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  1. Wow this thread is a beast.....
  2. Someone, had to "help" them at every practice (and some games) reach that potential. So no, in this case it's not a participation trophy. It's a team reward...the entire team.
  3. Yuccaguy

    (2019) 5A

    Dan, Are the enrollment numbers for FW Northrop low enough to drop to 5A? Just asking...
  4. Can I upvote this x1K? I have had the opportunity to do 9 in BA and 2 in FB. Still young (53) and 40 years of officiating in some form. I have made decisions that are incapable of being defended before, and I am truly sorry for them. But no one who hadn't been my shoes before (IMO) should be the arbiter of what "they" would have done. I will move on from the BA tournament after next year's finals (Ratings willing) and continue to all that I can to move forward younger officials. As for FB, I have a crew of friends that I want to help move forward for a few more years. It is beyond the sport....its a friendship 1st and foremost. I am proud of all officials and in most situations try as I might to personally contact them, rather than BLOG POST. The system isnt perfect, but as the "all in" is....its what we have to deal with. Again my 2 cents...... not 3
  5. So posting information DIRECTLY from the IFOA website is fine, when they asked you not to? I am aware that this information NOW is available, but seriously. As for an egregious call....63-14 final. What was the impact? Other than your personal animus to either the crew or otherwise. There were multiple issues that same weekend that perhaps had more of an issue. And dont ask me to air those on a blog. I love officials that don't advance past rounds 1 or 2 being the sole arbiter of 'perfection'..... SAD. And no I am NOT on the IFOA board, nor do I golf!
  6. Wow. You have some issues there KE.
  7. Gents, Just think about this for a moment. Why would anyone want to devote their time and effort only to be berated by a fellow official on a blog, in addition to all those who normally do so otherwise? The IFOA, and those who are members thereof, are doing their utmost to develop a standardized approach to mechanics. Is it perfect, no. But is better than it has been in the past. Thankfully we have the option of actually seeing the games on a nationwide network to even evaluate (critique) things.
  8. I am digging the complete and utter "evaluation" of what SHOULD have happened....if 'I' were on the field... Get better, then show all of us! Otherwise, man up and perhaps personally contact that particulaur officiating crew AND the IHSAA with your suggestions. Otherwise, shut up. Unless you are Jesus Christ, you aren't perfect. They are there based upon the system in place and are representing themselves admirably. Just my 2 cents. None of the negative comments are doing anything to in anyway suggest to anyone that they should even consider a license. Negative Nancy....
  9. I will take that. Seemed as though different scenarios were suggested/reported at the end of the contest
  10. Bob, I am not understanding the sequence of that immediately preceded the FG. It was first reported as Roughing (the holder). Therefore I asked about the down, and the OL players on the field. Then, it was updated to an offensive holding AND a roughing call on the defense vs.the holder. Still no information as to the down and/or penalty administration. Just asking for information only.... If the PF was AFTER the failed try, then the defense would merely decline the penalty and take over at the 20.....If time remained on the clock. If the PF were a part of the play...then fouls offset. Repeat the down (? which down?). Numbering exception is in play for 1st thru 3rd. Not sure what happened at games' end.....
  11. Have no idea what rule you looked up. But ROUGHING is an automatic 1st down per NFHS rules.
  12. Yuccaguy

    Semi-State Scores

    Had to be roughing (the holder). 1st down Only 4 penalties result in an automatic 1st down. Roughing the: 1. Kicker 2. Passer 3. Holder 4. Punter Not smash mouth FB. It's a foul.
  13. Yuccaguy

    Semi-State Scores

    I just wonder if all the correct numbers were on the offensive LOS.....or if as usual they just sent in their FG team.... HS is different than College and Pro.
  14. Yuccaguy

    Semi-State Scores

    What down was it when the FG was kicked??? Asking if there was a potential numbering exception violation.....50-79 on the line for 1st thru 3rd down.....
  15. Yuccaguy

    Coach(s) on the field.

    Simple and to the point. No coaches were ever ejected for being in the field. I will not now nor ever rehash any event that led to any unsporting behavior report/incident. Multiple people here know exactly who I am, and my reputation proceeds itself on many levels. Let's leave it at that.