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  1. Dang hippies! Greatest generation my pale white behind.
  2. Once lost a starting running back driving to resume a delayed game on Saturday morning. Foggy, wet, hilly, southern Indian roads. Luckily he wasn't hurt too badly and the opponent was Tell City, but breaking routine isn't good. Sometimes HH opted to play Chatard on Saturday, but it really was because driving 3 hours for an 8 p.m. start is really rushing your team's pregame schedule and the fans you can bring. I-69 makes it 1:45 or so to Bloomington. How big of a mess is it on SR-37? How long from Chatard to Bloomington? I'll travel the route for the first time in three years next month!
  3. Really? I don't think this is the old Chatard. Coach L is gone. Chatard got dropped back down to 3A. Trojans are riding on misplaced legacy. I don't think Chatard has every respected SW Indiana football except when they have 3-4 DI athletes on both sides of the ball.
  4. Play it at Harrison. Shorter drive for Chatard and probably some of your student athletes (tongue in cheek).
  5. hhpatriot04

    Brownstown @ Memorial

    Because Boonville and Tecumseh (I know not the correct thread)
  6. hhpatriot04

    Neutral Sites from Regionals ON

    You could run into some issues if the neutral host is also still playing in the tournament. Also, let's say Memorial just beat Heritage Hills at Heritage Hills and then has to play regional game at Heritage Hills... a bit odd. Also after most teams exit the tournament, they "winterize" their fields and concessions. The sites would have to be determined before the tournament or season. I do think, for example, a Memorial vs. Chatard semistate at Bloomington South would be interesting and would attract fans from surrounding communities which I don't think has been discussed. HS players can't play at NCAA/NAIA facilities because of possible recruiting violations, right?
  7. hhpatriot04

    Brownstown @ Memorial

    I think Brownstown scores just because of the uniqueness of their offense. Memorial is also coming off a big win against "rival" GS and could be preparing for the Trojans. It only takes one play.
  8. hhpatriot04

    Ranking the Sectionals

    Have you ever met Jeff Sagarin or John Harrell? Both live in Bloomington and couldn't give a rat's butt what the gamblers do with their three decades of work. If you consider Sagarin only considers in-state competition, his ratings are as close to statistical nom-bias as is possible.
  9. hhpatriot04

    Sectional 32

    Is it legal for Catholic teams to hold communion in public schools prior to games? What if a protestant wants to have communion but the team chaplain or priest forbids it?
  10. hhpatriot04

    Sectional 32 Championship

    Gibson Southern and Memorial are both well-coached. If anyone has a chance against Memorial before Chatard, it's Gibson who is peaking at the right time.
  11. They rotate them. There is a Catholic Football Council that meets every six years and decides whose turn it is to get the deanery talent. Are you not invited to those meetings? You should be added to their mailing list. 😛
  12. I agree it helps the program. And there have actually been cases when Class 3A is better than Class 4A (pre-success factor).
  13. Is this by acre or population? Flawed math. Southern Indiana doesn't have the population of the north, hence why the "lines" keep moving northward for classes. Additionally, I would bet schools south of Monument Circle (yes, I know that's not the latitudinal center of Indiana) percentage-wise field fewer football teams than northern schools. @DrivenT: Is this by square acres or population? For lack of a better graphic, I offer this.
  14. Yes. But what about the seniors who played while you were in 3A? Do they prefer to end their careers with an L or a ring/some kind of hardware?
  15. hhpatriot04

    Sectional 32 Championship

    Greyhound? So you live on 131st and ??? and support Chatard. Now you are talking my language. I'm an (old Carmel) native, as are my grandparents. Family moved south in 1991. It begs the question, why are you paying so much attention to Sectional 32? We are just country bumpkins with Memorial thrown in.