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  1. With 70 on the varsity roster according to Coach N, isn't depth a moot point?
  2. Andrean likes to take down bigger game. Check their non con schedule They are also the smallest school in their conference, by a long shot
  3. Andrean goes into every season with expectations of an NCC Conference Championship and a potential state title run. The fact that they remain in 2A makes those goals all the more attainable.
  4. Andrean and Crown Point will meet for the first time ever on the gridiron in regular season play when the 59ers travel to The Hub to meet the Bulldogs on Aug 27 This game will likely become the marquee Region prep football matchup over the next decade if they keep it on the schedule The game coincides with the arrival of new CP Head coach Craig Buzea and an Andrean team that is expected to make a deep tournament run in Class 2A Andreans new campus will be built on the edge of Crown Point, so expect some huge recruiting battles between these two schools as well in the near future
  5. Don't you think The University of Andrean probably has better things to do this fall than play in a piddly Class 2A football tournament? How do they motivate these kids?
  6. Are you under the perception that Penn and Elkhart have no interest in joining The DAC? Why would adding 3 state ranked programs to the DAC alienate existing conference members, assuming the goal is to push a DAC school to a 6A state championship?
  7. The primary purpose of the Saturday nuetral site matchup was to reduce travel. Michigan City has a great facility and is a good halfway meeting point for the outermost schools in the conference.
  8. Maybe the DAC doesn't want to break up. Maybe there is loyalty amongst the 8 existing members who have long ties playing meaningful games against each other. You continue to tilt the conversation*tion towards what might be in Penn's best interest Penn is a cog in the wheel, not the entire wheel Our objective is to lift the entire north, not just a few select schools Sharpening the Saw weekly will help achieve that objective
  9. Penn may have no difficulty finding non con opponents, but the others in your 6 team conference certainly would struggle to fill 4 open dates every year.
  10. In my view, this expanded DAC, which includes an open week for non con play, will encourage additional investment in member high school football programs, and ultimately increase the level of competiton "within" the conference. That will eventually parlay into better post season results.
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