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  1. CoachWeber

    NECC 2018

    I'll humor you. I really think the conference is a little bit on the up side, and has been the past few years. WN and Lakeland have the best they've been in a few years. WN has a couple studs that are playmakers on both sides of the ball. Lakeland is big and runs the ball really well which allows them to control the game. Angola continues to be really good, their defense is big, fast, physical and will allow them to compete with just about anyone. Central Noble has a tough team that is well coached. Busco is Busco - well coached, aggressive and most importantly, super consistent. Eastside has some fast kids that they get the ball to in every which way imaginable.
  2. I think the 1A North is pretty deep - I know Pioneer is pretty special, but Churubusco, Monroe Central, South Adams and Adams Central are all tough by all accounts I have heard. 1 or 2 of those would be my 1A North alternates.
  3. CoachWeber

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Week 5

    College picks, High school picks. It's going to take a real Renaissance man to win this thing. Good news for all of you - I am not diverse enough, as the standings show. 1 Point Game Tipton - The 2nd devil in as many weeks for the Holy folks outta Lafayette. I agree with some other posters, LCC's schedule has not been kind, but it is early and stars could yet emerge. Maybe it happens this Friday, maybe they just settle for a nice dinner at the Pizza Shack. Cass - Do I get myself back in the Mixer race by going out on some limbs? Maybe, but this tree limb would be that of a sapling. I just can't stand on that. Twin Lakes - There is no amount of wind that could stop Coach Mannering's buck sweep. Plus Indians and Bison have a long past. West Lafayette - Can the bombers slow it down enough to stop the octane of WL? Best case scenario - The WL DL refuses to play until they have had a baker's dozen wagonmasters. They have a belly ache, and take a nap. Unfortunately, I think the wagonmaster is too well-kept of a secret. The WL DL doesn't even know what they are, bad news for the bombers. Western - People are saying the panthers are fast - I've not heard anything about HH except that they are really banged up - but I live in NE Indiana and sometimes coming up with commentary is hard. 2 Point Games Culver - Cavs and Trojans to historic mascots that feel like they could be on some mythical History channel show about them fighting (which used to be a thing, which I used to watch). By the scores, it seems as if the Cavs have really improved, they make one win, 2 on Friday. Frontier - The Falcons have had 2, count em, 2! weeks to prep for this one. TP hasn't played much, but hasn't given much up. Frontier in a tight one coming off the bye week. Hobart - Mascot for mascot this is one of the best matchups in the state. It appears that Andrean is lurking in the shadows of a sectional 25 matchup v. WL. This game helps them prep for that, even in a loss. 3 Point Games Hanover Central - Schedule has been a bit tougher for HC and it pays dividends on Friday, setting up a showdown with Whiting next week. LSU - Motion, shift, motion, shift, motion. LSU Will jet sweep, they will have a guy with face paint, they will run wild, they will win. And Coach O will say a whole bunch of things that I don't understand. Ohio St - No Urban, no problem. Buckeyes by 21.
  4. CoachWeber

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Week 4

    1 Point Game Western - Historically speaking, big cats are a predator of Bison. It's just history, guys. West Lafayette - Read an article saying that often this game has come down to the last minute. I also read in the same article that WL not only has a D1 D-lineman but they have another one who is 6-5 325?!?!? You have got to be kidding me. No amount of holy water would put out the heat RDP is bringing. Tipton - Cass County v. Tipton County - Saw a post that the Blue Devils are a bit banged up. If that's the case, then I bet those back ups who are filling in are getting better each week. The Blue Devils will figure it out. Rensselaer - The bombers head to the reservation. Lots of run game in this one, but it will still be over late - The boys from the "Slow time" zone get it done. 2 Point Game Hamilton Heights - NW still in a tight spot still - Huskies appear to be a bit down, they find a way to get it done tonight. Kankakee Valley - Almost identical scores v. common opponent RCHS. I think this one is really close KV maybe just has a bit more depth to get it done. Knox - This one could very well be for 2nd place in the conference, which is pretty darn impressive considering the clout of Pioneer. I also had a college teammate from Knox, and boy oh boy did he hate NJSP Clinton Prairie - Not much offense surrounding these two guys. My guess - First to 21 wins, and I think that will be the Gophers on the road. Sheridan - I am betting this game in the mid 90's would've been something to really see. Cowboy collars, forearm pads, seems like a lot of fun to me. 3 Point Game Clinton Central - Bulldogs fight off the birds of prey. And the Falcons are gonna be rusty after a week off. Eastbrook - Real barn burner here, it might rain, because it's Friday in 2018 and that seems to be a really common theme. If there is rain, then keeping the ball on the ground is good. I have no clue what Mississinewa does offensively, but not many folks ground and pound like Eastbrook does.
  5. CoachWeber

