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  1. I went to St. Peter’s for five years until it closed. We would have had a pretty good basketball team too. Two guys who wound up starting for Linton and two who started at Shakamak.
  2. No negative feedback here... The Miners looked pretty dam good against Ritter (aside from a few too many penalties). Granted, Ritter’s a little “down” this year- by Ritter standards- but they still have a very good QB, a handful of good receivers and an athletic RB. This team keeps getting better which is obviously what you want to see. On the WIC: My gut feeling (based on my interview with Charlie) is it’s not likely to happen - unless all the coaches in all sports agree to it. Charlie remains committed to the SWIAC for all sports (excluding football obviously).
  3. Didn't that team just happen to win the 2A state title last March? 😎
  4. ts32

    0-9 and 9-0

    Owen Valley puzzles me too. The only thing I can figure is, you know how Muda is always saying Frankfort is 4A in name only? That pretty much describes Owen Valley. Owen Valley is very rural. The biggest town they draw from is Spencer. And I think Spencer only has a population of around 2,200. Facilities are nice enough. I don't know about coaching or community interest. I don't know much about OV football other than they're in the WIC. I never see them play. All I know about them is if they play someone I'm more familiar with like Sullivan or Northview. But I am familiar with their basketball program. I see OV play as many as 8-9 times a year. And it's one of the most mediocre programs, year in and year out I've seen. Not horrible, but not good either. They play every school in Greene County, all five of which are 1A or 2A. I've seen them struggle to beat White River Valley in years when WRV has only won 4-5 games. Bloomfield and Linton routinely beat OV by double digits. This past January Linton beat OV by about 40 at Owen Valley. I guess talent is part of the equation. 1A/2A talent but they're stuck with a 4A enrollment.
  5. ts32

    Linton at Ritter

    That-a kid! Somebody had to do it! 😎 To your first statement, yes, yes and yes At least the Miners won't have to contend with Diomomi Small this time around. Small had a monster game last year against us. He was a "Dude"
  6. I was just thinking the same thing! You know, with this thread being about missing persons and all... Actually I've chatted with 09er some over the years and got a chance to meet him at a basketball holiday tournament in Vincennes at the end of December. I genuinely like the guy.
  7. Oh, I knew you weren't talking stuff 😉 I was surprised too.
  8. ts32

    Wabash River Conference Week 4

    Lutheran beat Ritter 32-21 in Week Two. So maybe next week will tell us more. Then again, the transitive property does not apply...
  9. These last three weeks or so people around town have been coming up to me and asking me, What's wrong with this team? Negative comments too. Lot of them sounded like they'd given up on the team and lost interest. Fair weather fans, I guess you'd call 'em. A lot of the "talking crap" stopped a few years ago when we got our butts beat in the postseason after not playing anybody in the regular season, some of those "could have been" 100-0 games. Of course, there was plenty of chatter in 2015 and 2016 when we had State Finals teams... As far as the "brutal schedule" we've had four or five teams in recent years I think would have fared pretty well against that lineup. This year's team isn't as strong. As far as no game thread last week I think most people really had no idea what to expect from the North Vermillion game. But the Miners looked good Friday. That may bring some folks back. And it for sure will give the kids a shot of confidence.
  10. ts32

    Wabash River Conference Week 4

    I tell you Tut, I really liked what I saw with this lineup w/Goodman at qb and Dyer at wing. Even if Goodman is nothing more than a "game manager" it really frees Lance up. Plus, Trey has shown the ability to throw when needed. Not that Goodman is "only a game manager." But he wouldn't need to try to do everything.
  11. ts32

    Wabash River Conference Week 4

    Wasn't sure what to expect in this one. NV had by all accounts looked good in its three while the Miners, well, struggled. Looked more like the Linton of old tonight.
  12. It was close. Fumble recovery with 25 seconds left seals a 22-14 win for Mitchell.
  13. ts32

