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  1. It has been clearly established that schools of a higher socio economic profile outperform those at lower levels on the financial ladder. This is indisputable. Of course, with some exceptions to the rule.
  2. Its a competitive balance issue. Some schools can afford out of state travel, others cannot. The rule helps to keep programs on as much of an even keel as possible.
  3. i GREW UP IN A FOOTBALL TOWN. sTARETED ATTENDING VARSITY GAMES WHEN i WAS IN JUNIOR HIGH. tHE SPECTACLE WAS ENORMOUS, AS i RECALL. cOULDNT WAIT TO DON THE PADS FOR THE FIRST TIME AS A FRESHMAN. i WENT TO cATHOLIC GRADE SCHOOL AND WE DID NOT HAVE A FOOTBALL PROGRAM. I strongly doubt I would have been drawn to the program as a junior high schooler had the team been extremely uncompetitive. I would have stuck to baseball or something else. For me, not playing was never an option.
  4. Your school should have contracted the football program due to a lack of competitiveness and reallocated those athletic funds to other more worthy causes. Its selfish to hog all the money on a cash guzzling sport like football and provide the school with no return on investment. There are 420 high schools in Indiana. 100 choose not to play football. This is not ground breaking stuff here. Its simple common sense and good solid financial decision making.
  5. Here is a scenario that you should consider. This is realistic and happens every year in every state to some degree. Lets say Class 3A West Lafayette plays host to a visiting 2A or 3A school with a long tradition of losing football. Let's also say that WL dresses 60 players for the game, including 3 or 4 Division 1 athletes, one who is considered one of the highest ranked college recruits in state history. Assume that the visiting team arrives at WL on a small bus with 16 players. Most of those players are underclassmen as no seniors stuck around for a 4 year varsity career due to the continued beatdowns they experienced as underclassmen. 6 freshman. 6 sophomores and 4 juniors. And a 3 man coaching staff. WL wins the game 84-7, sitting most of their starters midway thru the 3rd quarter. 3 players from the losing team are taken off the field on stretchers due to significant injuries. Compound leg fracture. Neck injury. Concussion. WL offensive line averages 285 pounds. Visitors defensive line averages 175. Visitors cancel their next 2 games to try and recover from injuries and recruit additional students to fill out a roster and have enough players to hold a practice. This scenario plays out time and time and time again, throughout Indiana and across the country. As participation numbers decline, the schools that take their football seriously get stronger, and the schools that play out of obligation get weaker. Contraction is a better option than consistently going 0-10 , losing by 60 points a game every Friday night, and seeing kids physically overmatched to the point where serious injury is a regular weekly concern. As a parent I take my kid out of harms way, blaming the school for failing to create a safe, positive environment for my child to enjoy a satisfying and beneficial high school extracurricular activity. I sometimes wonder why an AD would allow this type of scenario to continue unchecked. Its borderline criminal putting kids into this type of situation. Anybody who tells you that this is a good learning experience and builds character for those kids on the losing end of that 84-7 debacle should experience just what that might be like for one Friday night.
  6. Sorry but I strongly disagree. There are many schools around the state that do not offer several sports, including wrestling, soccer, softball, track, swimming , cross country, etc Those sports are not on the athletic menu for a variety of reasons, but primarily due to projected low participation, anticipated lack of competitiveness, or overall general apathy and lack of interest Why should football be any different? Why should football be considered a "guaranteed extra curricular option " when it fails to meet minimal guidelines of competitiveness as do many other sports? ADs due not "owe" kids the right to play football. It must be earned, paid for and supported at a level that takes it beyond a club sport level of competitiveness
  7. Id like to see the contraction wave pick up steam and aggressively start the march towards 280 Indiana high schools playing varsity football.
  8. Certainly, lack of civility is a major issue. But a referees' skin is much thicker at $100 a game than it is at $50.
  9. The quality of play at the contraction level is sub entertainment level. The valuable resources required to participate could be utilized much more effectively and positively impact a much larger group of students if allocated elsewhere.
  10. Ohio does not have mega enrollment schools, so the comps to the MIC powers are not accurate. Pick Central enrollment - 1651 Pick North enrollment - 2341 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohio_Capital_Conference
  11. How about paying a competitive rate? Ultimately, that is the core root of your problem. You will never improve your recruiting efforts until you address the compensation issue. Its the elephant in the room. And everyone knows it.
  12. A little more like Lawrence Central and North, just with better overall talent. Pickerington North is a pretty solid program as well. Not at the level of Central, but closing the gap.
