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  1. Winning builds confidence, improves turnout, generates stronger community support, and encourages further program investment. If we can take a school that has had little to no success at 3A and make that school a moderately successful 2A program, are we not doing something positive to reinforce the student experience at said school?
  2. This is not a public-private issue. Its a public-public issue. The IHSAA views an affluent suburban 4A school like Mooresville the same way it views a blue collar rural school like Jay County. In the eyes of the IHSAA, they are equal because they share the same enrollment and are both public. But Mooresville has huge advantages over Jay County that drive a a different set of results on the field. The NSF is designed to mitigate these differences, and take into account that especialiiy geography is a huge potential indicator of success and schools have absolutely no control over this r
  3. I really enjoyed hearing your stories about the 90s battles with Ben Davis. Its too bad LC was not in the DAC back then. Must have been tough putting together a schedule while being an independent. BD was very good back then and you guys played them very close in the first few games. Quarterbacking those LC teams was quite an accomplishment. Kudos to you
  4. Is Buck the featured back in their offense or is he more of a FB?
  5. https://gvsulakers.com/sports/football/roster Check out the dudes from Michigan City, as well as all the other Indiana talent on the Grand Valley State University roster.
  6. Never been there. But when I put on that helmet, Im there in my dreams. I figured. LOL
  7. The historical epicenter of college football is the Ann Arbor-Columbus-South Bend triangle Tuscaloosa - Clemson-Athens are trying to rewrite the record book.
  8. Rank Team Won Lost Tied* Pct. Total Games 1 Michigan 964 350 36 .727 1350 2 Ohio State 1 931 327 53 .730 1311 3 Alabama 2 929 331 43 .729 1303 4 Texas 923 378 33 .704
  9. LOL. Everybody hates the Wolverines. Here in Columbus, they call them "Meat Chicken" My favorite version of the UM uniform are the road unis during the Rick Leach era. Good Ole number 7 was a winner.
  10. How could you possibly not win wearing that helmet? Those boys must be breathing fire when they come out of the tunnel. Makes it feel just like The Big House!
  11. 4A 20 E-MAIL CORRECTIONS FOOTBALL FIELD 0-0 TOURNAMENT HISTORY MARION GIANTS Coach: James Bell, 10-4 in 2nd year at school DATE OPPONENT EASTERN TIME OA 0.0, DA 0.0 Sep. 3 Kokomo 5A © 7:00 pm Sep. 24
  12. PH will never be big time until they invest in endzone cameras Take it to the bank!
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