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  1. dave mosbey

    PAC conference 2018-19

  2. dave mosbey

    Indiana Kentucky Challenge Cup

    Visited the Hall of fame first time last year but never been in the gym.
  3. dave mosbey

    Indiana Kentucky Challenge Cup

    I'm looking forward to it but with the 4½ hour drive will only watch the one game.
  4. dave mosbey

    Indiana Kentucky Challenge Cup

    Looking at enrolments of the 4 boys games in the Challenge Cup it looks like KY sends much bigger schools then Indiana, Bigger dosn't necessorly mean better but wonder if its been that way in past years ?? And if it has if thats part of the reason Kentucky has dominated ?? North Daviess 313 vs. Walton Verona 528 Madison Central 1950 ( 8th largest in KY )vs. Heritage Hills 620 Louisville Male 1805 ( 15th largest in KY )vs. Silver Creek 932 Henry Clay 2377 ( largest school in KY ) vs. Hunington North 1641
  5. dave mosbey

    PAC conference 2018-19

    Murray Becher has led the Patriots in scoring the past 2 seasons and has scored 772 career points entering his Junior season. Biggest improvement for Murray from his freshman season to his sophomore season was outside shooting. As a freshman Murray was 5 out of 22 from behind the arc which comes to 23 % shooting, Last season he bumped that up to 32 out of 75 for a 3 point percentage of 43% which was tops on the team. In addition to leading the team in scoring and 3 point percentage Murray also led the Patriots in blocks with 14 on the season. Sisley led the Patriots in offensive rebounds 37, defensive rebounds 140 and field goal percentage 64% which includes 8 of 20 on 3-pointers which is very impressive for someone 6'8" Scherry led the Patriots in several categories 1st in free throw percentage 38 of 51 for 75% ( Was a couple higher Jones 14 of 16 and Sigler 6 of 6 but neither had enough attempts ) Scherry was also 1st in Assists 84, 1st in steals 55, 1st in deflections 45 and made 3s 38. Jones only averaged 1.9 ppg but only took 35 shots all season a average of just 1½ shots per game. Jones was also one of the top defenders on the team and led the team in charges taken with 5 and also led the team in assist to turnover ratio with 56 assists and just 26 turnovers.
  6. Coach Sigler is normally in the press box.
  7. Thought we were in decent shape after forcing a punt game tied 4th quarter then we jump , Titans bring offense back and go on game winning drive. Cant give a offense like that a 2nd chance. Anyway congrats Titans.
  8. dave mosbey

    Sectional 32

    Natalie returned to heritage Hills her Senior year to graduate but believe she attended MHS 9th-11th. Interesting tweet from John Harrell. John Harrell‏ @JohnRHarrell Following Following @JohnRHarrell More MOST TIMES MET IN FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT 17: Ev. Memorial 11, Heritage Hills 6 17: Cathedral 10, Roncalli 7 † 16:Snider 13, Homestead 3 16:Warren Central11, Lawrence Central 5 16:Merrillville 10, Crown Point 6 16:Lake Central 8, Merrillville 8 † † Play again Friday. 9:20 AM - 24 Oct 2018
  9. Last season we had a -3 turnover ratio this season its +12 through 10 games. 1 big factor is we hardly ever pass this season so most of our turnovers are lost fumbles and only have 2 of those pesky interceptions.
  10. dave mosbey

    Sectional 32

    I have all the championship game scores from this sectional on my website at the following link, http://hhqbclub.com/history/sectional24.html Also have the other 3A sectional that HH was in and the local 2A sectional. http://hhqbclub.com/history/sectional23.html http://hhqbclub.com/history/sectional32.html
  11. dave mosbey

    Sectional 32

    Our numbers are skewed because the bottom of the PAC was down more then normal this season but here are our numbers through 10 games. 1Q 2Q 3Q 4Q O 120 121 138 81 D 2 34 13 3 We have gotten up a couple scores early several times then in the 2nd quarter give up a big scoring play or on a few occasions a TD drive. At times In years past when we had strong teams our lack of depth led to quite a bit of scoring by opponents in the 4th quarter when 2nd string and JV are in this season the only team to score in the 4th was a game tying FG by Southridge, that says a little about the depth of this team.
  12. dave mosbey

