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  1. Im a little surprised when I see some of these successful retired coaches come back for another stint, regardless of the level. Things seem to be so much different now than they were 10, 20 , 30 years ago. Seems like nothing but problems. * Dwindling numbers * Program apathy * Poor administrative support * Influence of lay coaching * Declining game attendance * The negative impacts of specialization * Bad parents * Referee shortages Maybe Coach Jensen feels like a move from a big school to a small school will rekindle some of those old time feelings. Reminds me a little of Brad Smith, who went from big schools (Portage/Highland/Crown Point) to small schools (Attica/Fountain Central) Its rare indeed that we see this type of move. Best of luck to Coach Jensen and hope that he finds lots of small school spirit at Whitco.
  2. Avon is turning into a D1 factory. Is this all natural talent or does Mark Bless have something to do with this? You've got to think that Avon has a 6A title in its future sometime very soon.
  3. This is a golden opportunity for Tom Allen to show off his recruiting chops by keeping this big dude in state. We have seen so many blue chip Indiana recruits go out of state and fail. Is it better to ride the bench for 5 years at Alabama and get a national Title ring or be a 3 year starter at IU and build a path to the NFL? ( Dan Feeney/Jason Spriggs/Roger saffold/James Brewer)
  4. I love high school football. Have been involved as a fan, player, coach, official, sportswriter, color analyst , blogger and pundit. When I see it played at "club level," its time for drastic change. The chasm between the haves and the havenots is growing wider. The haves are expanding rosters, building new facilities, raising funds, buying new equipment, and investing in better coaching and training. The havenots, which is a growing majority every year, are seeing roster declines, disinvestment, high coaching turnover, lack of community involvement, and general program apathy All of the above characteristics describe the program over the past decade at Bishop Noll, which is why the school chose to pull the plug and take the program off of life support. There are many others dealing with similar circumstances to those at Noll. Those schools will be facing the same options. Continue to march forward in the face of unrelenting adversity (why should the kids be subject to this?) or fold up the tent and invest those dollars in band, theater, math club or other varsity sports that generate a fulfilling high school extra curricular experience. My view is that if we eliminate the non performing bottom feeders from the current 320, we elevate the others and create a higher level of play and better overall competitive balance. Contraction is not a punishment. Neither was the Multiplier. It is a tool designed to better balance the level of play on the field and create more equal opportunity and a better overall experience for the student athlete.
  5. It has been clearly established that schools of a higher socio economic profile outperform those at lower levels on the financial ladder. This is indisputable. Of course, with some exceptions to the rule.
  6. Its a competitive balance issue. Some schools can afford out of state travel, others cannot. The rule helps to keep programs on as much of an even keel as possible.
  7. i GREW UP IN A FOOTBALL TOWN. sTARETED ATTENDING VARSITY GAMES WHEN i WAS IN JUNIOR HIGH. tHE SPECTACLE WAS ENORMOUS, AS i RECALL. cOULDNT WAIT TO DON THE PADS FOR THE FIRST TIME AS A FRESHMAN. i WENT TO cATHOLIC GRADE SCHOOL AND WE DID NOT HAVE A FOOTBALL PROGRAM. I strongly doubt I would have been drawn to the program as a junior high schooler had the team been extremely uncompetitive. I would have stuck to baseball or something else. For me, not playing was never an option.
  8. Your school should have contracted the football program due to a lack of competitiveness and reallocated those athletic funds to other more worthy causes. Its selfish to hog all the money on a cash guzzling sport like football and provide the school with no return on investment. There are 420 high schools in Indiana. 100 choose not to play football. This is not ground breaking stuff here. Its simple common sense and good solid financial decision making.
  9. Here is a scenario that you should consider. This is realistic and happens every year in every state to some degree. Lets say Class 3A West Lafayette plays host to a visiting 2A or 3A school with a long tradition of losing football. Let's also say that WL dresses 60 players for the game, including 3 or 4 Division 1 athletes, one who is considered one of the highest ranked college recruits in state history. Assume that the visiting team arrives at WL on a small bus with 16 players. Most of those players are underclassmen as no seniors stuck around for a 4 year varsity career due to the continued beatdowns they experienced as underclassmen. 6 freshman. 6 sophomores and 4 juniors. And a 3 man coaching staff. WL wins the game 84-7, sitting most of their starters midway thru the 3rd quarter. 3 players from the losing team are taken off the field on stretchers due to significant injuries. Compound leg fracture. Neck injury. Concussion. WL offensive line averages 285 pounds. Visitors defensive line averages 175. Visitors cancel their next 2 games to try and recover from injuries and recruit additional students to fill out a roster and have enough players to hold a practice. This scenario plays out time and time and time again, throughout Indiana and across the country. As participation numbers decline, the schools that take their football seriously get stronger, and the schools that play out of obligation get weaker. Contraction is a better option than consistently going 0-10 , losing by 60 points a game every Friday night, and seeing kids physically overmatched to the point where serious injury is a regular weekly concern. As a parent I take my kid out of harms way, blaming the school for failing to create a safe, positive environment for my child to enjoy a satisfying and beneficial high school extracurricular activity. I sometimes wonder why an AD would allow this type of scenario to continue unchecked. Its borderline criminal putting kids into this type of situation. Anybody who tells you that this is a good learning experience and builds character for those kids on the losing end of that 84-7 debacle should experience just what that might be like for one Friday night.
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