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  1. MDAlum82

    Mercy Rule

    If JV players were given 6 quarters each wk vs current 5, they could get some meaningful experience in many of these blowouts. As it is, most lop-sided games are played under artificial rules; i.e. run only offenses, etc where the only intent is to eat of the clock to get to 4th qtr so teams can substitute freely. It would complicate the works of the statisticians but what if in games where a lead of 28 or 35 pts was achieved in the second half, JV players would be granted an extra quarter?
  2. As my wise grandmother used to say: "If "wishes" and "buts" were candy & nuts, it would be Christmas everyday". Likely that several teams were a play or two away from going all the way. A missed block or tackle, a poorly thrown pass, fumble, etc and any number of games may well have turned out differently. Such is football, such is life. How many days until kick-off for the 2018 season? Too many. Aye Matey, ye be the best Raider team ever...ARGGGGGHHHHH!
  3. Woodlan fans - your team likely deserved a better outcome but tremendous game all around, except for final score.
  4. Congrats to Southridge Raiders - 2017 - 2A State Champs!
  5. For reasons beyond belief, SR has left 2 secs on the clock.
  6. # 55 for Woodlan is obviously frustrated but the full- on bull-rush on the Victory formation is not necessary IMO. Off the field now...
  7. Tough loss for Woodlan as their Defense was everything fans said it was. Unfortunately, SR defense was even better, overcoming 4 TO's and on the field most of the game
  8. 2 near INT's by SR on 1st two plays from scrimmage Woodlan's QB not the most accurate and it shows with much tighter coverage. SR DEE-FENSE is MVP of this game, no dubt
  9. Best Championship game I've seen in years...no doubt See if SR DB's can get better coverage knowing pass is likely. SR dropping 7 into coverage.
  10. SR leads 15 - 14 with 1:22 left. BIG PLAY for 2 pts conversion. Remember: Woodlan took opening drive 70 yds in just 1:07
  11. SR moving quickly but not their usual tempo so a little shakey Harter seems to be having some issues throwing. 4th & 5...SR uses its last Timeout. Looks SR may have scored by TV signal is totally FUBAR'd SR with perfect middle screen to pay-dirt. Look to be going for 2. IT's GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD.
  12. INT for 4th SR turnover...almost like a punt. Woodlan has ball at 40 with only 3:39 left Woodlan has 3rd & 6 on SR 34 yd line with 2:50 to go. SR has to get 2 stops here to get ball back with likely < 2 mins left. SR gets a stop & uses 2nd time out. 4th & 4 with 2:45 left SR with INT at 33 yd line. still 2:40 left
  13. Woodlan takes over on downs with just over 5 mins to play. SR Defense comes up with another 3 & out, just what SR needed. SR lets kick bounce...all the way inside the 5 yd line. This will surely be the last chance for SR offense with just 3:56 left.
  14. Yet another huge play by SR Defense. Wooldan kicker back on field for a 35 yd FG attempts. Delay penalty backs them up another 5 yds. Offense back on field for Woodlan for 4th & 12. Pass knocked down in the endzone for yet another BIG STOP for SR Defense. SR stuffed on a 4th & 1. Questionable call to come all the way across backfield on the outside hand-off. Woodlan D-line has been getting good push all game and play was blown up immediately.
  15. SR having to pass more than they prefer and without the element of surprise, SR passing game showing some cracks. Harter makes another good pass but WRs run into each other, tipped pass intercepted & returned inside the 20.