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  1. Now there's a novel idea, too bad not everyone could had thought of it. This idea may set a trend for future generations of high school football teams to follow for the unforeseeable future!! Lol.
  2. LOL, here's my "snarky" pick. MD 35-17...here's my "bush league" pick MD 35-17.
  3. Newsflash!! They always were. Are you saying that only W. Laf had a chance to beat Chatard?
  4. I would have picked Central earlier, but since they weren't even able to defeat Mater Dei later in the season, that tells me they slid a little down hill. EM wins the rematch by 7 to 10 points.
  5. As a HH fan, I have great respect for the Raiders football program and what it has accomplished through the years. The regular season game score between them was lopsided, but I have a feeling tonight's game will be much closer. Two great programs going at it toe to toe or belly to belly lol for the sec championship! I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict HH 27 and SR 21 in overtime! Good luck to both teams. The Jungle should be rockin' tonight.
  6. I think the Pats are living a "charmed life" so far. They escaped tonight. They will have to play better the rest of the way if they want to go deeper in the tournament. They are capable, but 100% effort is required in each advancing game. At this level they will have to earn each victory.
  7. Kinda curious about just how good L'burg is. Don't hear much about them during the reg season. I think they are usually overshadowed by their big-brother East Central so that is understandable. They must be pretty good though, I'm a HH fan, and i'm wondering about something. If HH and stinktown were to eventually meet. How bad will L'burg beat HH??? Opinions??
  8. Never sell your teams short, Lincoln is capable of playing some quality football, Princeton a little less. But kudos to both of these teams! Results don't lie. Good luck to each of these teams next week! like i said before, Lincoln will advance!
  9. Stop playing the victim!!! Give your players the credit they deserve!!
  10. Looks like old chatard and w. laf will be clashing.!! Who do yo'all think will win this one???
  11. All Big Eight final!! Hummmmm who'd a thunk it? Vincennes Lincoln vs. Princeton! Wow! I'll go with the Alices in a close one.
  12. Well what do you know, who'd a thunk it???😂 Good job Knights!!!
  13. And btw, regarding this game tonight, even when they are bad, they are good!! (the Pats) that is.
  14. Lawrenceburg won handily tonight over Charlestown by three or four scores! Anyone surprised?? Just how good is Lawrenceburg, anyone know??
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