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  1. We have Wisconsin, Ohio State and Penn State in the first 4 weeks. Will be tough to recover from that. Not sure Penix can handle the beating he is about to take. MIchigan and Minnesota should handle us easliy. Hope to win 2, maybe 3 against RU, MSU, MARY, PU and IL. The all Big Ten schedule is a killer for IU, which depends on soft non con games to post over 50% of its regular season wins. Tough challenge for Allen and his staff.
  2. Dont you think that by grouping these small independents into regional conferences for ONE season might possibly make their lives a little better and simpler? I just cannot fathom how you cannot see the logic in that. I must be getting old. LOL
  3. No, you just have a way of taking very simple solutions and overthinking them into oblivion.
  4. Nice This will turn Andrean into the FW Dwenger of NW Indiana Even comparable to Cathedral.
  5. When do they break ground on the new school? Will it be visible from 65?
  6. Has Chatard ever travelled up to Northwest Indiana to play in The Region? Chatard-Andrean at Demaree Stadium in Merrillville on a Saturday afternoon would be fabulous.
  7. Botton line, small schools get screwed in this scenario Thats your price for being a little guy. And thats the cost of making a decision to be indepoendent. You enjoy the flexibility that independence delivers, but sure would like the safety of a conference when things go bad. As Tony Montana would say, "You ......... ..... Look at you now."
  8. I thought it was understood that I was making a one year proposal to accomodate all schools
  9. DT

    Notre Dame 2020

    Notre Dames strategic move to the east and diminished efforts in the midwest and the west coast (no stanford/no usc) put it right into the thick of ACC-SEC recruiting country in the southeast. That could be brutal given the schools entry requirements. Look at what happened to Miami when they entered the ACC. All those Catholic school midwest kids with high GPAs and uber smart and rich west coast kids are at risk with this new strategy.
  10. DT

    Notre Dame 2020

    Are you saying ND is like every other conference school?
  11. DT

    Notre Dame 2020

    Therer are no JV games on the schedule for the Irish this year like in years past. A 10 game ACC schedule will require them to be at their best every week, just like every other school in the conference. Navy gives them a breather, and they will need it New Mexico Bowling Green Ball State Tulsa Vanderbilt Miami OH Nevada Army Navy UMass Temple
  12. All signs indicate a full fledged move into the ACC for the Notre Dame football program. Frankly, I like the move. Therer is no room left in the Big Ten for another all time great blue blood program. Notre Dame has built one of the all time best college football records thru shrewd scheduling and by controlling its own destiny. The Big Ten is now a power gauntlet and the Irish would likely be worn down after going toe to toe with the Big Tens best over a full season. The ACC gives the Irish a better opportunity to remain relevent in the national spotlight. And over the years, I think many of us non Domers have come to the realization that ND is not a mid west school, its an east coast New York oriented school with a national draw. With regards to recruiting, Notre Dame has routinely cherry picked the very best high school football talent that Indiana has to offer, year after year. Two of Indianas most recent finest, Blake Fisher and Joey Tanona, are future Irish offensive linemen with probable NFL futures. But with NDs geographic shift to the east, wiill young Indiana boys growing up in the Hoosier Heartland lose their comnnection to the Irish football program? With rare games against old rivals Michigan, MSU and Purdue, Indiana kids will not see the Irish on TV like they used to. Or maybe they will just tune out the ND-GT, ND-WF, ND-NCST games due to a lack of interest. I believe this will indeed impact Notre Dames recruiting efforts in Indiana, and IU and PU should be waiting in the wings to pounce when the opportunity comes. It is rare indeed for PU to beat out ND for an in state kid, and almost imnpossible for IU to do the same. ND is slowly but gradually losing its grip on Indiana and the Midwest, and that is clearly by choice. Indiana will never be the fertile football recruiting ground as is many other states, but it is the geographic home of the school, and the program. Fisher and Tanona may be the beginnning of the end of the blue chip pipeline to South Bend. For Hoosier and Boiler fans, there could be nothing better.
  13. DT

    Notre Dame 2020

    If there was ever a year for an exception to the long standing rule, this would be it
  14. DT

    Notre Dame 2020

    I recall your comments and the backstory with crystal clarity Bobref. When I saw the rumors regarding an Alabama-ND kickoff game, that would push the Middies off the schedule. Id like to see the Irish play Arkansas. I am an old SWC fan, and the Loe Holtz connection is kind of cool. Plus Arkansas needs this game. Their program is deep in disrepair. Could the Irish "convince" Navy that maybe they would rather not play this game given all the COVID Related issues?
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