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  1. In 90 (my Senior year) they were very good and I believe beat River Forest that year during the regular season. River Forest went on to lose a heartbreaker to Scecina in state that year. River Forest had a nearly unstoppable option that still plays in my head to this day.
  2. Bombers score first possession of the second half. This game is taking forever and I am up past my bedtime. 34-12 final
  3. Bombers up 7-0 early on KV
  4. Hogleg

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    After the conference wrestling tournament last year I have a ton of respect for Roudebush. Wrestled Kidwell in the finals and had the worst broken nose I have ever seen. Could have injury defaulted, but finished the last minute of the match. That is a tough kid!
  5. In before the Muda "never forget" post. Sorry, I just had to.
  6. Obviously you were watching a different game than Wheatie.
  7. Schmidy's across from Northside Tavern
  8. Meat Wagon knows football. Doesn't know jack squat about pizza, but he knows football.
  9. Anyone care to share the injury updates from last Friday night? Curious to see if LCC has found anything out about their QB. I am sure it will play a part in the Vegas spread.
  10. I really like the way they both run the ball. I can see Ybarra being similar to Arihood in a couple of years. Not a big kid or really fast, but runs hard and good at changing directions. Owens looked very fast and showed that on a couple of his runs. Sees the hole and hits it hard...then it was off to the races.
  11. TL 27 RC 14 Tale of two halves. RC looked much improved in the second half. Some younger kids played very well. Indians got out of the gate quick and the Bombers made a game of it in the second half.
  12. Ahhh.....bringing back memories of a great thread from years back. Sorry, I posted this before catching up on the entire thread. I see a few others share in my sentiment.
  13. From what little I have seen or heard of Rensselaer this year, they just need to get over the hump. They do well moving the ball, just have issues at times finishing their drives. Friday night they would give up a big play or two on defense only to come up with a goal line stand on the same drive. Work in progress but Meeks and company will get them squared away come sectional time. RC is always a tough out no matter how the regular season ends up.