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  1. Any chance Bruce Scifres returns to right the ship?
  2. Roncalli has officially become toxic
  3. The reason I asked is because it appears as if the Reitz program has declined in recent years while GS is on a rapid upward trajectory Are expectations amongst the Reitz fan base realistic given the improved programs we are seeing in the SIAC? Is Reitz still getting its usual fair share of talent or are some of the other schools making deeper inroads? Is the Reitz feeder system producing? Does reitz have a high quality staff in place? It's not impossible that Hart could have a better football team at GS than Reitz will have in 2020
  4. We'll see about that Wright is a good coach, not a great one. He has had elite talent everywhere he has coached in the past 20 years. Winning at a very high level was the only expectation In my view, this is all about Wright's ability to deliver IMG talent to Bloomington Looking forward to watching that play out.
  5. Great stories. The Region sure misses a competitive Portage football program
  6. We were nearly teammates. I went up to Lakeland on a recruiting trip with two of my Highland teammates. Got caught in a blizzard up there and nearly wrecked my Dad's car. Lol. What a trip.
  7. Played against Buzz in high school. He was tough as nails running out of the wishbone for Les Thornton Griffith Panthers. Buzea and Ken Lenz were the wishbone backs running behind fullback Eli Jovanovich. Griffith always gave us fits but Highland usually came out on top. That changed in the 90s with the arrival of Coach Radtke Buzea was also a helluva pitcher. Live arm and a wicked fastball. Great athlete. Praying for him and hoping for his quick recovery.
  8. Prediction Franklin will be fired quickly Joe Moorhead, just hired as OC at Oregon, will resign and take the PSU job
  9. I've always had my doubts about James Franklin Doubts confirmed I was chatting with a Penn State alum recently and he stated that Franklin insists on always being "announced" when he enters a room Not surprised.
  10. I've always had my doubts about James Franklin Doubts confirmed I was chatting with a Penn State alum recently and he stated that Franklin insists on always being "announced" when he enters a room Not surprised.
  11. Lol Why would my Blackberry spellcheck change Brown to Green?
  12. Why isn't John Hart getting more out of the abundance of D1 talent coming out of Greensburg?
  13. Enjoying the lovely January weather in Indian Harbor Beach, FL Bobby's legacy will be the implementation of The Success Factor, which is now being copied by other states throughout the country While we fell short of our ultimate goal in the form of a true multiplier, the SF has clearly evened the playing field and put the brakes on runaway private school domination of the post season football tournament Best of luck to Commissioner Cox in his retirement The IHSAA has a "next in line" promotional philosophy, so look for one of the asst commissioners to be elevated to the top job
  14. Does Lake Central still play varsity football or did they contract?
  15. I'm happy to listen. The numbers just don't add up.
  16. Tennessee is ranked 16th in composite talent ranking with 5 Five star athletes and 32 Four star players Indiana is ranked #53 with zero 5 star and Four 4 star Something doesn't add up As I said previously, TN should be a 3 TD favorite This is not a small talent gap It's a monstrous talent gap It speaks to the level of dysfunction and underachievment in the TN football program Coaches should be climbing o ver each other for this job and a chance to harness all that talent
  17. TN underachieving
  18. The star rankings are accurate much more often than not. I think we have to trust the evaluation skills of the football people who assign these rankings. It's clear that some staffs handle talent better than others. Maryland is another prime example.
  19. Tennessee has the 25th best roster in the country. IU is around mid 50s On paper this should be no contest. Indiana only had 3 men on the receiving line for the onside kick. Everyone else was positioned for a return. How could they not be ready for that TN is just bad. They have great athletes but only average football players and an inexperienced and mediocre staff. And still IU couldn't get it done No surprise. Nor disappointment. Just normal expectations fulfilled.
  20. DT remains the most quoted and most widely followed personality on The GID. Merry New Year. How does TN play so poorly with so much talent?
  21. DT

    College Blue Bloods

    I believe ND and UM are the two all time winningest programs in history. That's. Blue blood. Thick.
  22. Very impressive. Happy for MN. Hope hey can keep it going.
  23. How about Yanni, the #1 recruit in the class of 21?
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