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  1. Good deal..thanks for the update.
  2. I don't know how to properly classify that statement ..."ignorant"?..."hard-headed .?...."old-school" ? I'm not just calling out WeBo - I've had this feeling for years and years....that when this level is reached, to have the game played on anything but an adequate playing surfaces seems illogical. Pioneer recognizes this...not sure why others don't. Maybe I'd feel differently if we didn't have turf.
  3. Speaking of athleticism ....looks like the forecast is calling for ....wait for it......RAIN (surprise surprise) . Any chance WeBo will pull a Pioneer and look for adequate field turf facility?? Seems a shame to play such a high level/stakes game in a mud pit.
  4. Kuddos to Pioneer for making this move. I'm sure it's not a real popular decision - but at this stage, this late in the year, with so much on the line, you don't want to see the game turn into a "mud bowl" . At least in my opinion...wish some 2A school would consider the same....but alas, it is what it is.
  5. If referees would simply enforce ineligible man downfield, a lot of these problems would go away.
  6. Must be a supply/demand type of thing - cause to me, there are few things better when I head over to the Cincy area than grabbing a few skyline chili dogs!!
  7. You REALLY think this squad is as good as you 2016 team?? I would think you know better. That’s not to say BTown doesn’t have a chance in this one. First off- Reed May will have his guys ready to go and a plan in place. Secondly- playing into November, weather can play a factor and well, BTown’s offense is better suited to play in elements. Thirdly- Memorial can have an “off” night. It’s possible, and if so, Brownstown has the ability to slow the game down and then who knows. But- if it turns into a scoring fest- Brownstown is in trouble.
  8. jets

    Sectional 32

    PAC team takes down undefeated SIAC champs?? I seem to have seen it happen before somewhere?? 😀 Best of luck to both teams...should be a good night for football.
  9. I know very little, in fact none at all of Batesville. Only time I saw them play was WAY back at the Jungle I think in 2001?? I do know about playing a Reed May coached team, and I can say that Batesville will have their HANDS FULL tonight. I'd take Brownstown if I were a betting man.
  10. Rain rain rain....where is this game being played??
  11. Art VanDelay - might be my favorite screen-name I've seen on the GID! Nice work !! As far as this discussion - I haven't read even half the pages, but if one can't distinguish the advantages p/p's have over public schools, then well you're just not being very smart. All it takes is one walk through the hallways to notice the difference in student population. A p/p 500 student population/enrollment is not the same as a public school's 500 student population/enrollment. It just isn't. And therein lies the ultimate problem, which the IHSAA and/or Coaches association will never address, which the solution is to have p/p play up one class...instead they'll hide behind this success factor. Which is better than nothing I guess, but it skates around the real problem.
  12. OK PLEASE can we get a glossary of "team names" and explanations for such, for those outside Southeastern Indiana?? "Spin City" = Brownstown - name comes from their Single Wing offense I assume? "Casket Nation" = Batesville - what the heck is the story there? How many nicknames does the Stink have for Lawerenceburg?? What are the others??
  13. jets

    Sectional 40 - Round 2 Poll

    74- coming on here blasting a sectional, who has historically sent teams to come out of it to the State Finals, just reaks of you wanting an excuse if your Patriots bow out in the sectional. We get it- your stuck in a sectional that is tough (we know how that goes sometimes as well)but no reason to come on here and try to stir up/downgrade another’s road to success. It’s just petty
  14. jets

    Sectional 40 - Round 2 Poll

    What do you get out of a statement like 74?? Satisfaction for yourself?? This sectional has proven over the years that it holds up just fine in the tournament.
  15. Who cares even if it’s not?? Beats the heck out of having two 9-0 teams playing first round...in my opinion of course