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  1. Good luck with the rebuild. Always happy to do my part to generate traffic. 😀
  2. He will never make up the $20M he lost due to the injury so he is probably pinching his pennies very carefully.
  3. DT

    Zionsville FB

    My writing is designed to elicit and encourage response and activity on this forum. I can achieve those objectives through a variety of different approaches. I am certain there are many on this board who are not offended by this particular style. The New Pal - CG game would have been an absolute sellout with or without the live feed. Center Grove home attendance is down, if what I read previously on this forum is accurate. It has been attributed specifically to the availability of live stream content. And I have no doubt whatsoever that the comments regarding AD's POV on live feeds impact are accurate. Its only logical. Don't get me wrong. I am a big fan of live feed. It has allowed me to see more high school football than I would otherwise. But it indeed has its negative ramifications.
  4. I'm in response mode and I feel an obligation to provide a response to those who read and follow my comments. The original premise of my argument was based on the suggestion that Pike needed to make a big, impressive hire in order to make a move in The MIC. This hire does not fit that description, in my view. You and others may disagree, which you have every right to do. Those who are challenging my use of regular season and all time records as a comparison between the two coaches are primarily basing their argument on post season results. Who is to say which set of data is more relevant? It's too bad we don't have more members to weigh in this topic. The GIDs self implosion has run off the vast majority of the membership, most of which will never be seen here again. It's now up to us to do the heavy lifting and keep this site off of life support
  5. I think you are short changing McWhorter's accomplishments. The HCC is a tough nut, and Zionsville is the smallest school in the conference. They more than hold their own. But the record is the record. Im happy with the content of my analysis. Certainly don't need your approval in that regard.
  6. DT

    Zionsville FB

    Quite sensitive, aren't we?
  7. DT

    Zionsville FB

    Its really a no brainer. Crimsonace is wearing his company hat to protect media interests with his ludicrous statements. Everyone on this forum with half a brain knows that live video feed negatively impacts game attendance. It only takes two old men to sit at home on their rockers to change the attendance numbers.
  8. Appreciate your insight and overview. To the contrary , the below FACTS sway my opinion considerably : Record at Zionsville Larry McWhorter 90-45 / 67% winning percentage Pat Echevarria 27-31 / 46% winning percentage These are in successive coaching tenures. Huge performance gap between the two at the same school, hence my skepticism.
  9. LOL The edit function apparently is now on a timer and did not accept my multiple edits. So I lost interest.
  10. 1. Should be very interesting to see what Bart Curtis can do in year 2 at Warsaw. The Tigers had an outstanding season in 2018 under Curtis, and one can can only assume that the program will burst forward in Year 2 as long as the talent holds up. Warsaw has a potentially huge numbers advantage over other NLC schools, anticipating that more kids come out and want to get in on the action. I look for a similar trajectory for Warsaw under Curtis as what we saw at Mishawaka. Big question for Curtis. Can he move his program into state title contention in Class 6A? Thats a big mountain to climb, but you've got to think its on his radar. 2. Got a feeling we are going to see a similar program breakout from Homestead very soon. These two programs could be positioning as the new big school standard bearers in NE Indiana. Yes, Snider will have a say so in this argument. The long term trends however favor the bigger suburban schools. 3. Not a big fan of the new Pike coaching hire, but Red Devil supporters seem to be pretty psyched about the hiring of Pat Echeverria. I was expecting a bigger splash, given Pikes challenges in The MIC. The program needs an identity. It really has none at this point. What is Coach E's signature imprint that he will put on the program that gives it a chance to move up the pecking order in The MIC? 4. Lake Central is having a miserable boys basketball season, and we are hearing about the same lack of talent excuses that we heard about the football program. This is a school with 3000 plus students, far and away the biggest in NW Indiana. Where have all the athletes gone? LC used to be a perennial threat in both sports, with plenty of D1 athletes spread out over the years. Kids just are not playing high school sports like they used to. LC might be one of the bigest victims of this current trend. 5. Has Laporte named a new HC? This should be a gem of a job. 6. John Rodenburg enters year 2 at Lawrence Central on the heels of a disappointing 4-7 season in 2018 in his first year at the helm of the Bears program. Certainly expectations will be ratcheted up in year 2 for Rodenburgs program. LC is blessed with an abundance of top level athletic talent. At the top of their game, they have been able to compete toe to oe with the top MIC powers. This is clearly why Roden burg chose this job in the first place. Now, the pressure is on the staff to harness that talent and make a move i conference and post season play. 7. Fans will be watching for progress at Greenfield Central under first year HC Travis Nolting. Nolting had a great run at 1A North Central Farmersburg. Now, can he work his magic at the 5A level at a program that has sunk to all time depths? Observers note that their is plenty of talent at the school. Will they buy in to Coach Nolting's recruiting pitch? 8.
  11. Maybe the kids will finally get the message. I think of Indiana guys like Tommy Stevens,, Gunnar Kiel, Hunter Johnson and Brandon Peters. All could have had productive multi season college careers had they gotten better advice from coaches, parents, gurus, insiders, etc.
  12. DT

    Zionsville FB

    Preposterous. Of course it does
  13. Transfer activity appears to be growing at a faster rate. Too many top recruits consolidating to too few colleges, causing expected logjam in competition for starting positions. Georgia, Alabama and Clemson are hoarding 5 star talent at a rate never seen before. It's inevitable that these kids, who see college as a training camp for the pros, will transfer when the playing time window closes. How does this get fixed? Personally would like to see the 5 star talent more spread out, making more programs better and a challenge to the top tier schools. The game will suffer long term if the same 2 or 3 schools are the only ones with a legit shot at a national title. Clemson-Alabama viewer ratings were a disaster this year, as was the decision to play the game in Santa Clara.
  14. Laporte is right on the edge. They have been both 5a and 6a in the past several years