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  1. My father used to work at the old Emge meat processing plant. Broke my heart when they shut it down- man you talk about some good eating!!
  2. jets

    Big 8 Week 5

    Can anybody "in the know" describe/provide information on what is going on at Mt. Carmel?? Am I wrong, or did they not used to be a perinnial power in Illinois? I know their coach jumped ship and is now on staff at Gibson if I'm not mistaken?? Was that all it took?? Did he see the writing on the wall and get the heck out??
  3. And don’t have soccer - continues to amaze me how a 3A school like BT can get away with not offering that.
  4. So this question has been rolling around in my head since I saw the result from Friday. Didnt CG play Warren Central week 1?? And wasn’t it “fairly competitive”?? Meaning, CG at least got in a couple scores?? So...could New Pal hang with Warren this year??
  5. jets

    8-10 Scrimmages

    Didn’t Washington really struggle last year?? Like, 1 win struggle?? HH run the bone most of the night-as Wilkerson has been advertising?
  6. Didn’t realize they kept score at summer team camps- but whatever makes you feel good. Good luck this year.
  7. jets

    Any news out of Linton?

    Thanks for the compliment- but AREA is kinda stretching it !! That road trip last year was a bear- ugh
  8. Driven - I haven't read/seen the comments of the Wood coach you are referencing - but I know for a FACT he had a young teacher/coach in the building willing/wanting to help, who had reached out to the current staff- and received no reply from the Head Coach. So he has only himself to blame - in that regard.
  9. Curious as to the format of this event? Do defenses just “tag off” on the runner, or how is a play supposedly blown dead since there isn’t to be any live tackling to the ground, nor full pads??
  10. Any football guys have success at the Track State Finals?? Always interesting to see how the 2 sports correlate- especially in the Sprint events
  11. I apologize if this has been discussed in another thread and I just missed it - but has there been a resolution in the Coach Moore situation at Center Grove? Seemed like that was all the rage a couple weeks ago, then discussion just kind of stopped? Thanks for any information....
  12. Every coach on here is shaking their head. Would love for you to go through a typical "in-season" day of a coach. Leave the house at 7am...hoping to return by 7 pm. Those aren't exactly "plumb hours" ....