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  1. While maybe not game day contributors, weren't this years seniors freshman for the championship team in '15?
  2. jamesaj

    2018 Titan Clash

    Last weekend was also my first time to experience the Titan Clash and I came away impressed. I know my boy was excited to get to play on the turf on Sunday.
  3. jamesaj

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    We won two World Wars doing jumping jacks and pushups.
  4. jamesaj

    North Daviess Holiday Tournament Draw

    I took it to mean "low-major".
  5. Would that include pulling out of SWIAC for everything but football or can you have dual conference memberships?
  6. Here I was thinking it stood for "irritable bowel" :)
  7. Is this game being streamed somewhere besides GCSN?
  8. I concur. If I were traveling to North Posey High School I would definitely take 69 to 64.
  9. Does that include all the players from the other sports paying for their own equipment as well?
  10. I suppose you are both fine with the school supplying the equipment for the golf team then?
  11. How many schools own their own golf course? I would imagine the entity that owns the golf course would have an issue with another party charging admission to enter their grounds.
  12. But quality of the game might not be the issue that is driving the "fad talking points".
  13. But putting blinders on to potential changes in the game/industry isn't the answer. Just look at Sears, Whirlpool and Toys R Us as examples of what happens by resting on your laurels and either being myopic and/or unwilling to change in accordance with the current environment. That doesn't even bring into the fray the issues the NFL is facing with fan boycotts and eroding ratings. That will also have a dire effect on future participation levels.
  14. Without participants how does a coaching community survive?