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  1. navy80

    playing both ways in 6a

    How many 6A teams ever had a player that rarely came out of the game? its common at the 1,2,3A level. Wondering about the top tier teams.
  2. West Vigo is terrible this year. North Davies should be proud of the win but I wouldn’t look much into it. Linton 44 N Davies 12 Miners win out the rest of the season.
  3. navy80

    WRC Week 6

    Game of the week Attica 4-1 vs North Vermillion 4-1 second game of the week south vermillion 2-3 vs Park Heritage 4-1 battle of the winless Riverton Parke 0-5 vs Dugger 0-3 Other games Covington 1-4 vs South Newton 0-5 Fountain Central 4-1 vs Seeger 2-3 my predictions NV over Attica 22-14 FC over Seeger 36-6 PH over SV 36-23 CO over SN 20-6 RP over DUG 28-12
  4. Game of the week in the south! IT's crazy because these two teams are in the same Sectional and they aren't the best team in it. I'd like for H. Hills to win but I'll say GS wins because it's at home and because of last years big win. GS 33 HH 28
  5. navy80

    Wabash River Conference Week 5

    Sullivan 58-24 over SV Fountain Central 20-0 over Attica North Vernillion 48-7 over R. Parke Seeger 20-19 over Covington Parke Heritage 72-6 over Dugger
  6. navy80

    Linton at Ritter

    This will be an interesting game. -how much has Linton improved their pass defense? - how much will Linton’s qb change help their offense against a good/decent Ritter team? Ritter 32 Linton 24
  7. navy80

    Wabash River Conference Week 4

    Agree with everything you said.
  8. navy80

    Wabash River Conference Week 4

    8 wins 3 losses. * Sag link to TR and WM's record doesn't work. But I assume they had records around 1-8 or 2-7. Dugger (1-9) W 66-6 North Davies (8-3) W 47-28 Turkey Run W 75-0 North Vermillion (10-1) L 7-37 North Knox (4-6) W 27-21 Eastern Greene (4-6) W 71-50 Riverton PArke (1-9)W 93-20 Wood MEmorial W 62-20 Linton (13-1) L 26-59 Sectionals Turkey Run W 46-0 Fountain Central (11-2) L 20-34 NC faced three really good 1A teams in 2013. They were soundly beaten by all three. Their only good win was against North Davies. Let's see how those 4 good teams fared. NV went undefeated only to lose to Attica 13-7 first round of sectionals. A team they beat 52-16 earlier in the year. FC lost 42-35 to NV in regular season. We missed the long awaited rematch due to the NV upset. FC wins sectionals and then lost 47-28 to Linton. Linton had a strong year going 13-1 and winning regionals. Linton beat North Davies that year 55-0. Beat a good Sullivan team 34-24, Sheridan team 26-7, a good Tecumseh team 28-24. Linton lost on the road at Eastern Hancock 16-37. North Davies went 8-3 and lost to PErry Central in second round of sectionals. PErry went on to lose to Linton 42-9 the next week. FINAL THOUGHTS: NC is better than I originally gave them credit for. However, I don't think they had Lucas Oil talent at all. They had a chance to play three top 1A teams and were beat by all three. I didnt watch those games though, were they close? It seems NC beat up n the weak teams, REALLY bad.. I mean, 93 points? 71? 75? 66? C'mon.. but couldn't hold their own against NV, LINT, and FC. Ah, sad to hear Chase isn't playing. I will have to keep an eye on Earl's stats this year. Thanks!
  9. navy80

    Wabash River Conference Week 4

    NC's 2013 was a good team for NC but average to above average 1A team. You got to realize they aren't going to be great or be consistent because they pull from Farmersburg and Shelburn...a total of about 2,000 to 4,000 people, most of lower socio-economic level. NC 2018 is NC's best team at least since 1994. They won 10 games last year and only lost one Senior from that team. Both their losses were to Eastern Greene by 8 and 19 points. EG beat Linton by 23 points. I know you can't compare opponents but it is at least a decent indicator. NC may not have another good team again, or a 10 win season but this years team is actually good. I'm curious to know where all these stud running backs are? Only ones I know are Van Shoyck and this years Basinger. Didn't the Van Schoyck kid play in D3 somewhere?
  10. navy80

    Wabash River Conference Week 4

    What? North Central plus a weak schedule and beats the brakes off them? you have to be talking about Linton’s old schedule lol. north Central has only had a pretty decent team the past two years and they haven’t beat the brakes off anyone even in their average years They had a few 8 win seasons but FC and NV beat them out in sectionals. For some reason Linton fans are bitter because North Central dropped them. I’m not sure why but they’ve been making negative comments about it for two years. It’s funny because when Linton is winning and beating up on weak teams the Miner fans dominate these forums. But you haven’t seen them very much at all this year until now.
  11. navy80

    Wabash River Conference Week 4

    Exactly. I’d have Linton 3rd behind NC and Lutheran. We will see how Linton does against NK and Eastern for a better comparison. I also thinl Fountain Central would be a good game against Linton. So would Park Heritage due to their passing game and Linton’s lack of pass defense.
  12. navy80

    Wabash River Conference Week 4

    Lol. 2018 Linton wouldn’t make the 1A state finals this year. Comparatively speaking- 2017 Linton got beat worse by Eastern than North Central did. So there is an argument that NC would beat Linton last year and this year... but we’ll never know. North Vermillion is still the team to beat in the WRC. But PH will give them a run. Great change up by the Miner staff. Putting a good sized sophomore at qb will help them the next two years and as previously mentioned, frees up the playmaker in Dyer.
  13. navy80

    Wabash River Conference Week 4

    North Central does have a great team. They beat a team tonight by same score as the #3 ranked 1a team did. NC smoked west Vigo by almost same score as Northview did. Take away way the first qtr of PH and NC, and you’ve got a great game. Look for these two to meet up in regionals.
  14. TC established themselves as state contenders!
  15. navy80

    Wabash River Conference Week 4

    Parks Heritage made a statement tonight. Top contender and my favorite in the conference.