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  1. BaumholderBucs66

    Computer pick

    On Harrell's football Pioneer 143 S Newton 0 Oh my!!!!
  2. BaumholderBucs66

    Wabash River Conference Week 8

    Attica 32 CC 13. Covington 56 BR 13. PH 62 RP 13. SV 35 Seeger 27. NV 28 FC 20
  3. BaumholderBucs66

    WRC Week 3

    I agree not surprised at all with PH this has really changed the WRC
  4. BaumholderBucs66

    Wabash River Conference Week 2

    Clinton Prairie. Parke Heritage. Seeger. S Vermilion. Fountain Central.
  5. BaumholderBucs66

    SemiState Scores

    Power outage at Indy Lutheran
  6. Weather Friday evening looks like rain and strong winds. Does this favor one team over another?
  7. BaumholderBucs66

    11-1 Fountain Central at 9-3* Eastern Greene

    Wow 3 road games in a row for the Mustangs. That's a bummer Why did Eastern Greene have to forfeit 3 games?
  8. BaumholderBucs66

    Farewell to the Football Field

    You can tell by your message what HS football has meant to you and how sincere you are. Best of luck to you and thanks for everything you have given to the game.
  9. BaumholderBucs66

    Sectional 47

    NV over Attica home field advantage Seeger over RP. Patriots much improved from first meeting FC over Cov. Trojans may finally score against the Mustangs TR over Rockville. Never thought Rox would go winless
  10. BaumholderBucs66

    Wabash River Conference Week 6

    Covington over Attucks. Attucks got beat by South Side Home School. All I need to know NV over Attica Last week showed me all I need to know about Attics RP over TR The Warriors 1 game winning streak comes to a end SV over Rockville A long season for the Rox FC over Seeger. A easy win for the Mustangs on Homecoming night
  11. BaumholderBucs66

    Wabash River Conference Week 3

    NV Falcons soar Mustangs easily over TR N Central rolls the Rox Attica over Seeger in a close one SV runs as away from RP
  12. BaumholderBucs66

    Wabash River Conference Week 2

    BC NV FC Rox Attica
  13. No passing game and no kicker spelled doom for Pioneer
  14. Thanks for posting. Good Luck Falcons. Bring home another State Championship for the WRC.
  15. BaumholderBucs66

    Rockville vs North Vermillion

    The NV Falcons will fly away with this one. I can't see this game being close.