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  1. Big day for Coach Allen and my Hoosiers yesterday.
  2. How do the CE people feel about getting bumped around from class to class?
  3. This is one of the reasons I am not a fan of the SF. Have no clue what class they should be in 4A? 5A? 6A? WTF!
  4. I believe there is a blueprint being developed that can quickly turn around previously moribund high school football programs. You are correct, finding the right coach is the key. But that coach must have a particular offensive philosophy, or gimmick, that will give his program the opportunity to overcome size and numbers disadvantages. Perry needs to look no further than its own conference at the transformations at Mooresville and Franklin under Mike Gillin and Chris Coll. Perry is never going to be a big, bruising, physically dominating program. Its just not in the cards. They need to develop skill athletes and become proficient at the passing game if they are to compete and have an advantage in The MSC. Open enrollment has probably hurt PM more than it has either Southport of Franklin Central. Southport took to the air several years ago and they have had success. The PPs certainly have had an impact on PM roster. This is precisely the reason Greenwood would not allow Roncalli or any other PP into the conference. PM should be looking for an experienced, winning coach who is proficient in the passing game. They need to be very active in post season 7 on 7 competition, and winning those competitions. Franklin went from 5-35 over 4 seasons to 7-2 and conference runner up this year. PM can do the same. By the way, PM Coach Matt Heninger is 5-34 in his 4th season at the school. Ill be shocked if a change is not made after the season.
  5. MV could very well be the next New Pal What about GC, NC and Shelby? They are to the Hoosier Heritage as JC and Madison are to the Hoosier Hills.
  6. HOOSIER HERITAGE ALL TIMES EASTERN CONFERENCE ALL GAMES W-L Pts OP W-L Pts OP Streak New Palestine 7-0 399 51 9- 0 490 73 Won 23 Delta 5-2 304 93 7- 2 390 100 Lost 1 Mount Vernon 5-2 199 126 7- 2 288 163 Won 4 Yorktown 4-3 164 137 6- 3 215 151 Lost 1 Pendleton Heights 4-3 208 123 5- 4 264 152 Won 1 New Castle 2-5 158 290 3- 6 217 328 Won 1 Greenfield 1-6 122 328 1- 8 136 419 Lost 4 Shelbyville 0-7 8 414 0- 9 15 535 Lost 14 New Pal outscored its HHC opponents by an average of 57-7 per game. They were 5 touchdowns better than the conference runner up. These numbers look familiar to those of the past several years. Maybe the HHC should do what the Hoosier Hills did. Reduce the conference schedule to 6 games so the bottom feeders wont have to play New Pal, like the Hoosier Hills bottom feeders avoid Columbus East. But then, is that what NP really wants long term? is that truly in their best interests?
  7. A rising tide lifts all boats. All new pal sports will benefit from a shift to stronger competition.
  8. I understand very clearly what has happened at NP. Coach Ralph deserves all the credit for creating a culture of hard work, dedication and excellence. My point is, the other schools in the conference are nowhere near that same level of commitment to football NP admin does a disservice to its student athletes by rewarding their dedication with an overmatched and outclassed group of opponents every week. And how does the very best program in the conference suddenly wind up with an All American running back on its roster, courtesy of another conference school? This is a very dangerous precedent. Public football magnets can be just as disruptive to competitive balance as are private magnets How many other kids on the NP roster have come in from other HHC schools? As an analogy, NP is playing at a Power 5 level, while the rest of the league is MAC level at best, maybe lower
  9. Dan and I are both Region guys, so I appreciate the linkage New Pal sits between the Mid State and the HHC. Travel likely would be less in the MSC MSC is a 5A-6A conference. Based on long term growth projections and competitive profile, it's the better fit for NP Schools have been asked to leave conferences before. The Lafayette schools shown the door by the HCC, and The MIC booting the Terre Hautes In my view, the HHC has a waning football culture. That is in direct opposition to the approach and focus at NP. Hence the suggestion to part company.
  10. Thanks. I must have been looking at an old roster.
  11. Is #2 Jackson really a freshman for CG? I havent ever seen a CG QB throw the ball downfield with that kind of zip This is the kind of player that can make a coach change up his offensive philosophy. Coach Moore is a heckuva football coach, but he is not a QB whisperer. This kid Jackson has the size and arm to develop into a D1 QB with the right tutoring. Will be interesting to see how they develop him over the next few years. Would be a waste of his talent to just have him hand the ball off and run RPO s for short gains. Also, can CG develop a stable of capable receivers to catch the ball, something else they traditionally have not done.
  12. You guys are missing the point completely. Schools have been leaving conference Indiana for years due to constant instability within the league. Once a school makes a decision to leave a conference, they will not be going back CI only hope for expansion is to seek out schools who are unhappy with their current situation due either to competitive reasons or travel. Seymour and BNL are fixtures in the Hoosier Hills. Northview can't compete with the bigger schools in CI. Martinsville has already left and will not turn back. The Lafayette schools have both competitive and travel issues in The NCC. They are a good target for CI expansion based on those criteria.
  13. New Pal and it's on campus football factory have severely damaged the competitive balance in the Hoosier Heritage Conference New Pal clearly does not share the same philosophy towards football as does the other 7 schools In the conference. The results of the past several seasons are clear indication of this fact If the Dragons will not leave on their own to pursue a better competitive fit, the HHC should ask them to do so, and in a hurry. The current situation is unhealthy for both sides.
  14. MV is in a great spot in the Mid State. They desperately wanted out of CI and no way they go back. I doubt this CCC arrangement will work long term. The league will either disband due to internal discord (big vs small) or merge with another entity. Greenwood will block Roncalli to the Mid State over recruiting issues.
  15. I cringe when I see so called professional people using poor grammar. Just a pet peeve of mine.
  16. Here are some non con ideas : Terre Haute South - North View Terre Haute North - Owen Valley Bloomington South - Martinsville Bloomington North - BNL Southport - Roncalli Columbus North - Columbus East Kokomo - Lebanon McCutcheon - Lawrence Central Lafayette Harrison - LCC Lafayette Jefferson - West Lafayette Your New Conference Indiana
  17. We will leave one week open for non con to preserve your rivalry. 8 conference games and one non con. Does that meet your needs?
  18. Didnt East block North from the HHC? They said the same about Nebraska-Oklahoma, Texas-A&M, Pitt - West Virginia, Penn - Mishawaka.
  19. https://www.google.com/search?q=lee+corso+scoreboard+photo&sxsrf=ACYBGNTv13v9mCkZtIP30XH8lR2cofPXZA:1571346917460&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=iQqhHcNk49MJoM%3A%2Cyy592mrnfBGhAM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kQTDa_P9Vrb32ADTVJ2M-anYd7zBQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjs19W2m6TlAhVAGDQIHf5FAsEQ9QEwAHoECAcQBA#imgrc=_&vet=1
  20. Thats a lot like Penn in The NIC. Id love to see East in The MSC as well. Its a natural fit. Im just not sure the Mid State wants another elite football program. They have lots of competition already. And imagine if East and New Pal joined to form a 10 school MSC. Might be the best conference in the state, pound for pound.
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