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  1. Yuccaguy

    Snider Panthers

    Currently coaching at Woodlan HS
  2. Yuccaguy

    Inadvertentley Not Blowing A Play Dead.

    Exactly as it was... Delay of game. 5 yards.... Just assuming that THAT was the penanty enforcement.
  3. Yuccaguy

    Snider Panthers

    Carroll has NEVER had a turf field. Thought about installing one a couple of years ago, and repositioning their stadium. They have the absolute best grass field in the SAC, perhaps all of NE Indiana.
  4. Yuccaguy

    Snider Panthers

    Carroll has a natural grass field.
  5. Yuccaguy

    Kickoff Question

    Yes, of the kicking team passes the (35 yard line...normal kickoff), prior to the kicker actually kicking the ball.....after the ready for play....that's offsides on the kicking team. The original post said a player crossed the line of scrimmage prior to the kick. And as an aside... this play should have been blown dead RIGHT then. Everything after shouldn't have even had the ability to happen.
  6. Yuccaguy

    Kickoff Question

    Thanks for updating that tidbit....
  7. Yuccaguy

    Kickoff Question

    Yep, the 1st (offsides) should have superseded the 2nd. If done correctly, the 2nd is tacked on as a Personal Foul....
  8. Yuccaguy

    NIC Week # 8

    I am out of the area, which SB Station had this info?
  9. General Motors relocated the Corvette Assembly to Bowling Green from Saint Louis when I was 15. Dad was a Supervisor then, and moved us all there (50 years back in time....lot of stories I can say about my experiences....1st in all sorts of ways....) When he had the chance to get away (promotion of course to Superintendent) and get back to the Midwest (FW Truck Assembly).. I left the University of Kentucky (academic scholarship/walk on with FB) and transferred to IPFW. Became (another 1st) President of the Student Body.... and all has been 'wine and roses' ever since.....😏 Honestly, IMO I hate almost everything about the state of KY. Though I love my classmates at WCHS.....as the years have gone by, I have heard a lot of regrets about 'what SHOULD' they have done.....GLORY DAYS.....They pass you by, Glory Days.... Let the (IN) WCHS Warriors, put a whoopin on the Purple spirits, and all is good in the world with me!
  10. I am a Warren Central grad...KY that is. And I of course am pulling for any school with the WCHS moniker if they play the Purple (ghosts). And the Warren Central Dragons are located on the Western edge of Bowling Green, KY. In this regard, I am a fan... one time only! Smoke the Purples.....please and send them back to the Confederate Capitol of KY with their tails between their legs.
  11. And it only drizzled for 5-10 minutes...
  12. Yuccaguy

    NIC Week # 8

    Where and how do you know the penalties assessed in the Penn/EC game?
  13. The "travel pay" hasn't moved in at least 20 years.. Still .25 per mile for ALL sports, so nope....
  14. He IS Tyler Eifert
  15. Here's the rub... They (Whiting) put out a blast for officials....UGH! This is and will be a problem as we move forward. See the other postings on this subject.