    Wabash River Conference Week 4

    Yeah, the one at Lucas...misleading. NV was injury-decimated against...yes, I'll go ahead and say it...the best team Linton's ever had. The Falcons did finish 9-3 that year. From where you sit, yeah, Lucas looks way too big. Cavernous. Empty. But trust me...when you're down on the field and all you can really see is the lower level and the sea of Red and Blue filling up a big portion of one side...it looks like a packed house.
  14. Here you go: Linton considering possible WIC affiliation Linton-Stockton Athletic Director Charlie Karazsia has confirmed Linton-Stockton High School has been extended an invitation to join the Western Indiana Conference for all interscholastic athletics. The Linton AD along with football coach Brian Oliver attended the conference’s regularly scheduled meeting at Chambers Smorgasbord in Spencer Tuesday morning. “We met with principals and ADs and we got some answers,” Karazsia stated. “We got a lot of information from them that was very helpful.” The main questions focused on scheduling, cost to join the conference and whether Linton simultaneously would be able to remain in the Southwestern Indiana Athletic Conference. The Athletic Director emphasized Linton remains committed to the SWIAC. The school has a long history with the conference and fully intends to retain its membership. He said, “We wanted to know, can this work with the SWIAC conference we’re already in?” If Linton does ultimately join the WIC it would be a dual membership with both conferences. Karazsia stated the offer is being considered but a final decision has not been reached. The Athletic Director plans to meet with the coaches of all Linton-Stockton athletic teams. (Linton’s other coaches were unable to attend the meeting for one reason or another.) Karazsia and the coaches will discuss the potential benefits and possible drawbacks of WIC membership and reach a consensus before making the final determination. “I need to talk to the other coaches and see how they feel about it before we make a decision,” Karazsia said. “Everybody’s got to be on board with this.” An opening was created earlier this year when Cascade announced its departure from the WIC. Cascade’s move leaves the conference with 11 schools divided into its East and West divisions. The East division includes Brown County, Cloverdale, Edgewood, Indian Creek and Owen Valley. Greencastle, North Putnam, Northview, South Putnam, Sullivan and West Vigo make up the West division. When Cascade made its intentions known Sullivan Athletic Director Otto Clements and Edgewood AD Mick Hammett reached out to Karazsia in early June inquiring whether Linton would be interested in joining the WIC. “I said, ‘We’re always looking for different options as to what we can do with our athletic programs.’” But there were questions to be answered and concerns to be addressed. Chief among the concerns is the conference’s scheduling requirements. “We were concerned about it for football in particular because of their scheduling and playoff system,” Karazsia pointed out. “How they would have their divisions and how they would do the playoff system?” He said the conference is discussing whether to keep its current East and West divisions or switch to a different format. A North/South alignment or a big school/small school arrangement are other possibilities being considered. With a requirement of six conference games Linton would also have less flexibility in scheduling than it currently enjoys as an independent. Just three dates would be available for non-conference games. Karazsia posed the hypothetical question, “Which three teams do we have on our schedule we would want to keep?” Football isn’t the only consideration, however. Boys and girls basketball and baseball and softball present entirely different sets of scheduling challenges. In basketball the WIC plays girls and boys doubleheaders on Friday and Saturday nights, the girls game preceding the boys. The girls-boys junior varsities play on Thursday nights. “To us it’s a scheduling nightmare because we only have two gyms to work with,” Karazsia said. “It’s not impossible but it would be very difficult to have practices, junior high games, etc.” Baseball (and softball) present even more restrictive scheduling requirements. In baseball the WIC plays a home-and-home schedule with each conference opponent – a total of 22 conference games. “That eliminates a lot of possibilities,” Karazsia noted. The WIC slate, plus seven SWIAC games fills the docket. Linton would no longer have the flexibility to schedule teams it currently plays such as Castle, Terre Haute North and South, Bloomington North and South and Bedford North Lawrence. The often-dicey spring weather further complicates the issue. Also there is Karazsia’s expressed desire to remain committed to the SWIAC and whether a two-conference arrangement is workable. The Linton AD reiterated, “My main concern is we want to stay in the SWIAC.” A secondary consideration is Linton does not offer wrestling or soccer as most other WIC members do. Nothing is imminent. If a decision is made to join the WIC the earliest it could happen would be the 2020-21 school year. When the meeting concluded Karazsia was asked for his thoughts. “I said, ‘If I had to make a decision today I would have to say no. There are too many questions. Give me some time, until the end of football season. I’ll talk to the other coaches and see how they feel about it. We’ve all got to be in agreement on this.’”
  15. ts32

    Wood Memorial

    The only way I could see this happening is if Whiting agrees to make the trip to Farmersburg. Looking at North Central's schedule on Harrell's site they only have three home games this year (excluding J'ville). Plus they already have long road trips to North Decatur and Maconaquah.