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  1. Jason Grunewald is interim HC at Munster. Or he was was named to succeed Coach Marsh. Looks like Geffert is likely HC in waiting.
  2. Is East Chicago still open? That would be an interesting challenge for Geffert.
  3. Why do the spelling and grammar suck so bad on this website? Is it a millennial thing? I've read through two brief threads and see mistake after mistake.
  4. He is a realist. Good decision to stay put. Coach knows that he does not now and never will have the talent and depth to compete in the SIAC. Kids cycle tyhru high school quickly and the next group to come thru as freshman will have never even heard of this issue.
  5. Southport has a long competitive history against the parochial schools in the Circle City. Southport certainly doesn't compete like a typical 6a program. Southport is also blocked from the Mid State as Perry Meridian does not want to share conference affiliation with its Southside neighbor. I believe they land in the CC when Conf Indiana disbands.
  6. I see CN heading north to the HCC. Possibly with Center Grove or Cathedral. BS and BN to the HHC. Southport to the Circle City. THN and S to fend for themselves.
  7. Then why have the SAC and the SIAC, arguably two of the very best conferences in the state, opted to go to 10 schools? Dont be surprised to see the HCC be the next to expand. When CI finally blows up, the HCC and the Hoosier Hills will likely pick up the remnants.
  8. I disagree with the premise that a drop to 4A "benefits" Cathedral football. It actually will hurt the program over the long term and impede the development of talent on roster due to the diluted level of competition. Im shocked that Cathedral would not simply petition to remain in the upper classes. Rather silly for them to play 4A football given their access to talent in Indianapolis.
  9. The answer is neutral site games. Crown Point and Lake Central (the two most western DAC schools) could play Penn at Ames Field in Michigan City. Great venue and a good central meeting point for the schools. Possibly some Saturday afternoon ballgames.
  10. I owned a house in WRT from 2005 to 2013 and realized very little gain over that period. Of course, that period spans the housing and financial crisis that peaked in 2008-2009. Regardless, I certainly had hoped for a better ROI than I realized. Fortunately, I converted the house to a rental property from 2008 to 2013 and made a killing as displaced foreclosed families paid a premium for high quality home rentals in the area. 😀
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