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  1. Remember watching a very good Woodlan team in 1988 semistate and thinking they easily could've gone on to win state that season.
  2. Congrats to the Warriors!
  3. The Western Boone, defense just couldn't get enough stops. The two keys to me were the pass interference call that extended Scecina's touchdown drive at the end of the first half and their kickoff return to open the second half. Those two things turned a 12-7 game into a three-score game and while the offense was able to move the ball and score in the second half they couldn't get enough stops to come all the way back. I was very impressed with Scecina's offense and specifically their quarterback. If they get past Southridge, who I know nothing about, I think they win state.
  4. Who cares if they say that? Doesn't change the outcome. No need to respond by taking the shots you did. Just makes you look petty and insecure.
  5. No point in crying about every perceived slight. Starting to sound like the coaches/dads of another 2A team I follow.
  6. XStar

    CIC Regional

    Mississinewa Lapel
  7. Sorry. Level of discourse still too high for you Chief? Let me see if I can help. Scecina must have taken your lunch money, kicked your dog, or stole your girl! More comfortable now?
  8. After spending years in the same sectionals with programs like Chatard, Brebeuf, Tri-West, and West Lafayette, I don't think they are looking for excuses, win or lose.
  9. Nope. You just get butt hurt when people pick against your team.
  10. XStar

    CIC Sectional Finals

    Western Lewis Cass
  11. XStar

    CIC Sectional Week

    First of all, I have no grudge. Second, the post you responded to this morning said nothing derogatory about your program. For some reason, you took offense to me posting about a positive experience I had at Rensselaer Central last night and attacked their program in response. That was your choice. Take responsibility for your actions. Many ways you could have chosen to handle that but you chose what you did. I didn't make you.
  12. XStar

    CIC Sectional Week

    Keep turning your head.
  13. XStar

    CIC Sectional Week

    Well Coach it's a good thing for you that Eastbrook doesn't "need" me because even if everything you said is true, and I'm sure the other sideline probably has a different version of these events, it still pales in comparison.