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  1. komets3001

    2018 Hoosiers

    Did Purdue a lot of good when they lose to Eastern Michigan and Minnesota...
  2. komets3001

    2018 Boilermakers

    Purdue gets hammered 41-10 by an average Minnesota team. As much as the whipping of Ohio State thrilled me, the losses to Eastetn Michigan and a butt whipping by Minnesota concern me...
  3. komets3001

    2018 Hoosiers

    Good win vs Maryland today. The last few years against the Terps have been high scoring, crazy games and this no exception. 5-5 with 2 games left and the Purdue games looks very winnable as they got thrashed by Minnesota...
  4. AC is legit and this will be a good game. Fool yourselves if you want to, but this is for all intents and purposes the state title game...
  5. komets3001

    Regional: Angola at Dwenger

    When discussing the NECC and all sports, they are about to lose a school in Hamilton so that further leaves less teams in conference to play. I know Hamilton does not play football, but since other sports were brought up it is fair to include them. Their tax referendum was defeated this past Tuesday so they are on the edge of closing their doors, likely after the 2019-2020 school year. While I totally understand the geography that Angola must deal with, playing a team in Michigan and Ohio within 30 minutes of the school is doable.
  6. komets3001

    3A Semi-State West Lafayette v Luers

    You can’t coach speed nor can you catch it.... If the field is decent, Luers will put up some points. WL is legit and no doubt Luers will have their hands full. I have seen some film on them and they are really good...
  7. komets3001

    3A Semi-State West Lafayette v Luers

    The question is can Lafayette handle Luers speed? If not, they will be in for a long night...
  8. komets3001

    Snider Panthers

    No doubt, Snider will play whoever they are lined up against. Thought this was a pretty predictable outcome for the Panthers this year knowing their youth and inexperience.
  9. komets3001

    Regional: Angola at Dwenger

    Nice post!!! I have some direct contact with quite a few of the schools in the NECC and I think Angola is doing themselves a disservice by playing these smaller schools. Certainly no disrespect meant toward Angola or any of these schools. As teams advance in tourney play, it just gets tougher and experience playing some schools in your class helps. As far as playing Ohio and Michigan schools, it happens all the time in all sports. Penn played I believe Brother Rice, Csthedral played an Ohio and Kentucky school, Warren Central played out of state, even Woodlan played an Ohio school so it is not hard to find games...
  10. komets3001

    Regional: Angola at Dwenger

    Been on a school bus plenty of times. But hey, let’s go play Fairfield or Fremont or West Noble or Central Noble and then wonder why the game is so much faster when we play the city teams....
  11. komets3001

    Snider Panthers

    I can’t fault the effort Snider gave against Carmel. The offense was exposed as pretty one dimensional as the passing game certainly struggled and without that threat, Carmel was selling out with 9 players right on the line of scrimmage to stop the run. Defensively, Carmel moved the ball pretty easily and I thought it was a major victory that they only gave up 20 points. Let’s hope another year gets the Panthers some more opportunity to grow. This decision will be made by the administrators, not the players.... As someone who has attended Snider football games for a very long time, still have not heard any Snider fan say they want to play in 5A and that is the point that several in here are trying to make. Sometimes it is not all about wins and losses, it is about learning life lessons and challenging yourself.
  12. komets3001

    Regional: Angola at Dwenger

    There are plenty of teams Angola could play that wouldn’t require a 2 hour drive as you claim. The issue is you play in a conference with all 1A, 2A, and 3A schools and Angola is by far the biggest school. I love the city of Angola and have spent quite a bit of time working in Angola and the people are great. I know that Angola is very close to the Michigan border and there are plenty of good teams there not to mention the good teams in the northern corner of Indiana in the Sourh Bend area and Mishawaka area.
  13. komets3001

    Regional: Angola at Dwenger

    Angola plays in a horse crap conference and those that see that knew Dwenger would have their way with them. Until Angola decides to upgrade their schedule, every time they see Dwenger they will fold like a deck of cards...
  14. komets3001

    Marian at Luers part II

    Luers vs West Lafayette will be a war...
  15. komets3001

    Regional Scores

    Luers 28 - Marian 0