lanky. very smart. Strong leadership skills. He just could not seem to get the ball anywhere near where his receivers could make a catch and run to a big gain. Valpo would have won the game with just "average" QB play.
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