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  1. Did FC bite off more than they can chew by joining this conference?
  2. CN wants in to The HCC. Good first step
  3. We reach the magic 280 number as follows : 6A - 32 5A - 54 4A - 54 3A - 54 2A - 54 1A - 32 Expected realized contraction benefits : * Improved overall competitive balance * Elimination of non competitive programs * Elimination of in season game cancellations * Reduction in injuries due to competitive / size mismatches * More balanced distribution of schools by class * Significant cost savings for schools contracting non competitive programs * Potential conference realignment to replace contracted programs, resulting in overall improved conference strength from top to bottom * Reduced travel expense as many contracted programs are geographic outliers * More competitive post season tournament
  4. DT

    Alliance of American Football

    Every story has an outlier. Warner is no different. He is the extreme exception to the rule. It happens on the rare occasion.
  5. Contraction candidates are not hard to identify. Just take a look at the bottom of the sagarin rankings by class. Heck, we might get to 180 using that criteria Lol
  6. No need for another shot Permanent contraction is the only choice. Others need to follow to improve overall competitive balance 280 is the targeted goal.
  7. Well, we are getting the ultimate matchup we had hoped for. Our 28-0 Crown Point Bulldogs will face top ranked 25-1 Hamilton Southeastern in the girls semi state this weekend. My niece Caitlyn Phillips continues to lead the CP attack, and childhood friend Chris Huppenthal will be leading the opposing side as his Royals look to advance to the finals. Lets go Dawgs. Two more to go!!!
  8. DT

    Alliance of American Football

    This is just football overkill. In the period of contraction, why are we seeing more leagues All this league does is delay the onset of real life for these athletes, most or all who have already been thoroughly evaluated and passed over for their shot at the NFL The season is long enough already Its time for baseball
  9. As a financial and content contributor to this site, I would say I have plenty of skin in the game. Shame on you.
  10. I remember seeing the Roncalli at Center Grove season opener in 2004. It felt like a college football atmosphere. CGs JB Paxson was the top ranked recruit in Indiana and near the top of the list nationwide. Roncalli was loaded with D1 talent in Werner, Kuntz and Tim Sergi. Place was absolutely packed. Roncalli dominated and shut down the favored Trojans Helluva game and great fun to watch.
  11. I received a very nice PM from Coach Nolting. Class guy. Good luck Coach at GC. Hoping you can get things turned in a positive direction, and quickly.
  12. Dont know. I have heard this over the past year or so. HSE and Fishers are both at or near 3000 students, which is full capacity plus for both schools. District continues to grow. They will add a 3rd school.
  13. DT

    Mercy Rule

    I think you are referring primarily to the Ohio Capitol Conference, in Columbus. The OCC recently realigned, with the emphasis placed on creating better competitive balance. This makes good sense in Ohio, which is a playoff qualification state. Regular season results mean everything. With Indiana's all in format, regular season competitive balance is a non issue, so no need to realign unless specific schools choose to initiate on their own. Hobart did this in 2003 when they left the Duneland for the Lake Athletic. They could no longer compete at "their" desired level against the bigger schools in the conference, so they bailed.
  14. DT

    Mercy Rule

    Id like to see conferences start to force non competitive schools out of their leagues. There are many examples of this across the state. Extreme non competitive programs create a lot of problems for the schools who actually take football seriously. Cancellations Forfeitures Mercy rule Bad injuries due to physical mismatches Chronic low numbers Chronic apathy If schools who are plagued by chronic contraction related issues wont contract on their own, perhaps the healthy programs can take the initiative and give them a push out the door. This would be in the mutual best interests of all involved parties.