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  1. Which conference would Lafayette Jeff go? I think they tried the "greener pastures" before
  2. cw13

    Eastern Michigan 20 Purdue 19

    That game just made me cringe. I just felt like everything was out of control. The Purdue forums are being pretty brutal right now. Not showing much mercy.
  3. cw13

    Our Friday night lights.

    Prayers and good thoughts. My grandson had ACL surgery this summer also. His senior year gone. Heartbreaking. Wishing you all the best!!
  4. http://www.maxpreps.com/high-schools/hammond-bishop-noll-warriors-(hammond,in)/football/roster.htm
  5. unfortunately this is a trend my wife works in an elementary school for fun they polled the kids and asked them what is their favorite sports not one male in her class said football (tennis and soccer were the popular ones) today's trend!
  6. cw13

    Wabash River Conference Week 2

    only numbers that count are on the scoreboard!
  7. cw13

    Wabash River Conference Week 2

    It needs a lot of TLC!!! Goal is to be ready in two weeks
  8. You can cut on the LOS at the snap, correct? Head just has to be in front.

    Please confirm

    1. bobref


      The rules don’t say anything about head position. But yes, blocking below the waist is permitted by offensive linemen against defensive linemen as long as it is in the free blocking zone and the ball is in the FBZ. For teams running shotgun or pistol, this has been interpreted to mean that the block must be immediate at the snap, with no delay or set by the offensive lineman.

      Bob Parker

  9. FC started slow, but recovered well and showed some fight! Need to clean up a few things (like all teams do) but over-all played well against a very good Webo team
  10. Webo is big and strong on both sides of the ball. Skill positions are solid. Seemed slightly out of shape
  11. cw13

    Thinking about TA

    Tim started a great site we have all enjoyed. Kudos to Coach Nowlin for continuing the site/sport that Tim dearly loved!
  12. cw13

    Urban Meyer Death Watch

    Sounds like his job will be saved if in fact it was true he sent the info up the chain to the AD's office. That part of the investigation will be critical.
  13. cw13

    Urban Meyer Death Watch

    I have to go with what ESPN was discussing yesterday. The OSU brass will be in touch with their high-powered money people. If their decision results in lots of lost money -----he will go. But if the big money dudes will continue to support regardless, the folks in Columbus will care less what the country thinks----he will stay.
  14. I'm sure there was a good reason for the Frankfort HC to leave at this point. Hopefully we all don't start rumors until we know the facts.
  15. I know plenty of guys who are lay coaches and started their careers as lay coaches. bottom line-a good coach is a good coach. being a in-class teacher does not make you a good coach. yes there are advantages to being in the building, but schools need coaches. let's face it the money given to coach high school football is a drop in the bucket. the money allotted to assistants is an embarrassment as it pertains to time put into coaching. if you are a lay coach you don't do it for the money, you do because you love the game and like developing players into productive young men. in fact there are a lot of coaches out there who are not lay coaches and the only reason they do it is for the money. its a point you can argue all day...….but truthfully in this day and age with our game under attack...….the game needs coaches who care!