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  1. Anderson is 0-6 in its 11th season post consolidation. Since Randy Albano left after the 2013 season, the program is 11-52. Expectations were high that Anderson might see a football revival after the closure of Highland and the consolidation to one school. Why bother. Clearly, football has zero emphasis and influence on this campus. The program is highly uncompetitive and invests nothing in potential improvement. Contraction is the best solution for a basketball crazy school like Anderson that only offers football because it feels it is obligated to. Pull the plug and take t
  2. Maybe a little karma at play. NP was the bully of the conference when they poached CS away from a solid Delta program. It completely destroyed the competitive nature of the conference and whatever equilibrium and competitive balance existed at the time.
  3. What do you mean by that? Its a reasonable question to ask. The most dominating program over the past two years in the state barely got by a team that it has outscored by 60 ppg for 5 years running. Thats newsworthy in my opinion. Many factors could be at play : * COVID is impacting NP more than other programs * NP still adjusting to massive graduation losses last two years * Travis Nolting, a state championship level coach, is making strides with his program * GC was sky high for the game and NP came in flat. * The NP staff is distracted
  4. Are you not slightly shocked by the NP-GC score given their recent "trajectories?"
  5. Seriously, isnt that score a bit shocking? Kind of like 70-27. Thats another shocking score. One that will be remembered.
  6. The loss to Mt Vernon was shocking for many, but in my view, the narrow 17-14 win over Greenfield Central is the even more surprising outcome. Mt Vernon is a rising power and built to be the next dominant program in the HHC. Greenfield Central is 1-3 this year, and has lost 11 straight to New Pal by some horrifically lopsided scores , including these past 5 contests between the two schools 2019 68-0 2018 76-6 2017 59-3 2016 84-21 2015 77-20 GC is 5-26 over the past 3 seasons. Can you imagine the reaction had GC pulled off the
  7. Why arent Chatard and Merrillville doing this? Lafayette would be a perfect place to meet in the middle and play this game.
  8. https://247sports.com/Season/2020-Football/CollegeTeamTalentComposite/ KY is a much more talented team than IU. Check out the composite talent rankings. They are not close.
  9. I think Wasteland pushes Mooresville to the limit and might pull off a mild upset
  10. Merrillville and Center Grove are the two most talented teams in the state, based on status of college recruiting offers and interest. In my view, that is the best and only way to truly gauge roster talent. It will be a real treat if these two play for the 6A title.
  11. Merrillville has to sit on a bus and stew for 3 hours Advantage Chatard Trojans 28-21
  12. Here are the 1985 Bears starters CG indeed might be bigger Kurt Becker 27 G 271 6-5 Michigan 3 Mark Bortz 24 LG 282 6-6 Iowa 2 Jim Covert 25 LT 277
  13. Great matchup. This will be like Merrillville vs Andrean on steroids.
  14. Last week Lou Brock This week Gale Sayers. Ouch Growing up in the 60s and 70s, these were two iconic names.
  15. CI has a bad reputation because so many schools have left the conference and because the travel perception is so negative. Decatrur Central, Martinsville, Perry meridian, Franklin Central, Pike and Lawrence Central have left in the past decade. All wound up in a better place. So there is something inherently wrong with CI that transcends the overall positive reputations of its current member schools. When a conference only has six schools, there is the constant unending threat of further defections. That potential threat cripples CI's long term survivability. I believe the con
  16. Munster has played its way out of a potential opportunity in The DAC The two Hammond schools will drive the next round of conference realignment in The Region. Morton and Hammond Central will both likley be 5A schools and they should be very competitive in Region football . I still see them both winding up in the NCC. Id like to see East Chicago and gary West Side in the league as well. Highland - Lake Central Munster - Chesterton Lowell - Crown Point Hobart - Merrillville KV - Rennsy Andrean - New Prairie Morton - TF South Hammond Central -
  17. How is it possibly that a kid with that size cant crack a 4A starting lineup? I dont get it. If the kid didnt have any drive or determination he would have quit by now. Isnt their HC a former NFL lineman?
  18. https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/daniel-buck/HUrPQVGfEeiAxvL2rdhhtw/default.htm Whats the scoop on young Mr Buck? Looks a little raw on film. But you cant teach 6-5, 295. With that size he should be getting some decent college looks, and KVs 5-0 start doesnt hurt.
  19. Ive read that Lafayette people dont want to travel to Terre Haute Here are some mileage stats that might be interesting : Laf to Richmond 134m Laf to Muncie 108m Laf to Marion 71m Laf to Anderson 67m Laf to TH 95m Laf to Bloomington 112m Laf to Columbus 109m Laf to Indy 63m Are the Laf schools better off staying right where they are?
  20. Look at your map and compare Jeffs current travel commitments to what they would have in the CI/CC scenario. Then report back to me with your findings by 10PM this evening.
  21. Therer are some interesting conference affiliation discussions going on in varios active threads. This is always a popular topic on The GID as everyone has ideas on what is just the best fit for each and every school in the state. Once we come out of COVID, I believe schools will take a hard look at where they are at and we might see some more movement. I see 3 current conferences that each have their specific challenges : North Central - old dying industrial towns living on the glory of past hoops success. Conference Indiana - always talk of defections and reshuffling
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