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  1. iubirdman

    Hammond Bishop Noll

    You also have kids and parents that will do better in a smaller environment, big difference between a school of 500 and 3000 (2700 at CP and 3300 at LC). When you could get a voucher up to 5000 and tuition at Andrean and Noll both being 8800 I can see some just going there for the smaller environment. Iliana is about $800 a year more, but if you live in LC or CP district, you could make that up in gas and drive time--in addition to being a brand new building
  2. iubirdman

    Hammond Bishop Noll

    I would venture to say there are a many non Catholics at both schools
  3. iubirdman

    Hammond Bishop Noll

    I do not think Iliana Christian has a FB program now, but with them moving to Indiana do you think that will cost both Andrean and Noll some of their kids? I would think the kids from CP and especially LC that were leaving may look more at Iliana now that they are even more so in their back yard, especially if they make the jump to the IHSAA as they have had some pretty good success in several sports over the years if I remember right
  4. So where is the line where sports gambling is OK is some cases but not others? Did you only recently begin to "abhor the sports gambling culture, and the societal woes it brings along with it" All fantasy football and NCAA tourney pools are is sports gambling. I mean it is a 150 BILLION dollar industry--and that is just the illegal betting estimates.
  5. So you have never played fantasy football or participated in an NCAA tourney pool?
  6. Yea whatever the weeks are, pretty much split the summer into 3rds and go from there.
  7. What I would like to see is 3 weeks for each season over the summer. Start with memorial day week and the 2 weeks after for spring sport (just a continuation of their season). Mid June to the week after Moratorium week for winter sports, and the 3 weeks leading in to the start of fall practices for the fall sports.
  8. I hope it is, would be nice to see each sport have the same amount of time instead of some having just over 50 hours and others having 80 or more.
  9. The key is communication between coaches and AD's. Obviously you will have at some schools and not others!! As I mentioned, if the coaches respect each other it should not be an issue. My biggest pet peeve was and is coaches who want their kids to work on their sport out of season, but will not them work on other sports in their season. The do not touch or look at a BB in VB season, but in BB season, you really need to go play club VB. Could be a FB coach who will not let kids throw for baseball or shoot for basketball in their season, but want them in throwing and running routes in the others. Those are the ones that make it difficult for others
  10. That is fine, but I hope he did not expect his pitchers to be in throwing in the off season if they played something else!! Unfortunately to many coaches do not want their kids doing anything in season, but want them working on their sport the entire off season which causes tension in athletic depts between coaches.
  11. Point being you are OK with a baseball player working out with a FB coach in baseball season, but not a baseball coach working with a baseball player during football season, correct? You do not think throwing a baseball can help a QB throw? I like how you mention you would not want them to workout for another sport for fear of injury (odds very small if just hitting/throwing, technique out of blocks, finding a golf swing, etc) but being OK with the FB coaches doing workouts out of season when there is still a chance of injury? Not sure why the risk of injury is OK for FB kids playing baseball in the spring, but not it the fall? Again, the key is just using common sense at the individual school and coach level. If a baseball coach is having their kids come in fro 2 hours on Monday and Thursday and a FB or BBall kid wants to go in, and hit or throw for 30 mins after practice, not that big of a deal. It becomes one if the baseball coach tells them they HAVE to be there, and they are doing more than the basics. Back in the day 25 years ago, I would go from football practice to bball open gym and never thought anything about it.
  12. So if the player is in baseball, and they are not lifting, they can go lift for FB?? I would venture to say the odds of injury there are about the same as a kid taking 50 swings in the cage, throwing 100 pitches to find your arm slot, or getting 200 shots up on a gun. Not sure why it would be OK for them to workout for one sport in other seasons, but not others. Seems a little hypocritical. Now lifting can help just about every sport, I get it, but I am not sure how it would be OK in your mind if during baseball season a kid gets hurt working out with a FB coach, but if that same kid gets hurt working out with a baseball coach during FB season that is a major issue???
  13. The "rule" actually gives teams in the off season LESS time to work with their kids, or do you not realize that? IF coaches and AD's are responsible and do not require in season kids to come in, there should not be a noticeable difference. Now you could go up to 3 days a week--and up to 4 in the couple weeks leading up to the season. This puts it at 2 days all the time. Honest question for those opposed to kids going in to shoot or throw in the off season. Are you fine with the FB coach who has morning (or evening) weights in their off season?
  14. It would be great if kids could/would go to the park to play, unfortunately, not sure how safe that is anymore!! I remember days when we would go the park 25 years ago and half the guys playing were the local drug dealers!! At that time they would leave us alone, but that is not the case anymore. The days of most places going to the park to play until 10:00 are about done!!! For the other reply about getting injured or something while in shooting or throwing, what are the odds of that?? Most are smart enough not to do anything that would create an injury risk, like playing or going live with anything, but can not see an issue with throwing for baseball/softball or football for an hour a week or shooting for an hour a week is really doing any harm--in fact in baseball it probably helps prevent injuries, keep throwing in the offseason so you are not looking to go from 9 months off to thrown as hard as you can when practice starts!!
  15. The problem is the few coaches that want the in season kids to attend their off season stuff and do everything. Nothing wrong with a kid who a starting QB on a football team stopping in the gym after the light days (usually Monday and Thursday) to get some shots up, just like there would be nothing wrong with that same kid going in a few mornings a week to throw a football with their receivers in the winter. The issues become when the off seson coaches want more than that, and luckily for me I have not see too much of that. It is usually bball coaches wanting them to just shoot, baseball and SB coaches wanting them to throw a little, FB coaches wanting them to throw some. Big difference between that and telling them they need to do a full workout