  13. Another great reason for contraction. If we drop 40 programs, thats 20 fewer bad games on Friday night, and 100 extra officials available for the pool. Problem solved. Your welcome 😀
  14. #10 Crenshaw was a starting QB as a sophomore on the 2017 PC Div 1 state championship team. Next year a senior he will be one of the most highly regarded players in Ohio. Big kid 6-2, 225 Looks like Kentucky, Louisville, Indiana and Ga Tech are the front runners for his services. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/demeatric-crenshaw-192335 https://www.maxpreps.com/high-schools/pickerington-central-tigers-(pickerington,oh)/football/roster.htm
  15. Does City of Columbus have open enrollment, or do North and East have hard boundaries?
  16. Conference Indiana continues to be a very unstable league. Everyone in the conference would rather be somewhere else. Eventually, what is left of the conference will break up, and the schools will migrate to other conferences where they can find long term stability. The Bloomington schools likely to the Hoosier Hills. Southport to an Indy based conference, probably the Circle City. The Terre Haute schools will always be on the bubble given their remote geographic location. Columbus North is the prime catch of the bunch. I would think both the Hoosier Crossroads and The MIC would have interest in adding the school to its league. CN has one of the all time best performing all sports programs in Indiana high school sports history. Great fan support. Excellent facilities. Tradition. And an easy drive down 65. No big deal from a travel standpoint. I think Cathedral would have joined The MIC already had they ever had serious interest. The HCC might be a more attractive option now for Cathedral if they have continued conference affiliation aspirations. Frankly, I think the HCC has long term designs on overtaking The MIC. They would be wise to secure all current members, including Avon, and go after CN and Cathedral to improve their overall competitive profile and get on an even keel with The MIC.
  17. Not a big fan of Pagano. Colts teams have always been finesse first ballclubs. Indy never intimidated anyone, offensively or defensively. Big drop in terms of coaching intensity from the old regime to the new one. Hope these Bears don't lose their edge. Would have preferred Greg Schiano.
  18. I don't see that Coach Curtis is a guy who buys into the "baby steps" theory. He is not a young man. The clock is ticking. He is on the back 9 and heading to the 16th tee. Warsaw will go all out to make a tournament push while he is still the HC. Time has come to set the bar much higher. Warsaw has played down to a 4A level over the past decade due to its conference schedule. BC will get them playing consistent 6A football very soon. Anything short of a regional championship would be a disappointment.
  19. Really? Did the HC really not know on April 18 that his schedule had two big mid season holes in it? My Oh MY!
  20. 1. Id like to see Bart Curtis shock the state and win a Class 6A title at Warsaw. Wouldn't that be a hoot? 2. Id like to see my beloved Highland Trojans win a Northwest Crossroads Conference championship before Im officially worm food. Coach Pete K has the program moving forward. Not sure they can ever to get to the level of Lowell and Andrean, but its always good to have hope. 3. Id like to see 40 schools contract and Indiana High School Football get down to 280 programs. That will eliminate the bottom feeders who dont give a damn, and improve overall competitive balance. Class breakdown as follows : 6a - 32 5A - 54 4A - 54 3A - 54 2A - 54 1A - 32 4. Im glad to see that The SAC has dropped its full round robin and is opening up to non non competition. Snider, Dwenger, Luers, Homestead are statewide brand names and will benefit from increased exposure. 5. Id like to see some more Indiana - Ohio public school crossover matchups. The Pickerington Central - Columbus East game should be very interesting. 6. Id like to see jPenn just pull the plug and go full on Independent. Given the recent schedule changes, its looks like the Kingsmen are heading in that direction. 7. Id like to see Lake Central hire a serious, driven and accomplished head football coach who can get the program turned and heading back on an upwards trajectory. Its just dismal right now in St John. Just as they opened a beautiful new football facility 5 years ago, the program went into the tank. Is it fixable? Not so sure. I think the student body has gone soft. 8. The Tom Allen vs Jeff Brohm 10 Year War may just be getting started. Both schools are recruiting at a higher level, continue to invest in improved facilities, and have committed to long term extensions for their head coaches. Brohm currently has the upper hand, but Id like to see Allen continue closing the gap. 9. Id like to see the MIC expand and add Columbus North and Avon. The league is getting a little stale. Love what is happening at North Central, but can they maintain a long term rate of success to compete with the traditional MIC powers? 10. Not convinced that Kyle Ralph will stay at New Pal for the long term. Wouldn't you think he would get bored wining 66-6 every week? Once you have destroyed all the local competition, its time to move on and conquer new lands. I could see him possibly becoming a small college head coach. Franklin? Butler? U of Indy? Wabash? etc etc 11. More inexperienced hires. More lay coaches. More retirements. The combination results in the continued deterioration of coaching at the highschool level in Indiana. This is a real concern, and widens the competitive gap between the haves and the have nots. Id like to see the The IHSAA get involved and develop programs that encourage young teachers to get back in the coaching game, and stay for the long term. Incentives are needed. Its all about the Benjamins. 12. Football in the southwest region of the state seems to be getting better and better as other areas of the state continue to decline. (Northwest Indiana, North Central Indiana) Seems like there is more coaching stability in that part of the state. Based on recent tournament results, the southwest is making big strides. Kudos to The SIAC, The Big 8 and The PAC. They are getting the job done. Id like to see others areas of the state follow their lead and re prioritize football before its too late.
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