    Sectional 32 - Round 2 Poll

    No way HH is over confident and looking ahead, Gibson is one of only 2 teams with over 300 yards against our defense this season and the total offense by each team in that game was almost even.
  13. dave mosbey

    Sectional 32

    I 2nd that, the South Spencer game standing in the rain at halftime and a 49-0 game I was thinking about going home. Ended up staying but was really happy when they started the running clock.
  14. dave mosbey

    Sectional 32

    4A sectional 24 is close with a 39-5 combined record and 4 of those losses were by Jasper who lost to 10-0 Memorial, 10-0 Boonville, 10-0 Heritage Hills and 8-2 Vincennes.
  15. dave mosbey

    PAC conference 2018-19

    PAC conference 2018,19 This list is based on stats I could find online, Last seasons rosters and memory. I couldn’t find any stats online for Gibson Southern, South Spencer Tecumseh and Tell City also some teams I can remember the starting lineup from last season and others cant so needless to say I more info on some teams then others. Also this list is assuming everyone returns for the 2018-19 season. Hopefully I get a few reply’s that can fill in the blanks for teams I couldn’t find info on. Forest Park Grad losses- Rangers had 6 Seniors on last seasons team including 4 starters one of those players quit the team after the Heritage Hills game. Returning Starters- Curt Hopf- Hopf was selected Honorable Mention PAC and averaged 12.1 ppg Isaac Ubelhor – Ubelhor became a starter after the departure of Zink and averaged 4.2 ppg Key Reserves. Reid Steffe- Steffe averaged 2.6 ppg. Gibson Southern Grad Losses- Obermeier, Loehr, Martin, Mayer, Sellers, Maurer and Bittner. Returning starters and stats N/A Heritage Hills Grad losses- Mitchel Becher and Carter Meunier Returning Starters- Murray Becher- Becher was selected ALL PAC and averaged 18.1 ppg Simon Scherry – Scherry was selected ALL PAC and averaged 11.8 ppg Blake Sisley- Sisley was Selected ALL PAC and averaged 11.0 ppg Cade Jones- Jones averaged 1.9 ppg Key Reserves Patriots return 5 players that split time between Varsity and JV and helped the JV to a program record 21-1 record Sigler 1.3 ppg, Begle 1.3 ppg, Liebering 0.9 ppg, Lashley 0.4 ppg and Turner 0.3 ppg North Posey Grad losses-Stewart, Sanford, Bender, Blackburn, Rogers, Heath, Goedde and Hamman. Returning starters Josiah Ricketts- Ricketts was selected ALL PAC and averaged 18.5 ppg. Key reserves- Harris 2.6 ppg Pike Central- Grad losses- Pike loses their top 6 scorers and graduated 7 Seniors Henson, Booker, Claridge, Western, Tormohlen, Hillyard and Nalley. Returning starters- N/A Key reserves- Benson 2.1 ppg Southridge- Grad losses Smith, Harter, Masterson and Lammers. Returning starters- Colson Montgomery- Montgomery was selected ALL PAC and averaged 17.7 ppg Jaden Hayes- Hayes was selected honorable mention PAC and averaged 12.5 ppg Joe LaGrange- Lagrange averaged 11.7 ppg Garrett Voegerl- Voegeral averaged 3.9 ppg Key reserves- N/A South Spencer- Grad losses- Webb, Taylor, Defur, Stewart, Dylan Kelly, and Johnson. Returning Starters- Jace Kelly and believe either Cummings or Crabtree started at center but couldn’t find any stats and unable to remember exact starting lineup. Tecumseh- Grad losses- White, Valiant and Brammeier Returning starters- Gavin Oxley Steven Molinet Woody Brucken Key reserves and stats N/A Tell City- Grad losses- None Returning starters- Braeden Beard- Beard was select All PAC. Tretter Lyons- Lyons was selected honorable mention PAC Spencer Fest Devon Blake Dustin Hunt Believe Trent Arnold started some games also but this was the lineup used against HH so don’t know what lineup was used in other games. Also couldn’t find any stats on Tell City.