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Week 3

    1 Point Games Cass - I think Cass has a quality win, and a quality loss. This Bison feast is going to be fit for a King (see what I did there?). Lafayette Central Catholic - NW is in a tight spot, traveling to LaRocca isn't going to give them any wiggle room. Tipton - Blue Devils v. Indians. Indians are historically a very superstitious group of people. Something tells me that any sort of devil really rattles their cage. Here is the million dollar question: Are all the Indians in one cage, therefore easier to rattle OR are they all in separate cages, and are really gonna make the Blue Devils work for it? The two million dollar question is: if you attend this game, do you eat at 1. The Sportsman? or 2. The OakDale Dam Inn? West Lafayette - I saw a post that said HH is fighting the injury bug *Gulp*. Not even Stone Fox could will the Husky sled to a W in this Iditarod of a football game. 2 Point Games North Judson - Battle of the 2-0's. Lot's of points scored, not many surrendered. Can the Oracles look into there Crystal ball and predict what NJSP's attack will be? My prediction - Blue Jays methodically take their time to consistently score. Clinton Central - The Gophers can run, but they cannot hide. 3 Point Game Rensselaer - Whew, this is a tough one. The bombers are about as consistent as they come. Panthers have a long bus ride to think about the misdirection of the Bomber offense. The Panthers get off the bus already confused about who has the ball - By the second quarter they are less confused, but by then the Bombers are playing keep away. West Central - In the battle of generic school names, this is a toughy. The Trojans are FIRED UP. Why you ask? All week the coaches have been talking about how privileged the TC kids are. They have a Pilot Rest Stop for the love of God! TC knows this sort of class warfare has been waged, but their cavalier attitude shows to hurt them in the 4th quarter. 3 million dollar question: Does TC hold them under 70? Answer: Absolutely Eastern Hancock - WOW these schools are not close together - Both coaches in the first year at their schools trying to go unbeaten in the 1st 3rd of the season. Ultimately it comes down to this: One of my college roommates was from Hancock County and lived in Shirley for a while. I learned, never and I MEAN NEVER, mess with kids from Shirley. Park Heritage - I still think their mascot should be the Rock Turkeys.
  6. CoachWeber

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Week 2

    I have always thought this is more fun when commentary is provided, and whereas I do not really agree with coaches pick games that could prove to have influence on their season, I do not have a dog in the fight in any of these. So, I'll spice it up a bit. 1 Point Games Elwood @ Tipton - Are blue devils cold? Like a devil of some winter wonderland? Or are they so specifically hot that they only produce blue flames? Are blue flames hotter than red flames? I have a lot of questions, and not many answers. Guerin Catholic @ Lafayette Central Catholic - Pregame prayers are not optional here. This game really puts the big man upstairs in a real tight spot. The score reflects his internal conflict, close one here. Hamilton Heights @ North Montgomery - There is a lot of orange, some blue, but mostly orange. The younger Kirschner gets his first W as the head man. Lafayette Jeff @ Western - People used to get fired up about "city speed" around here. Western Howard County has some fast kids, but they can't handle the years of training the Jeff kids have had running to the Tropicanoe pool or whatever they call it. Maconoquah @ Lewis Cass - No one in the stands is going to have a clue who has the ball. You have to go back to 1998 to find a Mac win over Cass, and they get another Friday. 2 Point Games Seeger @ Benton Central - Will there be a lot of points? Will there be very few points? We can't know. As @CoachDale would reference, the one thing we can know is there will be a lot wind. Twin Lakes @ Northwestern - Rough start for the directional purple people eaters in Howard County. It's close, but the tribe rolls. Carroll @ Delphi - There is pork, there is a skillet or something they play for. Myself, I am a big fan of bacon, and a big cast iron proponent. I just think the Cougs get it done. Attica @ Clinton Prairie - A Red Rambler has got to be in the top tier of best mascots in Indiana. A Gopher has to be in the bottom 5. Good news, I don't think what your team is called has much to do with the performance on the field. North Newton @ Rensselaer - I can't find a time where North Newton has ever beat RCHS. Plus RCHS is fired up that people keep leaving out the Central. 3 Point Games West Lafayette @ McCutcheon - For whatever reason some people think WL isn't the best team in 3A. They sure are the most talented, or so it appears. Not even a Goose appearance could help the Mavericks pull this one out.
  7. CoachWeber

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em

    1 Point Games Pioneer Tipton Northwestern 2 Point Games Delphi Hamilton Heights Rensselaer Tri-West Western Carroll South Central 3 Point Games West Lafayette
  8. Great read! There are some things that just stand the test of time!
  9. CoachWeber

    Warsaw Coach Phil Jensen Retires

    I really agree with this outlook. Biggest school in the conference, so no one will have to worry about them in the postseason, but it gives the conference another layer of depth. Over in the NECC, when Angola hired Coach Thomas, it was very similar. It made our conference better, but they are the biggest school and no one has to deal with them in the post season either.
  10. To piggy back on the "doesn't come to fruition" hypothetical - Imagine is Coach Kirschner doesn't get the job, but the community's expectations are that high - I'm sure the guy who did end up with the job instead would love to be the disappointment of the community. That would be fun!
  11. CoachWeber

    NECC 2017

    I was in attendance, and from the stands, you couldn't really see much and didn't know what happened. All people knew was the one of the best players in the game suddenly was no longer in the game. Pretty unfortunate.
  12. CoachWeber

    Bad Weather (Favorite Games)

    Not sure if it counts as a favorite game for me, especially because we came up short, but the 2016 Semi State game Garrett v. Concordia at Garrett. The weather was really odd all week and warmer than it should be. We came out and started to warm up, only to be sent back to the locker rooms due to severe thunderstorms and all that comes with that. That's not something you expect in the middle of November. We ended up delaying the game and it didn't get started until after 9:00. Would've been a lot sweeter to me if we would've pulled that one out, but Peter Morrison and company had a few more weapons than we could handle.
  13. Thank you. Young coaches can be hard-nosed, can teach discipline, and can run highly respected programs. You don't have to be a certain age to do so.
  14. CoachWeber

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Week 8

    1 Point Game Northwestern Rensselaer West Lafayette Western 2 Point Game Delphi Tipton Fountain Central Kokomo 3 Point Game Iroquois West 0-6