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  1. Fairfield has earned its way off the Contraction Watch List Congratulations
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/high-school-football-rankings-center-grove-enters-maxpreps-top-25-after-key-win-over-cathedral/ MaxPreps is not aware that Cathedral gifted this win to CG on a silver platter
  3. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/purdue-coach-jeff-brohm-tests-positive-for-covid-19-less-than-a-week-before-season-opener-vs-iowa/
  4. Sure looks like Alabama's 5 stars are still better than Georgia's 5 stars. Tide put a whuppin on the Dawgs yesterday. They should just cancel the rest of the college football season and have Bama and Clemson play a best 2 out of 3 to determine the NC.
  5. I believe I heard the announcers say last night before the game that CG combined varsity, JV and frosh were 25-0 heading into the weekend. That makes it 28-0 for the CG football program this year. Wow! Watch out MIC.
  6. Hubris Which also describes Pebbles play call Landon late spurt was more the result of a breakdown in CGs tackling than anything else. The CG announcers were critical of the Trojan D late in the game and clearly called this out. Watch the tape. It's obvious
  7. Arent you one of the guys who were targeting a perfect season?
  8. All the momentum shifted to CG on that play. All Jackson could see was blue sky ahead. And the CHS defense was not ready to go back on the field. It was a helluva game. CHS staff just F up the ending . It happens. Good luck in the tournament. Nice solid team. I will add that I persoanlly believe Cathedral should be petitioning to play up in the 6A tournament. That team is loaded with great players from all over the city. Its kind of a joke that they are playing in the 5A tournament.
  9. I highly doubt that. 90% of coaches would have punted. The field was immediately slanted downhill for CG after the turnover on downs. They slid right in almost uncontested. The kid who caught the TD pass was wide open. CHS fell apart after the CG stop on 4th down
  10. I thought thay had more confidence in that defense. Both offenses were sluggish all night and showed little firepower. CG had given no indication it was ready to drive 80 yards in 50 seconds to win the game. Youre an idiot
  11. Burus is 6-8, 315 and DeGraaf is 6-6 315. I didnt see anybody that size on the CHS O LIne
  12. It didnt work and you lost. So its not "always" the right thing to do. Peebles pulls this blunder in the post season and your year is over.
  13. If I have 225lb Carson Steele running behind CGs mammoth offensive line, yes, I go for it on 4th and 1 to seal the game. The Cathedral back is a 200lber and the CG D line will generally handle any offensive line in the state, including Cathedral. Peebles panicked and decided to get fancy. That play had fumble written all over it based solely on the risky exchange.
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