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  1. komets3001

    4A Postseason

    Mishawaka and Dwenger are going to be tough outs...
  2. There is nobody, and I mean nobody, who had more exposure then Damon Bailey. The reason they moved the state championship basketball game to the Hoosier Dome was because they had over 40,000 people attend just because of Bailey. SI cover, scholarship offer in the 8th grade, Bobby Knight, playing for IU, doesn’t get any bigger then that.
  3. komets3001

    SAC playoffs

    Luers 49 - Heritage 14 Wayne 56 - South Side 6 Concordia 42 - Lakeland 20 Dwenger 35 - Logansport 7 Elkhart Central 49 - North Side 35
  4. Regional?? Last I saw Notre Dame is a national Program that everyone knows as well as the Dallas Cowboys. Anyone that comes on this site has heard of Jaylon Smith...
  5. Well, I am sure you heard of Reese, QB from Ben Davis, who is now playing for Indiana
  6. I was unable to go to any games this past Friday so I watched on summit city sports and was able to watch and see all 5 games in Fort Wayne. What an utter embarrassment the conditions were!! As bad as Zollner and Spuller were, Wayne’s field might have been the worst of all....
  7. komets3001

    2018 Hoosiers

    DT, using your formula of talent always wins, which is your quote, explain how Old Dominion, who is 1-6, beats Virginia Tech, who recruits on a top 20 level every year and beats them at Virginia Tech? Or how Navy, who has 0 recruits on any list, beat Notre Dame like 3 or 4 years in a row?
  8. Jaylon Smith from Luers who went to Notre Dame and is now playing for Dallas Cowboys.
  9. komets3001

    Penn's new Athletic Center

    Awesome facility!!!
  10. komets3001

    Snider Panthers

    Good luck to Luers as well!!! For the record, I do believe that Presley is the best running back in the SAC...
  11. Before class basketball became a reality, I would agree, but visiting gyms around Indiana since class basketball started I totally disagree with you. Most gyms are at least half empty if not worse. Yes, football has issues but attendance in all sports is down and none worse then basketball
  12. komets3001

    Snider Panthers

    Winning time is the 2nd half where Luers all but disappeared in this game. Look, I have been one of Luers biggest fans for years and if you have been around here as long as I have been you would know this. I am not picking a fight with you or Luers at all. I will be cheering on the winner of Concordia vs Luers to win state. As for you comment about “Snider Lovers Only”, um this thread is titled Snider Panthers Thread... just saying...
  13. Welcome to college football in high school. Having watched all levels of football for a very long time, especially on the college level, it is dominated by 10-15 schools year in and year out. High school has become the same way...