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  1. Coach Junior

    CIC Sectional Round 1

    You are right as far as this starting to be a pretty good rivalry in the playoffs between these two teams. Seems like they play every year. Eastbrook is one of those teams that will play hard until the end of every game and that is a reflection of Coach Adamson. However, Eastbrook is only the 5th best team in this sectional this year, behind Yorktown, WL, Delta, and Western (whom the Panthers lost to 24-11 in Week 2). I respectfully disagree on your statement that Eastbrook is better than Delta and MV, but that's why we play the game right!? Key to the game is Singer for Eastbrook, and Carroll for Yorktown. Singer is the key to every Eastbrook game, and whether or not Yorktown can "contain" him. You can't stop #10, you can only hope to limit the damage. The same goes for Carroll of Yorktown, look out for #25 on Friday. He scored 8 TD's against Pen. Heights. Seen Eastbrook play many times over the years, Adamson doesn't change a whole lot from year to year.
  2. Coach Junior

    CIC Sectional Round 1

    Impressive that Eastbrook has only lost 1 time in the first round since '96. That 1 loss though was to Yorktown in '11 when an undefeated Eastbrook team was taken down at home against a .500 Tigers' team. Love the loyalty to your conference, but Yorktown's SOS is ranked 140, and that is with playing 2 Indy schools who are a combined 1-17. Eastbrook's SOS is ranked 179, the 2 teams bringing that down are Blackford and Frankton. I agree with your statement about this being the best team Eastbrook has faced all year. However, Eastbrook is not the best team Yorktown has seen all year. Yorktown has big wins over MV and Delta, and played New Pal to its 2nd closest game all year, losing by 21 (NP beat MV by 20). That SOS, will help the Tigers Friday night. Yorktown 35-21.
  3. Monroe Central posted their first winning record in school history this year, finishing 5-4. They play Wes-Del Friday night, whom they beat 35-21 on Sept. 27th. Congrats to the Golden Bears' players and coaches on an outstanding accomplishment!
  4. Coach Junior

    Hoosier Conference Week 2

    Great to see LCC get the win. However, there were some glaring mistakes on defese that the LCC faithful hasn't seen since '08 when they first transitioned to the 3-4. Just some mental mistakes that led to two Oracle TD's. The coaches have a lot to work on going in to Guerin week. The kids are young and hopefully they can fix those mistakes and be a good team by tourney time. For the first time that I can remember in this rivalry, Guerin has a legitimate shot to finally knock off LCC and claim The Bishop's Cannon. Although Guerin didn't seem competitive last week against Martinsvills, we have to remember that Martinsville is a very solid team with a few D-1 recruits (including Coach Kutruff's son). We all know both Guerin and LCC circle this matchup on thier schedules as soon as it comes out, always an emotional game, especially recently. With all that said, I will be picking LCC this week for 3 reasons. 1. Momentum. LCC is coming off of a big win, while Guerin is coming off of a big loss. I will be watching how the momentum from Week 1 carries over to this week. The young kids at LCC found out that they can win, and win big, at the varsity level. Look for that confidence to carry over to this game. 2. Coaching. I have the utmost respect for Coach Kremer, I have coached against him and he knows his football. As I stated above, there were huge mistakes on LCC's defense, but those mistakes will be corrected this week in practice. The LCC coaches get the most out of the players, and by watching film the players will be placed in the right spots. LCC's confidence is now very high now that they have figured out they can still win. 3. Joe Smith and Jackson Anthrop. These two accounted for all 7 TD's for LCC against Delphi (Smith 5 and Anthrop 2). I do not believe Guerin has the defensive capibilities to defend both of them. I think Guerin will be hyped up to stop Smith and I believe that they will slow him down, but Anthrop is due for a coming out party as a sophomore like his older brother did in '09. Look for Anthrop to have a big night Friday. LCC 28-20