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  1. Coach Nolting

    Wood Memorial

    When WM dropped us, there were no other teams in indiana or Illinois that had a week 8 opening that would fit into our schedule. I was contacted by several schools with enrollments of 3,500+ students in other states, but I passed on those for obvious reasons. Jasonville informed us that they had 35 players on their team originally. After hearing from some ND folks, that was not the case. As, I told ts32 yesterday, we are evaluating the situation. We did not cancel the JV game for the following Monday against ND. I told both ND's head coach and AD that we are evaluating the situation, and I would let them know what we were doing by the end of this week. Once a decision is made, I will be more than happy to share it. If we were to play Jasonville 95% of our starters would not even dress for the game. Most of our "top" players skills and line would be sitting. The last thing we want is to put either team in a bad situation. Right now we are deciding what direction we will go. To be honest, if WM had not cancelled we would be in the same boat. Last year We started multiple JV players against them and the entire JV played for most of the 2nd-4th. - Travis Nolting
  2. Coach Nolting


    Sleeping giant. Good luck to New coach!
  3. 2018 IFCA/Colts Youth Football Camp July 13th 2018 North Central High School (Indianapolis) 3:30-5:30pm The Indiana Football Coaches Association in conjunction with USA Football and the Indianapolis Colts will be hosting a free youth football camp on July 13th 2013 from 3:30-5:30pm at North Central High School in Indianapolis. All Indiana youth football players in grades Kindergarten – 8th grade are welcome to attend. All participants will receive a free t-shirt and a free ticket to the IFCA North/South All Star Game that evening. The youth camp will focus on teaching basic football fundamentals. There will also be a session of Heads Up Tackling and Blocking taught by USA Football master trainers at the end of camp. I am looking for 20 coaches who wish to volunteer to help run the camp. If you are interested in helping please contact me at: noltingt@nesc.k12.in.us
  4. Coach Nolting

    Tell City Coach

    Great Hire for the Marksmen! Aaron has worked as coordinator on our staff since 2011. He has been an integral part of the turn around at NCF and will be greatly missed! He will work very hard to get things moving in the right direction at TC. Congrats Coach Clements!
  5. North Central High School located in Farmersburg Indiana will have an open Social Studies Position for the 2018-2019 school year due to a retirement. We are a Class 1A school and return 20 starters from a 10-2 team last season. We have several coaching opportunities on the High School Staff Please send a resume/materials to: Travis Nolting Head Football Coach/Assistant Principal noltingt@nesc.k12.in.us
  6. Very competitive in our youth league which consists of Sullivan, Washington, North Knox, North Central, Eastern Greene, and North Daviess.
  7. Each sectional has a rep on the ratings board. There is an at large north and an at large south rep as well. The list and the photos on the website are outdated as you have pointed out. However, each head coach knows who their ratings board member due to contact throughout the season. There is also information that the rep passes out during the sectional meetings. The IFCA has been in the process of updating the Website and modernizing it for usage with only payment of dues and submission of forms. It is a pretty involved process but will be much more streamlined when complete. I am sure that it will be updated this offseason with the correct data. The ratings board does vote for Mr. Football but it only counts as a portion of the vote.
  8. Coach Nolting

    Coaching Stipend

    Yes its typically a sheet that attached to the teachers contract. So each ECA pay that is in the schedule is part of the board and ISTA local negotiations. Some small schools have it made though... Tecumseh for example gets the same amount of pays and stipends as the larger schools in their district.
  9. Coach Nolting

    Coaching Stipend

    Our coaching stipends are listed in the ECA pay schedule. Boys and Girls Basketball makes the same (more than football btw) Our pays are pretty low... I made almost as much being an assistant at 5A...
  10. This pretty much sums it up boys... Maybe the best underdog story of all time? Little engine that could? He just kept chuggin' along ... chuga chuga chuga chuga ... toot toot.
  11. Any Given Friday... No certainties in life fellas...
  12. Coach Nolting

    ???IFCA poll???

    The poll was released on 9/19... its also been updated on the John Harrell site
  13. Coach Nolting

    Martinsville Artesians

    Coached at Martinsville with Coach Siderewicz. Great family always made my wife and I feel welcome. Great memories on Friday Nights at Coach (Bill's) house after the game was done! Go Artesians!
  14. Coach Nolting

    Martinsville Artesians

    We did it when I coached there... Each year the goal was to run it more times than the class prior. If you have never seen the hill, its brutal... Good sleddin' hill though...
  15. Coach Nolting

    Martinsville Artesians

    I was on staff during the Siderewicz era at Martinsville and then two seasons with Fred before moving on to pursue my own coaching career. I am so glad that Coach Joe landed on his feet at CG he is a good man with a kind heart. I know several of the guys on staff and coached with Brad Rose. He knows his stuff, good coach was at Warren Central and a powerhouse school in Florida. They also have one of the best offensive line coaches that I have worked with in Justin Byers. They have a full time strength coach as well (Something that we did not have while I was there). The athletic department was always great to work with there. I worked with asst. AD Kip Staggs at Martinsville, Cascade and Franklin oddly enough when I was coaching at those schools. During my time at Martinsville I always felt that the Athletic Department and Administrations was behind you as a coach. Don Lipps, and Don Alkire were two great men to work for! The middle school programs have a couple really good classes coming up through the ranks. I believe they are cycling right not and will begin to turn things around in the next couple years. Always will be a special place in my heart for the Artes! BTW if anyone is looking for a house in Martinsville, I'll sell you one cheap!