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  1. hhpatriot04

    The PAC Conference 2018

    He had a ton of talent immediately at Princeton.
  2. hhpatriot04

    Sectional 32

    It's very impressive for any 3A team (less Chatard) to crack the Top 25 of Sagarin before semistate. Especially impressive because the out of state game wasn't directly accounted for.
  3. When is it being renamed Lincoln County?
  4. hhpatriot04

    Sectional 32

    This sectional historically has never had a great SoS at the start of the sectional. Still, it has consistently produced state contenders (Memorial, GS, HH and previously Mater Dei and Vincennes dropping down to 3A is interesting given their tradition). The SoS shouldn't be an argument in 3A because you can only have 11 on the field and the top teams will be prepared via games or practice. I have never seen a 3A state champion that goes two deep (44 players) at every position. What matters is being healthy and at your pinnacle heading into the tournament. Different programs have different approaches to obtain that.
  5. Fewer injuries because strength and condition has been addressed after Coach Mundy left. His loss and Tom Goldsberry's are often forgotten because of coach Clayton's retirement.
  6. hhpatriot04

    Seeded sectionals

    I favor seeding like they do in wrestling. Lock the coaches in a room until they agree on 1-8. Two 9-0 teams should never face eachother in round one only to play fluffs in the second and third rounds. Keep the big crowds as long as possible.
  7. It's not getting the film. It's that HH hasn't shown anything. I've been told by reliable sources the HH QB Club has been instructed to practice skeet shooting on drones hovering over Lincoln City between 3:30 and 5:30 Monday-Thursday.
  8. No film on the HH passing game could be a huge advantage in a couple weeks. I think they'll try some things against FP and SS, but scouting wise heading into the sectional HH will know what schemes sectional opponents have used. Of course Memorial is the favorite. The draw next week (?) will impact play calling. Moreover, the introduction of the Flexbone makes it even more complicated. Yes, you can effectively pass out of the Wishbone and yes HH has spread sets in the playbook. Interesting times.
  9. hhpatriot04

    Most Surprising Teams??

    Heritage Hills 7-0 after a 5-win sesson and likely to finish the regular season undefeated PAC champions for the first time since 2007 when Bob Clayton was still coach.
  10. Southridge traditionally ran a 4-4 stack. Under the new coach, I don't know. But protecting your linebackers is the obvious counter to the Wishbone. It really doesn't matter though. What matters is one on one match-ups in the trenches. Whoever wins that and takes care of the ball will win.. The 5-2 defense predated the 3-4, but are conceptually the same. Once you introduce an eighth defender in the box everything changes. What always made HH dangerous was the flexibility of the skill players... Blocking, catching, running. Even Cutler got his butt chewed when he didn't block on a sweep. That seems to be returning.
  11. hhpatriot04

    First downs moving the chains

    In the final minutes of a tight game or just before halftime would you advise your back judge to monitor the clock. Also, how often did you tell you visit the home team's head coach and ask for a correction? Any that stick out in your mind? I have seen schools notorious for having a clock keeper, who would drain time when they had an advantage and save time when they were down. Two or three seconds per play adds up! Having refereed basketball (not at the varsity level), I understand you need the off ball official monitoring the clock. I've also kept time for football and basketball. It can take a while to develop a rhythm and some people are ignorant of the rules which doesn't help.
  12. hhpatriot04

    First downs moving the chains

    Time (game clock) should also be kept on the field by the referee, correct?
  13. Again, the records speak for themselves. How many PAC fans do you see stoking the fire on Jasper - VL topics? Be respectful.
  14. The proper term is troll, and VL's record against Heritage Hills speaks for itself. GS just embarrasses Princeton. With the rise of Gibson Southern, the PAC shouldn't bow to the almighty Big 8. Gibson, Southridge, and HH are consistently better than VL, Jasper and Mount Vernon/Boonville.
  15. Football games between Southridge and Heritage Hills have in recent memory been very respectable, not as much jarring as with county-rival South Spencer or Tell City or the Evansville teams. Southridge even offered/allowed HH to use its turf to practice before semistate in 2014 because of the snow before the Tri West game. Holland, Dale, Huntingburg, Santa Claus, Mariah Hill all have deep farming, church, collegiate, teaching and other connections.